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  1. In the comments, "switch hitters day".
  2. I'm not opposed to nature culling out the mindless. Not surprised they have to tell people not to do it. ?
  3. Hope she doesn't have any upcoming doctors appointments.
  4. That's what you get when you baby the crap out of them, they don't want to leave.
  5. Wonder if he was pieced into this clip to throw people off. That's a sad grouping of people.
  6. ldld911

    Why Americans Are Avoiding the Doctor

    I have 2 doctor friends and they say a lot of it is a guessing game, they can't guarantee a damn thing. All they can do is try to diagnose and prescribe what they know. And people have died.
  7. And people say I'm crazy for not watching the news.
  8. ldld911

    Question For the Survivalist / Food Experts

    Kind of looks like a seed shell or pieces of a nut. I'd take it back.
  9. ldld911

    This 96-year-old country song is back on the charts

    Kid has some talent. I heard someone in the background holler, "shut up". Butthead.
  10. It kind of pisses me off that religious folks won't take their blinders off when it comes to Israel. By far they are the #1 problem with he USA.
  11. ldld911

    Civil War Declared

    Obama was all about dividing and it worked pretty damn good.
  12. ldld911

    Would you invest in this stock market?

    Never have never will. I spend what I actually earn.

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