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  1. They keep trying to whittle away little by little.............
  2. President Macron vows to reform Islam in France

    Hey Macron, I have a message for you............
  3. Great Sermon Everyone Should Hear.

    I like this one better............ It's a number of years old but very, very pertinent! https://youtu.be/VuFMuhKGt8M
  4. Shooting in news 2 DAYS Before it happened??

    Thank you.. Good explanation, logical!
  5. Some "sick" minded person(s) have apparently infected the mind of this survivor! I would venture to say that the left is behind this!
  6. Shooting in news 2 DAYS Before it happened??

    Any computer geniuses out there that can explain this????
  7. Gowdy is nothing more than another tool! He is very good in his theatrical role and now has shown his stupidity! He knows nothing of "bump stocks"! One DOES NOT NEED a "bump stock" to make a firearm shoot rapidly and I offer video proof! "Mac" is but one skilled person out of millions that can do this! He knows the technique (which is very easy)! The firearm he is using DOES NOT HAVE a "bump stock"! Watch and learn and then educate others - SAY NO TO ANY FORM OF GUN RESTRICTION! Go to 7:55 to see the example!
  8. What is needed is a Trojan Horse! There needs to be a straight up God fearing, Constitution loving conservative that poses as a straight out leftist Democrat, then once in office start changing everything back!
  9. Get out of Oregon NOW! If you have a mortgage, flee and claim that your rights are being violated! Do whatever you need to do to get out because they are stripping American citizens of their right to due process!
  10. Two names immediately come to mind, Bloomberg and Soros.......... And I'll bet they were paid protesters!
  11. 1964-1979 ONLY

    For when that day comes..................
  12. 1964-1979 ONLY

  13. With a profit of close to 100 BILLION dollars, the pharmaceutical industry has the cash to keep their drugs that cause people to murder and/or commit suicide from becoming the topic it should be! Every single solitary politician that accepts any cash (even one dollar) from this industry is complicit in the tragedies caused by the people taking SSRI drugs who then commit murder!
  14. And another example of why the world is in chaos..............