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  1. Because one should never forget what other humans are capable of doing to other humans! But I respect the fact that you choose not to watch!
  2. I have to wonder if this isn't really the reality here.........
  3. I would agree, however it is far easier to have him evaluated (against his will) than to expect a court (and jury of his peers) to hold him responsible! I say let him taste a county mental health facility full of regular (mentally ill) people!
  4. Drum roll here.................. The perfect fix for this nightmare is BLOCKCHAIN - BOOM, there it is!
  5. I think at a minimum he needs an emergency commitment of 72 hours to evaluate his mental condition - is he dangerous to others??
  6. londonorchar

    BREAKING. WikiLeaks publishes ICEPatrol

    Mark my words here (date/time), this is a PSYOP!
  7. The entire House of Representatives and Senate need to be emptied out with a mass firing of the elected ones and replaced with new patriotic individuals with firm term limits imposed!
  8. The Boston Tea Party from our history comes to mind when I read this article! This country doesn't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem that begins with politicians who love to spend other peoples money!
  9. If I were a prosecutor...........
  10. I do believe I could easily get a conviction of an assault with sexual overtones with this case, resulting in a 3 year maximum sentence.
  11. londonorchar

    The 1940s

    The saying, "the good old days" surely does have meaning! I often think that America was a much different and probably better (in some respects) place in which to live back then, IMHO!
  12. OK, NP.......... Not intentional, just so happens I read those threads authored or commented on by that writer.

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