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  1. londonorchar

    NRA is a Terrorist Organization...

    These are the same people that will be wondering what in the hell happened as they are forced to walk to their deaths by tyrants!
  2. George Bush kept his sewer trap shut for eight years of Obama and now he gets diarrhea of the mouth non stop! What a POS!
  3. londonorchar

    Mark 13:8 nations will rise against nations...

    The words in this passage (below) carried me many of times......... Psalms 23
  4. londonorchar

    Mark 13:8 nations will rise against nations...

    Whats going on globally now isn't anything compared to what's going to happen before your saved!
  5. londonorchar

    The Curve is Gone - KABOOM

    In most parts of the world where there is lawlessness and chaos, you won't see people walking around with long-guns, but people are carrying pistols! If you don't have one, get one, get trained and become proficient!
  6. londonorchar

    The Curve is Gone - KABOOM

    Ugliest and worthless.............
  7. By the time they're done with this story, it'll be the Russians fault!
  8. londonorchar

    Odd statement from Bush re: Barbara

    Listen to these comments from someone that knew her and the rest of the Bush clan!
  9. You just crushed the mystery and mystique out of this thread..............
  10. londonorchar

    The Curve is Gone - KABOOM

    The Bond yield curve is gone! Could this be the beginning of the next financial catastrophe?? Gregory Mannarino, a financial planner seems to think so! He says historically we are all now on a one year countdown until a MAJOR MARKET CRASH! https://www.traderschoice.net/
  11. I know what you mean! I've seen a number of doctors throughout my lifetime. Some are OK, some not so good and a few really good doctors. In the end, you and you only have to be your own advocate for what you believe to be the best course of medicine for you!