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  1. 4 Warning Signs from Your Intuition

    There are times when one must ignore that and go down the wrong path in order to right a wrong!
  2. Then Trump needs to order Tillerson to re-assign those involved to a remote post in Greenland!
  3. This doesn't surprise me at all, in fact the opium poppy crops have flourished since the U.S. has been in Afghanistan! That place is a den of rotten shit and we have no business being there anymore!
  4. Either the Earth pole's are shifting causing strain on the Earth crust, or the heavens are signaling a big event!
  5. The shadow Govt can't have Americans reading/hearing news from a different perspective! That might just wake up more sleeping sheep!
  6. The time draws closer! All that can be done by individuals is to prepare as best as you can to survive without the comforts that we all now have!
  7. Recently declassified documents related to the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy confirm the existence of a plot to start a war with the Soviet Union by conducting a false flag attack. https://www.rt.com/usa/410636-jfk-false-flag-ussr/
  8. At some point everybody will have to pick a side and make a stance! I stand on the rule of law and patriotism! God first, then country and family!
  9. The players are on the clock the minute they enter the stadium! The team owners can dictate their conduct! The players do not have a Constitutional right to protest while on the clock - if that were the case can you imagine cops or firefighters doing something similar???
  10. So your saying that the team owners are stupid and the lawyers that wrote the contracts were stupid as well???? I don't buy it!
  11. How about the owners fire them! It's nothing more than having a job description for these overpriced entertainers! They follow the boss's rule or get canned!
  12. Americans fell asleep..............