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  1. Give ol Peter Fonda a quick tour of Gitmo!
  2. Patrikc325

    One Card to Rule Them All

    China has it!
  3. Colt 45 for all!
  4. B. Hussain Obama was just using Newspeak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspeak
  5. Is Roundup to blame? Sperm count drops 50 percent in U.S. and other parts of the world http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/health/ct-sperm-concentration-declining-20170726-story.html
  6. Moms Across America released test results of 12 California wines that were all found to be positive for glyphosate in 2016. We tested further and released new findings last week of glyphosate in all of the most popular brands of wines in the world, the majority of which are from the U.S. and in batch test results in American beer. https://www.ecowatch.com/glyphosate-wine-beer-testing-2553632957.html
  7. Glyphosate is almost all beer! This shocked Germany! Want a round of Round Up with your beer? The German beer industry is in shock after finding that 14 different popular beer brands have traces of the ‘probably’ carcinogenic herbicide, glyphosate – an ingredient found in Monsanto’s best-selling weed killer, Round Up. Germany’s Agricultural minister is playing down the risks in order to save one of the countries’ best-selling exports. http://naturalsociety.com/glyphosate-14-beer-brands-germany-63546/
  8. Patrikc325

    Why the QAnon Movement is so dangerous

    https://youtu.be/ALab_8MmZ_w Jerome Corsi QAnon May 15, 2018 ★ Q Posting Again [NEW]
  9. Patrikc325

    Why the QAnon Movement is so dangerous

    Everything I watch and hear on the internet could be BS. We live in an era where propaganda is legal. I enjoy the Q format is it real is it fake I have no clue but Enjoy The Show!
  10. This firing was due to this. Trump needs to fire all the other federal prosecutors that Obama brought on! We need to get Chicago crooked politics out of the USA. http://time.com/4699086/us-attorney-preet-bharara-fired/

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