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  1. ManicMonday

    They had, why don't we

    There is no reason why our generation should not have it even better than the boomers.
  2. ManicMonday

    They had, why don't we

    Sure the boomers did. The boomers voted republican.. There was only two democratic presidents in their whole regime, Carter and Clinton, and both were piss weak, both were Southerners, both were far more conservative than what Americans really need, on businesses and economics. LBJ and JFK were late in the greatest generations regime... Not early in the boomers regime.
  3. ManicMonday

    They had, why don't we

    The boomers
  4. ManicMonday

    They had, why don't we

    Who ran the government which allowed the bad changes ?
  5. ManicMonday

    They had, why don't we

    The baby boomers had a workday shift that wasn't legally allowed to be more than 8 hours. Why are we at the whims of greedy employers ? The baby boomers had the weekends off, and were required to be paid weekly, and they were usually paid on Fridays. Why are we stuck with biweekly pay, being paid inconveniently and working 7 days a week ? The baby boomers could not be forced to work before 9am or after 5 pm... This allowed them to live healthy both socially and medically. Why are we not even allowed time to shit, shower, shave brush their teeth, wake up..and eat breakfast ? The baby boomers had a professional, well maintained and formal work environment. Why are we stuck with stinky slobs as coworkers ? The baby boomers could live on the minimum wage of their Glory days. Why cant we ? The baby boomers had strong, powerful labor unions protecting them from the negative interests of their employers. Why don't we ?
  6. The baby boomers raised their kids in the suburbs .. They acquired a PhD, they had a house full of furniture, electronics, appliances... They took their kids on traveling Paleontology lessons in their SUVs.. They said that the word b*st*rd to describe fatherless kids should be removed from the English language... They lowered the crime rate dramatically..over a period spanning decades... Why should they be allowed to have the next generation inherit far inferior lives ?
  7. ManicMonday

    The Equal Generations Act

    Should there be a law made in the USA called the Equal Generations Act... Designed to prohibit the current political generation in power, from making laws designed to enforce their education, experience and world views and opinions upon the next generation. This would ban laws from being made, which ups the legal age of majority. It bans laws from being made Which requires more out of the generation to achieve the same things in life than what was required of the previous generation. It bans the legislation of morality. It bans the next generation from implementing policies which makes things harder or more restrictive in life than the previous generation as well. Under this law..every generation has the same opportunity, with the same level of difficulty (or ease) in achieving life. Basically you must leave power to the next generation in the same condition and the same way as you came into power. So that the next generation can thrive just as easily.
  8. ManicMonday

    A question for aussies

    I have a question for Australians... Who "discovered" Perth ? Was it a guy named Riebeeck ? Lol
  9. ManicMonday

    An old fight with my dad

    The last time I checked, it was my dad, and not my grandma who I beat up. And it was when I was 15 and not at 12. It was also in self defense against a sometimes oblivious dad who hit me in the back with a wrench... And not because I was a complete idiot being out foxed by the street corner crack dealer. And what is 15 vs 12 ? A 15 year old has more life experience, a larger brain, more neurons and more connections between neurons. The 15 year old knows more than the 12 year old. And I also didn't just beat my Dad up. After he calmed down about a week later... I told him why I did that... And I told him that he needs to look beyond his 50 year old peers who represent bygones... And he needs to open up his eyes and ears.. pull his head out of his ass... And start smelling the coffee about Philly. That's when we both left Philly.
  10. ManicMonday

    The origins of language

    Woof, Meow, hiss and grrr is a call, not a language. Only some birds can replicate human speech.. but none has any idea or care about what it is saying. And it can only copy you... It can't communicate. It can't speak and it isn't speaking it's using the only noise it can generate, to replicate speech-like sounds.
  11. ManicMonday

    The origins of language

    This is how speech and language developed. The first thing is to take up residence up in the trees this takes you away from the competition on the ground, allowing you to evolve into a primate. This is the best physical design so far possible in nature for speech and writing. And frees the brain from interpreting danger survival... So that it can begin to interpret each other. The second thing you do is evolve a larger brain and drop the tail... So that you become an ape. This is an even better system for speech and writing... Because it frees the hands from the branches of trees, gives you a larger primate throat and a larger brain to process information with. Step three is to evolve into an Australopithecus, or any other by chance animal that would evolve into smarter, more independent, social species... In our history that animal was Australopithecus. This yields a larger brain, a vocal chord that can drop into a lower part of the enlarged more powerful throat... And more socialization. Then you want to stand and walk on two feet on the ground.. This makes the body more energy efficient, allowing for the investment to be made in the brain and allow that investment to make us more energy efficient, and enlarge the brain and become more mobile and agile on two feet. And to Free up the upper body, so that speech can occur. That's how highly developed that our communication is. So why does our legal system undermine communication by allowing lawyers to arbitrate the language that we speak language in court ?
  12. If the dictionary were the law regarding the use of English...this is what would happen.... Hotshot lawyers would no longer be allowed to bog down the court room with. "define this" and "define that". Because it would automatically be defined by default. The laws, written in English would be much more enforceable. And such cases, as a sales person who has been told that she would win a toy Yoda... Would no longer be allowed to sue to obtain a Toyota which is a much more expensive item, and isn't a Yoda. A Yoda is a Yoda doll while a Toyota is an automobile (and/or) car brand. And she couldn't be awarded a Toyota by the court because no model of Toyota and no automobile related specifications and no Toyota dealerships were presented in the deal. Having no standards presented, makes her the arbiter of her own gift which can be far too elaborate to the point of being utterly ridiculous and financially punitive against the people who proposed the deal. So a toy Yoda (the doll) would have stood and been upheld by the court. And she could have been legally barred from being a constant in employment related contests.
  13. ManicMonday

    The Republic

    What do you think of this law in my online micronation ? It is unlawful in the United Republic of British North America for parents of minors under the age of 21 to utilize the following facilities to enforce private household rules. *Criminal detention centers I e. Jails, prisons, juvenile detention centers, boot camps and scared straight. *Inpatient mental health treatment facilities and/or group homes. *Police stations. Children under age 21, like adults age 21 and over must commit a crime and stand trial before admittance to a correctional facility, and must be a danger to themselves or others, or be committing a crime before police services may be employed. Children under age 21, like adults age 21 and over must be adjudicated mentally unhealthy AND unstable before being committed to an inpatient psychiatric facility. It is not the governments job to : *Hold people to standards better than the law. *Force people to satisfy the personal standards of others. *Enforce the rules of private households. *Correct your children for you, unless the child is in school and the teacher correct the student.
  14. ManicMonday

    The hurt

    Ty ?
  15. ManicMonday

    The hurt

    I told social security this. I'm 31 years old... It seems like just yesterday that I was 4 feet tall, 65 pounds on my big sister's lap.. With my mom and dad and everybody talking about I'm cute.... People asking me what I want to be when I grow up.... And now im 31 years old... And now I don't have my parents, they're both dead... Both of my sister's are mentally ill... Just one worse than the other... I'm too young for this.... And I'm too emotional for it too.. This is killing me...and I need something... My wife just keeps on saying you have me now.... I'm going to go nuts. I do nothing but hurt all over... And as much as my wife claims to love me... I don't know... The cuddling, the cradling, the crying on her shoulders.... The kisses... It's like Tylenol for muscular dystrophy.. And I can't stand classical love songs or 40s and 50s rock and roll and Motown or blues.. I hurt worse. I just have a big hole in my heart and it won't heal... I need counseling... Maybe inpatient. Now where is my insurance ?

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