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  1. Privacy issues no doubt
  2. Curry

    Worked to death in the UK

    Companies do the same thing in the US A family member is only paid by the company for each individual thing they do They get no health insurance benefits, no pto , no paid vacation time They are looked at as an independent contractor They make less than half the income they use to as a regular employee This is what greedy corporations are doing to screw the workers but make huge profits for the company. ... Wake up....you are being screwed
  3. Terrible The US has turned into a totalitarian police nazi state
  4. And then if nothing in October he still has November and December
  5. I lived alone in an old apartment house dating from 1940s in college I would hear very strange things all the time there Once heard the roaring of a lion in the alleyway below my window at 2 in the morning Say the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and it will leave guaranteed The demonic world knows who is the king and they fear the king
  6. How much private property dies this communist **&&*&*$# own
  7. BBC might love their lithium and think everyone nends it
  8. Well then this is not a sane normal world A sane world would have seen the threat and turned the place back to pre historic times when ice was sheets of glass across entire continents
  9. Sa so could never own guns or ownership is very limited This is the problem here The Devils know the people wrestling never allowed gun ownership so they feel comfortable with their genocide Hitler did the same thing all dictatorship so do this Take away guns from the masses so they can genocide Learn from South Africa America
  10. This is not normal human activity What kind of creatures live there passing themselves off as human?

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