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  1. mmiichael

    What's Holding the Arab World Back?

    I'm including below, relevant to the current topic, excerpts from a longer insightful analysis by a onetime conspicy buff who contributes to an online conspiracy digest ---------------------------------------------- To a conspiracy theorist, everything is a hoax. That is not to say that some events are not hoaxes. The very basis of most ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theories, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, was a massive hoax, perhaps perpetuated by the turn of the 20th century Tsarist Russian court, and is still believed by a large number of anti-Semites throughout the world. The Protocols was taught to German youth after WWI and was used as a rationale for legitimating the internment of German and Polish Jews in ghettos and, later, concentration camps. Nazi Germany provides the archetypal ‘false flag’ as well, when someone set fire to the German Reichstag, allowing civil liberties to be suspended and Hitler to consolidate power. Perhaps it is simply natural to view the changing, evermore interconnected and evermore seemingly dangerous world, to believe that highly sophisticated and total conspiracy is somehow at play. But that is neither likely nor is it even statistically possible. ... a series of events that had been immediately suggested as a ‘false flag’ operation, a hoax perpetuated by a totalitarian shadow government hoping to trick the world into fear and submission. The implications are, in fact, an ubiquitous commonplace conspiracy theory: the concept that some of the macro-level aspects of society are, in fact, controlled and regulated so that the individual can never break free. “The System is Rigged.” “THEY don’t want you to know…” “The ‘Powers that be’ want you to be quiet, docile sheep.” Et cetera. Though this smacks of paranoia, the psychological outcome is actually to simplify the world that is ever-so-much-more complicated. Conspiracy Theories are actually coping mechanisms for an ever-increasing state of anomie. https://conspiracytheorydigest.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/everything-is-a-hoax/
  2. mmiichael

    What's Holding the Arab World Back?

    In my censored post I noted how the Holocaust is one of the most thoroughly documented events of modern times. There even living witnesses for further validation. The disclaimers are wither ignorant or malicous. Something that is really insulting is when someone says decades of research and many thousands of documents are just invalid because some websites tells us something different.
  3. mmiichael

    What's Holding the Arab World Back?

    Attempted to provide information but it was censored Disinformation more popular than truth?
  4. mmiichael

    What's Holding the Arab World Back?

    Proxy!!! There's really no point in discussing anything with people who consider what they have seen on some wonky websites to be actual 'truth' or 'facts'. I could recommend going offline for a few weeks and try reading books from credible source where they are more concerned with things like tangible reality and actual historical events as opposed to just attracting online feedback.
  5. mmiichael

    What's Holding the Arab World Back?

    Note there aren't dozens of sites that contain and/or specialize in criticizing other countries apart from Israel, USA, Britain. Though there are a hundred countries where the citizenship are systematicaly abused and destructive foreign policies are maintained. People are accused of antisemitism not simply because they criticize Israel for any and all it's policies, but when they use their disfavour as an excuse to blame Jews for everything wrong with the world nonstop.
  6. mmiichael

    What's Holding the Arab World Back?

    Of course blaming Israel and Jews in general for everything and anything has always been popular. Particularly among the semiliterate and uninformed who suffer from poor self-esteem. Why blame yourselves and your own kind when you have a ready made victim? It has become a widening trend with the Internet. Why? - because all you have to do to find more ammunition is check out the dozens of websites that specialize in lowbrow racism and paranoia agenda. Misinformation is even more popular than the truth and actual facts. If you run or obsessively contribute to a so-called Conspiracy Forum, you can come up with mindboggling sensational headines and explanations with minimal efforts. And there will always be even more ignorant audiences prepared to swallow it all.
  7. As expected, endless quoting the inevitable online pseudo-information by people with no actual knowledge of a subject. Stories like arrested and dancing Israelis post-911, generated in the Middle East, are known by those aware of reality and actual history as just more malicious fiction. On the Internet for Dummies, of course repeated endlessly, and the unwashed uninformed accept as if factual. Sad cultuarl reality that those who are so insecure, desperately lacking personal confidence, are the ones who feel a need to prop themselves as individual who know "The Real Truth." Not dissimilar to the appeal of wonky cult religions. And inevitably there are profound sounding charlaton salesmen who make a living selling their misinformation to these anxious buyers. Anyway, for me, byebye to jusr another lowbrow Kiddie Konspiravy site. No one appears much interested in learning anything that conflicts with their selection of pop propaganda.
  8. On a subject like Israel being responsible for 9/11 - there isn't anything to discuss. Of course there are dozens, maybe even a few hundred websites claiming that, as well as some books, magazines, etc. Outrageous sensationalistic Kiddie Konspiracy is a sub-industry that a quite a few losers make their livings from. Often financed by richer guys and even rogue governments wanting distractions from reality. But what actually did occur and who was directly responsible, in the last 16 years has been painstakingly researched and examined by thousands from the US, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. And even prominent Saudi royalty members have acknowledge their country's responsibility. A few thousand serious historical and/or scientific researchers along with professional reporters from all parts of the world with no particular axes to grind or sympathy for Americans or Israelis, have cumulatively confirmed and provided first hand detailing with tangible confirmation. The Wahhabist movement in Saudi Arabia, with financing from disgruntled members of the Saudi royalty, along with participation from the Muslim Brotherhood, trained 20 volunteers for large scale suicide attacks using hijacked passenger planes. A real conspiracy largely ignored is how George Bush chose not to directly blame or try to punish the leaders of that country responsible that had helped make his family become billionaires - Saudi Arabia.
  9. One has to wonder what kind of person would take something like this, taken from Veterans Today, with any seriousness. A magazine and website pretending to be a military veteran news source but infamous for it's absurd propaganda and malign disinformation. This is one of many summations http://www.jasoncolavito.com/blog/kathleen-mcgowans-legal-headaches-plus-aliens-and-anti-semitism-at-veterans-today-magazine ... Veterans Today magazine. This publication presents itself as an independent journal focused on military affairs from a veterans’ perspective, but according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, it is actually a hate publication with anti-Israel claims about Israel masterminding 9/11 and anti-Semitic Holocaust denial claims. The SPLC describes the publication as “Israel-bashing mixed in with some bona fide anti-Semitism.” The journal is particularly deceptive because it cloaks its hate in the American flag and features genuine information of concern to veterans and links to veterans services, all the better to lure in the unsuspecting alongside the sympathetic. Does it surprise anyone that the magazine also ran an article tying Israel and international Jewry to ancient astronauts and the Reptilians? Preston James, who claims to hold a Ph.D. in psychology, used a recent article to discuss Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project and the earlier claims about the so-called Majestic Twelve, and he moves from contemporary Reptilian (or “Draco”) claims to the ancient astronaut theory, positing that space aliens were in control of Babylon, infiltrated world Judaism, and through the Jews gained control of the global finance system. Just look at the number of paranoid conspiratorial bugaboos packed into just one paragraph of James’s article: The incredibly Evil Alien ET group with which these Rothschild Banksters have aligned themselves is alleged to be the much feared Dracos who have been reported to be Cosmic Negative Energy Parasites who feed off of painful human death and acute human illness with great suffering. These Dracos especially relish child sacrifice and any mass human sacrifice caused by plagues and or staged, engineered wars and love to make humans sick by poisoning them with toxic additives and strange stealth viruses added to vaccines. James claims that the aliens worship Satan and that Aleister Crowley was the first to learn that the Reptilians (Dracos) were in control of the Greys when he met a Grey inside a pyramid and named him Seth. Oh, and as for these aliens in league with the Jews: They are analogous to the Watchers from the Book of Enoch, as evidenced from their propensity to mate with human women and produce offspring: “Some say even that top Dracos males have even bred with humans females to create incredibly evil, two-faced individuals who are then placed in high government positions with great authority, a good outward persona but filled with instinctive Draco evil.” James explicitly follows the so-called “Serpent Seed” theology and argues that the “Babylonian Talmudic Jews” (as opposed to the “good” Jews) are the descendants of Cain, whose father was Lucifer, not Adam, and therefore are soulless and inhuman. The remainder of his article descends into rank anti-Semitism drawn from centuries of European and American conspiracy theories. His views are strange hybrid of The Two Babylons, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and Twelfth Planet, wrapped up in the clothes of David Icke’s Biggest Secret. It’s pretty much the id of fringe history stripped of the pretense that the movement’s darker impulses aren’t drawn explicitly from anti-Semitic and racist conspiracy theories.
  10. Just a test to see how aware you people are. Check out asabovesobelowtopsecret. Far from perfect, but they do attract knowlegeable people with criticism of popculture racist propaganda that attempts to pass itself off to the uninformed as news reporting. When and if you learn the difference will determine your future as a website.
  11. "One Iranian source - PressTV - reports on a Mossad agent named Abu Hafsa apprehended in Iraq. The supposed agent's photo is the same photo used in articles that report on a Mossad agent named Abu Hafs apprehended in Libya. Both agents real first name is reported as Benjamin. Unless there are twin Mossad agents out there, one in Iraq, the other in Libya, both named Benjamin, I'd say the story in the OP is pure unadulterated crap." ------------------------ "Meanwhile, the other Iranian fly delicacy, Fars News, reports on a Mossad agent known as Abu Hafs arrested in Libya. How many Mossad agents named Abu Hafs (supposed real name Benjamin) are still out there, in the cold darkness of ISIS' sinister strongholds, only time and the Iranian regime's fly traps will tell. If they can make up their minds who's who, of course. This story reminds me of a journalist's report about the terror attacks at Charlie Hebdo and the kosher store being the work of those darn shape-shifting Jews. I kid you not."

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