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  1. Phillip Fry

    Clintons New York home is ON FIRE.

    Hillary desperately trying to blow torch off that ankle monitor.
  2. Phillip Fry

    Something very big is coming

    The Cabel, Blue Bloods. What else has blue (copper based) blood? Spiders, Octopuses (8 legs). Crabs, Shrimps, horseshoe crabs, mollusks. (Underwater Bug Creatures). All critters un-kosher. Humm...
  3. And this from Zerohedge .... **New photos have emerged and they reveal that the Communist superpower is building a six-lane highway in its desolately populated northeast on route to North Korea.** China wants the Norks huge deposits of Rare Earth minerals and metals. China have poor quality coal that causes alot of their pollution. Last year china bought a billion dollars of hard coal from the Norks. It will be China's for the taking. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-16/road-world-war-3-unveiled-china-planning-deploy-its-army-against-north-korea
  4. Black bags are offensive. That means Muslim women are offensive too. Oh the Humanity of PC Brainless Liberals.
  5. Phillip Fry

    What is your occupation?

    I was a condom and mattress tester. Then Heidi got a modeling contract. HR hired a new girl named Catlin Jenner. They said she was from California. I had high hopes till he showed up. I miss that job.
  6. Phillip Fry

    More Proof of Exotic Weapons - Portugal 'Fires'

    600 degree F catalytic converter parked over dry grass can do that.
  7. Phillip Fry

    Trump to Visit North Korean DMZ??

  8. TRUMPet gonna visit DMZ 11/7. http://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-north-korea-border-visit-raises-fears-president-safety-688410
  9. Trump take out the Nork EMP Satellites??
  10. Tired of sitting on the bottom. They got a hankering for Asian Take-out food. Yes, 300 orders, delivered to the docks.
  11. Blind Drunk in the Desert Dindu side of town, no doubt.

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