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  1. Shuster is my rep for now. How convenient he's not running again. Casey yes and tomey no vote. Maybe I should go to the debates and ask what dirt does the man have on them. The ones running now. Maybe I'll get a write in. f**k their laws I'll run in write in. I can be a high paid relieferthen
  2. If any of this be true and you showed up I'd stomp you into a puddle because you doing nothing about the evil in this world makes you just as guilty.
  3. Mine and a few friends "smart phone"have been f €!&ing weird I watched Jacob Isreal's video about this whenever a few days ago. Just laid down to nap before the 5 days a slave routine. GOD shows his love in crazy ways. Eyes and ears and all that. Turn phone on and this is what was on the screen. I cleaned history and closed before i left neighbors to walk home.Home page should have came up. Something to rest to while napping. Thank you
  4. No one is righteous not a one. . But there are lines that can't be crossed after that your no more than a wild animal that is a threat. Logic dictates threats must be dealt with. I do no harm but will not be harmed. Some people are not human they gave up that right.
  5. randy187

    Pace yourself into happiness

    You only die once. Well some more. I died and was sent back. I take every day with a grain of salt and a smile. Only my GOD tells me when to lay down and rest till then party on Garth. Party on Wayne. It's gonna be alright
  6. randy187

    Pace yourself into happiness

    Always makes me smile
  7. randy187

    Pace yourself into happiness

    I came here out of chance by following shinies. By the grace of my GOD I saw former people from other notsohonestlike sites. I like your message Ukshep. Dont worry be happy. It'll be better at beer thirty. We are alloted so much time not a breath over or under . Have a wonderful wonderful day and put a smile on someone's face everyday even if it's yourself
  8. Just a stage. Just waiting for the next act
  9. Patience is a virtue. Critical mass hasn't been reached yet. But ones patience does wear thin. I've been getting more people interested in the f$£€ING they have been receiving for years. I have to remind some once or twice others, well there no hope for them. Actually they stopped talking to me. "But but that's not true!" Hear look at this shiny I say. Still no effect. Facts dont matter. Off topic. Can someone see if barefootsworld is working. It's not working on any of my magic boxes
  10. New cars are junk. I can pull one tiny wire and they will sit. Even if an EMP hit my trucks would run.
  11. According to prescription instructions you can't drive while on pain medication. I know a few police that take them so can they drive a patrol cruiser?
  12. Not laws sadly but code regulation statute act jurisdiction kabuki and cowboy bebop. PEOPLE can't handle the truth.
  13. randy187

    Survival Manuals are here Finally!

    I sealed my books and manuals for storage. Books can get heavy, think im up to 120 someting ponds in two crates.I'm going to browse the list for stuff I dont have.
  14. Making sauerkraut. Had a few conversations with a friend or so. Pray for best, plan for the worst.

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