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  1. It is way easier to kill them all than to have to pay for their pensions... Insurances companies love to hear about the increased death rate... Confirmed by an actuary...
  2. Well... What's important is what's going on in football... Who cares that UShitA supports ISIS... (Sarcasm AF)
  3. The only news is about the football player... On the ZionistProductions website of course its all about football...
  4. They'll blame NK EMP And... Retaliation... Just one possible scenario
  5. Human B

    The false flag event in virginia.

    Btw the ones in power (all) are the real communists...
  6. The goal is to bring the price down China will do it at a loss, but the US will collapse in no time If you find buyers well price level may remain, but if it's done on purpose the goal is to bring the thing down... Chinese already bought so many hard asset in the US and Canada. I'm pretty sure they already have military troop in disguise all over both country at least... Convenience store etc... Where I live, all Chinese, in trained shape... I can't get my heard over the fact that they are all here working up like hell just to sell few beers and chips...
  7. A huge amount of zioturds are not Jew, Lot of Jew are zionshit not even knowing it, In the end zioturd, the catholic church that fake Muslims Saudi worship Satan. They know it. Saturn-EL Hence EL-ite : to belong to the group of EL Its their little God-like, a fraud like everything we are told or given. They are pedophile, pedo-cannibals etc... And the turd blue line, FarceBI, and sure CIWhore wont make a move The bosses are of the same swamp, And the guy below are just doing their job following order to stand down... If any one have in their family, cops or military you should call them, and give some huge crap over their complacency
  8. China could put the US on its knees within few hours... They only need to get rid in mass of their US treasury... And it'ssssss gone...
  9. Human B

    GLP now banning

    Also the visite they claim @ 5 million a day or more makes no sense when you catch the real interactions...
  10. Human B

    GLP now banning

    Hi Newbie here, But not to the thinking sphere God like is their name... Who is playing, acting like god, Who tries to replace every piece of nature with a mechanical counterparts He is no genius, he's jealous of God creation, And zionist worship him... Satan The only godlike That's why no one should trust the glp Try to demonstrate how trump is the bottom of the swamp like the libtard And get ban instantly, within milliseconds Why : trump is the new chosen ziopuppet

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