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  1. Saving this to read up later as well! Thanks !!
  2. Thank you SO much! I'm going to read up and watch today! Appreciate your help.
  3. Woman Put Feces On Estranged Husband's Toothbrush !

    My son put mine in the toilet bowl once. I knew something was up when he asked what time I would brush my teeth.
  4. So do horses. My mares are already starting to 'coat up' . That's not a good sign. It's frickin snowing in Montana already.
  5. I was raised Catholic so I dont know much about the subject BUT I have noticed a ton of videos about the rapture and the 23rd. They are saying it has something to do with the child in revelation being taken up to YHWH and a throne?. Can you explain this to me? I know basically what it is but I dont know where this idea came from.
  6. Bloody hell! We were just talking about this crap the other day!
  7. I have heard of people doing certain drugs to attain this state as well. Someone was telling me that some mediums do this. Do you think someone could function that well in such a state to be able to write out letters like that? To be able to come up with this stuff? I do believe in evil spirits but what if she was just crazy? Do you think its possible she put herself in such a trance and was just delusional?
  8. I have been watching videos on the 23rd of Sept. A lot of people are saying it will be something to do with Israel. Who knows but it will be exciting to see!
  9. Numerologist Warns Planet Nibiru Is About To Smash Into Earth


    I'm waiting on Sept 23rd! So much hype around this date.
  10. Fat Acceptence

    That's mortifying and really sad.
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