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  1. Marlowe - the link isn't working for me. It looks to have been taken down or moved....
  2. LOL it would go well with her pant suits.
  3. I can't take them seriously. Have you seen some of these freaks? So they are going to attack on the 4th and scream at the sun on the 7th. *face palm*
  4. He went vegan a few years ago and hasn't looked so good since. Disclaimer I'm not saying being vegan does this to everybody.
  5. What the hell??? Can they not see their own contradiction here?! I'm so over this crap and people wonder why I'm a hermit.
  6. God I know! I wish she would just sod off. I'm so over her.
  7. MountedShooter

    ANTIFA openly allied with the Pedo's

    Without a doubt.
  8. MountedShooter

    Rose McGowan arrest warrant issued.

    I feel bad for her I do. BUT years ago she took a $100k payout from Weinstein and shut up. NOW she claims she could have got millions. She comes out after another woman (the one from Italy) was the first one to break this story right?. I really don't Rose as some heroic crusader.
  9. This is horrible! What an asshat. Horrible. That poor girl I feel so bad for her
  10. MountedShooter

    Cinnamon Raises Testosterone and makes Testes Swell

    When I noticed the title I thought you meant the boards 'Cinnamon' LOL
  11. I really think he killed her. I don't believe this creeps story. I really hope she is ok but I think he killed her. https://newsone.com/3752221/3-year-old-texas-girl-sherin-mathews-missing/
  12. MountedShooter

    Corey Feldman and Harvey Weinstein??

    That's tragic.

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