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  1. Simonseven

    The energy is good today!

    It is. I'm kicking a$$ today. Grateful
  2. Simonseven

    Winter Solstice and Jesus

    This is an interesting topic. I'm a Christian but DO NOT celebrate Christmas. I just kinda ended up with that revelation after I denounced things in my life and asked to know the truth. It's a scary step but my sight is clear. Very interesting about the sun die-ing then 3 day's the resurrection.............
  3. Simonseven

    Walmart Selling ‘Antifa’ Fan Gear

    Wal-Mart is evil. Always has been, always will be.
  4. Simonseven

    Gomer Pyle died ..again.?

    He did die awhile ago. I remember reading about it and his sexual orientation. W T F?
  5. Simonseven

    NBC fires Matt Lauer.

    The left is starting to eat it's own
  6. Who knows it could all be part of a planned culling. In the USA there are huge bunkers built for certain people and much of the valuables are stored in places like Iron Mountain. This is exactly what I think is end game.
  7. The sky in west Texas has been white/gray all summer. The horizon has been pretty much a haze. Used to be the sky was huge here with very pronounced colors. Just gritty and ugly now most of this year.
  8. The energy today was/is BAD. Funny too considering how quiet things were at work today. It's been a strange day
  9. Simonseven

    What is your occupation?

    I'm a warehouse clerk in the oil & gas industry. I used to work on the rig floor but to old for that now.
  10. That's exactly what "they" are doing. I don't know why more people don't see that. They are very diligently placing them though out the state's. Even in places you would think make no sense and are very remote.
  11. Simonseven

    Give me your best scary movies

    Exorcist III. Blew my mind, freaked my sh#t, and made me sleep with the lights on
  12. Simonseven

    Unexpected blowback?

    The more I turn away from these things the wider my eyes are open and further justifies & validates leaving them behind was and is the right thing to do.
  13. Go ahead and trust a doctor.........might as well trust a politician while your at it.

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