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  1. We don't have science today. There is a great book telling you all about it and how everything was f***ed in the 80's So people in court would bring someone in and say science i win, do you science bro to the other guy. BUT the other guy didn't bring anyone to rebut the statement so bad science would win the case. Now that bad science is law and so its snow balled. Great book but its going to piss you off.
  2. You are putting what I said into a model you want. That's not what I asked you don't get the point. To me its just a way of not doing anything. The more you talk in circles about why this don't matter or that still miss's the point you havn't done it. Then taken the answer into the real world and see if it works. I know there is a name for that? Its clear you like some many didn't read Plato.
  3. or sorry grav the reason Is gravity !! cuz superman! gravity = superman. gravity you can't see or feel like superman but gravity cuz we made a movie like superman. cuz no prof of anything is ok if its on tv ! i still can't get why steven Hank dick is not died. With something that should kill you in 10 years 50 years on he is the god of the twats. BUT ITS ON TV . so we are good
  4. so right @grav i am going to make them prove it to themself's but did you see. Right or wrong NONE did the Maths. just fight about what they think i might think . Its clear as my wee
  5. really, then do the maths. Dont like to Von to help you YOU prove it. Again what speed it the point S spinning (P.S. might be drunk at this point) I will get more into what we talked about more then 2 years ago if you need me to but your going to find I am right and 99% of everything is a lie
  6. Han sole

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    lol nope i dont do tricks!
  7. :-D ! Why o Why do you think I was talking about it!
  8. Han sole

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    well i will drink for you !
  9. Han sole

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    lol yes yes london :-/ I have to get my feet back under me and finish a project with some people. then I am down!
  10. Didn't see this Von. This the funny part it does have an effect on gravity. but we will get to that! Or have have to take gravity off the table at all times because it doesn't fit the rounder model
  11. you unit is not important because its a sign at the end. Adding the units would be in the next part. I am breaking it down step by step. Again don't think about sphere yet just do the problem. (i can rewrite it if that helps)
  12. Von i understand that 100% what you are saying I will get to my point and you will see whats going on. Roamer (i think thats his name) Doesn't to bring something as stupid as gravity into a talk you all must understand how and why it works. Remember gravity is a rounder thing. If we can't all come out with the same answer on something simple holds the earth together we can't use it in talking. Its like saying we cant prove superman is real or not but I win cuz superman. Doesn't work.

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