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  1. Ok folks gather round.

    Funny when my company did a deal with the elavon merchant services which is owed by US bank had to go to China to meet the CEO of China Union Pay. Turns out they are the same guys. So if they go down we are f***ed
  2. Ok folks gather round.

    I can't remember who said it @grav but to you remember something on the lines of a universe law BLA BLA the powers that be must follow. They must tell everyone whats going to happen. Can't remember who said it which is very unlike me. But if you look at Movies about the end from the day after tomorrow they have been telling us. Just like you say Jade Helm was telling you. The 2012 BS was telling you. We all feel it coming. Maybe we are making it happened by being shown it. the more we thing about it the more its going to happen.
  3. Ok folks gather round.

    you are right and we know this. But doesn't it seem like they know nothing at the same time?
  4. Ok folks gather round.

    its only cuz i am talking and you dont like me
  5. Ok folks gather round.

    @VonLud you know i give you shit but if @thedudeabides is right, which i think he is you know i will be the first one running to help you *****. I will add to what the OP has said by saying the same thing that i gone be banned from ATS i was under the name JCneedhelp. i even posted my phone number back then because of how real the info was i was told. And the info was Obama is the last POTUS which fits into everything said here. The was the last time i was in the in. Thats what was said. I lost my business my girl and my live back in 2011 saying this (its because i have a big mouth) but i stand by it. You can see it clear as day now. Add to what the @thedudeabides is saying about ww3. think of the info from facebook ect they have gone over the past year. not just the X number of years te websites and smartphones are being used. They know everything. I was laughed at saying the 3ww is all about the web back on ATS and on the radio show i was on but OP is right guys he is right( i hurts saying that lol does)
  6. Ok folks gather round.

    this is the real me, everything else is giving @grav @Rothbard ect space to talk think without a problem.
  7. Ok folks gather round.

    @thedudeabides I dont care what you and Said CM think of me one bit not just you 2 but anyone (i will get back to that) BUT YOU ARE RIGHT! now i dont know if the city you say is right. but i know you are right about the 3ww and everything you are saying, glad you are saying it. You might not like me because of the way i act but just like coldhand luke ((i think thats his name from lop (i think his a shill) said if you listen to me talk its very different to how i type and act on the forum(i have reasons). The main reason is i believe the people that read CT every week like you guys should know this info the dude is saying. But i am glad your posting and making it a thing. @Ukshep the other week asked everyone for info. I PM him with the same old stuff i was told back in 2008 nothing you guys dont know. After living in China and having to go back to the uk...(mmm bit drunk truth is coming) OK shit i will tell you why guys, not that half will give a shit. SO.. i did a big training course for the Chinese government. I was working work a Chinese company after doing this, my Chinese boss said in Chinese not knowing i can read it said i was was best he has seen in this training (by the way i got my mates bird to read it cuz i didnt think it was right) Long story short they shut my Chinese bank down and stop my shipping my stuff back to the UK to keep me in china i only got back I smelled a rat talking to the British constructor and he told me to get the f*** out. My dad also emailed them which helped. One thing i dont know if you guys know when heading out of china you have to do passport check going out of the country like you do going in a country. The reason for this is so they can stop anyone for any reason leaving the country. (i am happy to go into details but PM i dont want to pull the thread to something else because i believe this is the only thing we need to be talking about the next couple months) OK.. Sorry i know i have gone on a bit but they is a reason. The UK and Finland embassy guys (well the cook and the Finland embassy) drunk in the bar in china where is was. they left 6 weeks before me with no return date because the cook didn't have to go back to work until he was called. all very f***ed up. I am not trying to take this thread off some other way I was just tring to give you guys a back ground of whats happened to me in the past 2 months and bring it back to @thedudeabides point. I do think this time its real. They have done the whole 2012 lie get ready for the end of the world lie and then shut the f*** up about it. This time i do think its going to happen a slow no fuel no moany no food f*** you over the next 6 months, i really do. and on that I am a **** BUT i am your guys **** you need me email me hansole73@gmail.com and i will come a running if your need help because the next 6 months in my book is going to be crazzy. Ps(the earth is flat a very very big lol. you guys no i had to :-D ) Guys i do mean it. My story of me is very f***ed up and i am happy PM people about it. But this time listen to @thedudeabides because i do think he is right. I dont talk unless i THINK i am right even if you guys don't think i am so you know i think he is right.
  8. We don't have science today. There is a great book telling you all about it and how everything was f***ed in the 80's So people in court would bring someone in and say science i win, do you science bro to the other guy. BUT the other guy didn't bring anyone to rebut the statement so bad science would win the case. Now that bad science is law and so its snow balled. Great book but its going to piss you off.
  9. You are putting what I said into a model you want. That's not what I asked you don't get the point. To me its just a way of not doing anything. The more you talk in circles about why this don't matter or that still miss's the point you havn't done it. Then taken the answer into the real world and see if it works. I know there is a name for that? Its clear you like some many didn't read Plato.
  10. or sorry grav the reason Is gravity !! cuz superman! gravity = superman. gravity you can't see or feel like superman but gravity cuz we made a movie like superman. cuz no prof of anything is ok if its on tv ! i still can't get why steven Hank dick is not died. With something that should kill you in 10 years 50 years on he is the god of the twats. BUT ITS ON TV . so we are good
  11. so right @grav i am going to make them prove it to themself's but did you see. Right or wrong NONE did the Maths. just fight about what they think i might think . Its clear as my wee
  12. really, then do the maths. Dont like to Von to help you YOU prove it. Again what speed it the point S spinning (P.S. might be drunk at this point) I will get more into what we talked about more then 2 years ago if you need me to but your going to find I am right and 99% of everything is a lie
  13. Off-Topic Repository

    lol nope i dont do tricks!
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