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  1. I love this kind of info, thanks Cinnamon
  2. If this story is true, it is a minority hire running the show we are told.
  3. Sunrise

    Are you sick of the term "Dreamers"?

    Sick of "dreamers" and "migrants" They are invaders and illegals.
  4. Six feet, wow! Perhaps heading to the US eventually. We are being told that we are going to get lot of snow this month in my area.
  5. I've had hardly any birds at the feeders in weeks. Even the squirrel chair with the corn cob has gone untouched. We are in drought here and I haven't mowed in over a month so I haven't checked the acorns on the ground lately. But earlier I noticed they were falling but not too bad. I'll take a walk out there tomorrow. During those uber bad winters a few years ago my lawn under the oaks was carpeted with acorns.
  6. Perhaps. This fringe stuff is now mainstream imho like it has never been before. You may be right and it may be Kalu Yuga/Apocalpyse, etc. where all is being revealed. So many children are growing up with perversion instead of love. I hope we can get back to balance and love.
  7. I agree with you Cinnamon and this is kind of a new thing to me, where they admit it. What a monster Sandusky must have been. I simply do not understand this pedo epidemic in our modern world.
  8. Sunrise

    This is why you never mess with cats

    I have to tell you a story about my Stevie who passed on almost two years ago. A brown and black tabby with beautiful spots on his stomach. He would have moments like this bobcat but was mostly normal and sweet as can be. Then out of the blue would get triggered for no apparent reason, and run away and hide, scream and growl. I tried everything but there just was no sense to it. There was always something not right with him since the day I adopted him. At the end, he was having these episodes nonstop like this bobcat, hiding behind the couch and screaming. pooping. Took him to emergency twice, they did all tests and could find nothing wrong, no pain or injuries, nothing. He disrupted the whole household for two days, acting like this. Finally I had to make the decision. He was 12 years old and it broke my heart that I could never figure out what was wrong with him. This beautiful animal is caged and afraid. Not too hard to figure out
  9. My head is kind of exploding with this NPR article.

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