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  1. bird

    Hopi Prophecy? 21st of August?

    we need hoecker to weigh in on this
  2. bird


    as long as the eskimos don't eat potatoes yep they'll be turned into burgers on the dark side of the moon once they're "ripe" choose wisely
  3. bird


    "Potato aliens" is actually a bit of a misnomer. We call them that because by eating potatoes, we make ourselves toxic to them and they no longer wish to harvest us for our meat. Their most nearby base of operations can be found on the dark side of the moon. They are at war with another species which currently inhabit the orb-like craft which forms our earth's core, but as of yet they are unaware of their presence, assuming our planet to be a natural terra firma. The effects of their presence in the solar system can be seen on their previous farm, which we call Mars.
  4. Please, aide me in putting together a compilation of the finest and most indepth resources on magick and the occult. Crowdsourcing this kind of thing is STRONG! Websites, PDFs, video documentaries / youtube audiobooks and so on. Please post only the finest quality, no crazy person's blogspot timecube.com style thing. Thankyou for your participation.
  5. what? not really, one person can do it quite easily
  6. if tptb wanted this gone it would be gone, there are too many sheeple for anyone to care enough its probably something more domestic. A rival site with a grudge, a script kiddie practicing their sick ddos skillz, or maybe even invision community pen testing their own products?
  7. Only an infinite number of times with no beginning and no end
  8. China Chiiiina china china china CHiiiiina think he's forgotten?
  9. You mean its not already happening and been happening for like 16 years?
  10. bird

    What are dreams?

    a dream is a consequence Th days events, thoughts, feelings, emotions - all prior impact on ur neural pathways, result in this byproduct dream its a debug printout, its ur compiler processing all the lines of code. When ur awake ur subconscious arranges incoming data into the image that is projected onto the cinema screen of consciousness. U never really see what's infront of ur eyeballs, u onnly see ur eyeballs' reaction to it. so when ur eyes are closed, and there's no more data coming in, the projector keeps rolling but uses the remaining data to generate the image instead, since the incoming external data has been temporarily suspended
  11. bird


    lol its like this antarctica dude aint even heard of no potato aliens?
  12. There arent enough gay frogs if u ask me
  13. I dont want to sound rude or anything so pls dont take my response the wrong way but its important to not let media sources make u read the information their way this part has been worded such that it might lead the reader to think that 7 million homes will be without power. But thats not what the information actually implies. It tells us 9,000mw of power will be missed out on. That doesn't mean there isn't already enough power stored / generated to continue to power everything business as usual. Let's say i live in a village with a population of 1000 people. if i have 100 apple trees and every tree grows 100 apples, and a storm destroys 10 of the trees, that's 1000 apples that get destroyed. That's enough apples to give everyone in the village a snack, but it doesn't mean that I don't still have 90 trees with 9000 more apples. everyone can still have a snack. A shame no doom, but an excellent example of MSM emotional manipulation thru clever wording
  14. bird

    This old man

    spittin fire

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