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  1. I tried to give up making videos today, so I made another video.
  2. My latest. Maybe I'm alone in finding the refraction issue interesting.
  3. Just got word that the last laser test was successful by FE Core today. 40 km (24.9 miles); curvature drop of 412 feet. No one was able to get a good picture of it though before the sun came up. They're going to try again to get better footage. I know ... it's frustrating but I'm just relating what the Netherlands group told me. Here's the last message I just got seconds ago: "We were all on the chat desperate to find the setting to beat the sun...but allas...blue sky came first and beam dimmed."
  4. My latest Antarctica debunking ...
  5. This series is interesting - maybe far-fetched, but interesting: https://youtu.be/XezJPR7snAo
  6. Should be amazing footage with the sun setting behind Chicago. FE Core is out testing the laser right now as well at 25 miles but we just lost everyone on the Zoom call in the Netherlands.
  7. Undeniable proof that the world is not what we think it is!
  8. 25-Mile FE Core laser test happening now. I'm watching it now.
  9. I'm now a shill against Antarctica!
  10. Another part on the stars reflection theory. Very promising!
  11. Again, they left out the most likely defendants with the deepest pockets - the police and the school district. Fakery built upon fakery.
  12. Those "parents" are welcome to sue me any day for defamation as truth is a defense. As for Alex Jones, it's just a show to make him into the bully - the same crap he pulled with Piers Morgan where Alex challenged him to a fist fight.
  13. This video should be viral but YouTube bans you immediately. https://stoplookthink.com/how-to-roast-a-hogg-in-less-than-6-minutes/