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  1. I've really enjoyed the flat earth posts on Facebook as well. The expertise is growing and the questions are getting better - I can't believe how this movement is growing. What are all of the channels you subscribe to? The other day someone mentioned on Facebook that according to the mainstream model that the sun visibly moves from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer and back of again due to the earth's tilt with respect to the sun. Well, then why does the moon follow the same path? That stumped the hell out of the ball earthers as its orbit around the earth is only 27 days. I tried to share the comment here but I couldn't find it again. Maybe mainstream science has an answer but I thought the question was fascinating as it really gets your mind thinking.
  2. I made this really long video that is mostly a compilation of experts (experts who should deal regularly with the curvature and axial rotation), who say that the official model is bogus. Sorry, I couldn't make it shorter as it covers a lot of subjects.
  3. In this short animation, Rob Skiba addresses the fact that airplanes do not follow a curved earth trajectory. It's a great animation that reflects exactly what we see, now we just need some photographic evidence to back it up.
  4. You won't answer my most simple question or address the most fundamental issues with well-reasoned rebuttals and investigation but only continue your attack? For those who genuinely care, this is what happened according to Dr. Zack: "It wasn't My mistake at all. Some Guy in the USA said that mooncalc was one hour off. I checked it many times and it was correct. So I asked a few friends to compare it with real life and time and date and it was perfect. But some other friend from USA told me that in August suncalc doesn't add one hour like all websites. I trusted him because I know him very well. So I had to delete the video. It was suncalc's mistake. The calculations were correct. If you go to suncalc and do what I did you will still find an error. They are one hour late and I think that is not my fault. That is one of the most famous websites of astronomy. They should make that fat mistake. Trolls attacked me and called me names even if I didn't make any mistake with my calculations." Unfortunately, flat earthers can't rely on the accuracy of mainstream "space" websites.
  5. Don't worry about it. Your voice will also change and you'll have hair in places you hadn't before. It's a natural process.
  6. Dr. Zack just proved that the official heliocentric models aren't being used to predict eclipses. NASA relies on some retired astrophysicist named Fred Espenak to predict eclipses. On the other hand, it turns out that Dr. Zack's flat earth model predicted the solar eclipse. Are flat earth models used to predict celestial events? It appears that way.
  7. Thank you for proving my point with your evasive rubbish.
  8. I have a sincere question for the twirling-rocking-zooming-vortexing ball believers. What motivates you to be here? It's reasonable that a few of you may be true believers and you genuinely think that we flat earthers/globe skeptics are making a big mistake and you're here to help us fix our mistake as a service to humanity, truth, and friendship. I truly hope that's your motivation; it's honorable; and it makes sense as that is exactly why I feel I'm here. However, I don't think I have witnessed any behavior from the ball believers here evincing this type of motivation. For example: I have NEVER seen a ball believer work with us in coming up with a legitimate test of the shape of the earth; some you gentlemen/ladies are quite intelligent but I have not seen you even attempt to come up with a dispositive and objective test to prove the earth's alleged curvature or axial rotation; if I were here to convince wayward citizens that flat earth was a mistake, I think I would work with flat earthers in designing objective tests to prove the model; I have NEVER seen one of you respectfully discuss why we can continually film objects that should be hidden well below the curvature; if I were a sincere believer in the ball, I would find this issue very fascinating as a matter of science but all of you seem to want to ignore/hide this fact; flat earthers aren't crazy, our optical measurements show zero curvature where there should be significant curvature; if you think it's just refraction, maybe one of you could explain how refraction can repeatedly as the standard arc images over a curvature (from the ocean surface up to the tops of mountains) fooling people into seeing a false flat earth every time - it makes no sense to me; I have NEVER seen you explain why high precision gyroscopes indicate the earth is neither rotating nor curved; again, if I were a ball believer I would find this issue fascinating; I would even buy a gyroscope to prove that the flat earthers were wrong or I would work in proving that Foucault was a fraud and correcting scientific history and the understanding of gyroscopes; I have NEVER seen you explain why airplanes, volcanic plumes, weather balloons, artillery, parachutists, etc. are not affected by the 1,040 mph spinning ball; how can an atmosphere be attached to the spinning ground like spokes on a bicycle wheel where the upper atmosphere must rotate at much faster speeds than the ground and lower atmosphere below; how did the plumes of 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull move easterly with the ground spinning the opposite at 1,040 mph? I have NEVER seen you explain why so many professionals including engineers, surveyors, pilots, gunners, radar operators, snipers, communications specialists, etc. say they don't account for the curvature but should; I have NEVER seen you explain how the endless vacuum of space can exist parallel to our atmosphere without killing all of us by sucking the air away; is the hold of gravity on air particles that much stronger than the pull of a vacuum? I have NEVER seen any of you try to prove gravity or to explain for example how the gravity of the moon can control tides, bounce the earth, but has no effect on anything else (e.g., an airplane or weather balloon) or why the sun's gravity doesn't cause the moon to bounce when the moon is between the sun and the earth; shouldn't we have super tides when the sun and moon both line up on the same side? I have NEVER seen any of you explain why we can't observe a change of speed of the moon (by using stars as a background) as it's moving against the earth's orbit and when it's moving with the earth's orbit; how is there no optical measurement to prove the movement of the earth as stated by Einstein? I have NEVER seen any of you address the repeated obvious NASA fakery we have shown here; are you 100% believers in everything from NASA? I have NEVER seen one of you explain how all of the planets can chase after the sun and maintain a horizontal plane with the sun and how comets can race far away from the sun and then get yanked back towards the sun at much higher speeds to catch back up to the solar system that's speeding away. I have many more. On the other hand, there isn't a question of yours that I and others haven't tried to address fairly and in depth at several different times and in different ways. Forgive me if I don't understand you but I just don't get it because I can't explain how someone can repeatedly show up on a thread like this and just attack and attack without addressing these fundamental issues. I don't understand everything about human behavior but I can only see two options: propagandist or troll, but I could be wrong. Please explain.
  9. Yes, the eight inches times miles squared does not take into consideration the elevation of the observer but to then say that "this fact makes it pretty much useless" is silly. Such a fact would be useless to surveyors? Such a fact would be useless to excavators? Such a fact would be useless to pilots? What about civil engineers, draftsmen, geographers, pipe layers, linemen, etc.? Consider a NAVY vessel which has radar indicating that the enemy is 40 miles out at a certain direction, the commander would want to know that its round would need to curve an extra 1,067 feet or it will definitely miss its target. For anyone who has to allow or make a physical adjustment for the curvature, the 8 inches per mile squared is necessary; it's the baseline for all of the other calculations and is far from "useless." Even many of the mainstream formulae presented for curvature of the horizon don't take the observer's height into consideration. I guess you should tell them that their formulae are useless as well? Just out of curiosity, do you believe pilots and/or their equipment automatically adjust for the curvature or do you think gravity does it automatically for the pilot? As to the link, I'm thinking Wikipedia has changed it; however, I'm going off of a possibly faulty memory based our first debate of the flat earth over a year ago at LOP when we first debated what the curvature formula should be. I don't have a citation and so I have to revoke my statement about Wikipedia, but the false linear formula still constitutes the top answer in Google like shown here and maybe this is what I was thinking of.
  10. The recent Sean Hannity interview of Julian Assange appears as though Hannity had only an interview with a digital person. If true, this will change everything. My, oh my! Truth is in serious trouble.
  11. That's the crazy part, we do understand the math better because it's UNKNOWN among people who should know better. It's very accurate within distances under 200 miles, i.e., all distances visible by the naked eye on the ground. It's simple; it's fascinating; but it's entirely unknown among everyone even surveyors. Yet, children learn E=mc2 which is useless. Seriously, you don't think teachers would love to tell their students that the city 100 miles away should be hidden by 6,666 feet of curvature? You don't think that would be interesting for your own children? My children think it's cool even though they're using it to bust the ball theory. We are friends with someone who is an excavator. You don't think he would want to know that the 10-mile road he's grading for that's designed as perfectly flat, actually has a 66-foot tall hump of earth to be accounted for? What about the artillery officer who is shooting a target sixty miles away? Wouldn't he be interested to know that he needs to drop his aim 2,400 feet or does his round automatically adjust for the curvature? We've asked astronomers and physicists what the curvature formula of the earth and everyone one of them that I know answered, "It's 8 inches per mile" and all of them were wrong. Wikipedia says the same. What would you have answered before hearing of flat earth? You would have probably just given the false Google answer.
  12. Let's say we flat earthers are right and world is actually is a flat and stationary plane. Whether there's a dome, what causes meteors, etc. are all debated among flat earthers but I personally don't know or claim to know the answers to these questions. We can only speculate and speculation is fun in a friendly setting. But back to the point, let's assume that the world is indeed flat and stationary, which I believe the evidence strongly supports, what reasonable conclusions can we reach? I'm sure there are many more, but here are just a handful of conclusions that do make a difference in our personal lives. There is a HUGE conspiracy that runs the world and its education and media systems All major nations must be controlled by this conspiracy as no nation has disclosed the secret of the Cabal including the fake moon landings We are slaves to this Cabal that wants to keep the people ignorant; is there a Luciferian or Atheist agenda behind this? All high-level politics must be fake as no leaders, meaning those who should know better (not the sheep), have openly admitted the truth We were indoctrinated from the earliest years to believe a big whopping lie for a big reason This lie is so important to those who own us that HUGE investments of time and money are still being expended to cover up the truth; the globe lie is UBIQUITOUS Media, education, movies, news, books, religions, entertainment, etc. were all developed in a way to perpetuate the lie; we can trust no one The Big Bang, evolution, potentially dinosaurs, etc. are all fake and seem to fall hand-in-hand with the fictitious ball A flat world has serious religious implications as a flat earth is stronger evidence that there is a Creator; strangely, the creation story of the Bible becomes more accurate than any astronomy text book There may be hidden land; we may be nothing more than cattle fenced in by only our mental ignorance Astronomy, astrophysics, history, geology, etc. are are all falsified Education is a complete joke as even the most basic fact is a lie; what else is? We are being robbed by all space institutions - NASA alone steals $50 million per day We should re-examine all claims of mainstream education and media; nothing can be taken for granted anymore There may be other people outside the known borders of our world; anthropology and history can take on a whole new meaning Asteroids and other "global" extinction events are likely fake UFO's, aliens, etc. take on a whole new meaning; maybe aliens built this big planetarium? Ideas in science, including new inventions, may be held in bonds by the ball lie As a service to humanity and the progress of science, truth-seekers must do their best to reveal this lie to those willing to listen I think those are fair and reasonable implications if you assume the earth is flat and stationary. You may not "give a f**k" but I do and you should too.
  13. What does it matter? What does it matter? "Nope...doesn't make one bit of difference." How can anyone say something so ridiculous? Why are we taught from so little to believe in a globe in all forms of education and media if it "doesn't make one bit of difference." You argue that it's about division but then raise these asinine arguments to support your position? Millions of people? Who says, you? Maybe millions of dogs that bark on cue at the whims of their masters but not millions of masters. Yeah, don't argue the evidence but rely on the silly "psop" argument. Do you have any intellectual honesty? If so, then present a reasonable argument counter to anything I wrote in the post above.
  14. This falls within the "cover-up" proof of the flat earth. All of these articles from the Jeranism video suggested that these physics students took images of the earth's curvature but it's 100% obvious that they didn't - it was a damn GoPro wide angle lens. Were these students not smart enough to know that there was a problem when the same "curvature" was visible at 500 feet? Were the news organizations not keen enough to watch the whole footage and determine whether the claim was accurate? Here's one of the many links: https://phys.org/news/2017-01-students-breathtaking-curvature-earth-high-altitude.html Here's another one: http://thescienceexplorer.com/universe/student-project-captures-images-earth-s-curvature I would say that it's possible that everyone involved made a mistake here but this doesn't just happen once in a while - it happens 100% of the time. It's a pattern, a modus operandi, that's patently obvious to anyone who dares to look. The news organizations always show the curvature where there isn't one. Yes, there must be a top-down directive to show the non-existent curvature; otherwise, why does anyone care to fake this s***. Watch the 2nd video from DITRH that shows that they even edited the photographs to put in curvature where there wasn't.