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  1. I had a conversation with FE Core. I believe they're legitimate but I could be wrong. However, they have some serious tests coming up and are getting substantial funding from around the world. Let's see how this laser test in Hungary goes in January. If FE Core proves no curvature with a laser over 30 miles, then nothing will slow flat earth down. I just wish I could be there but spending thousands to freeze my a** off in Hungary for a hopeful test isn't on the top of my list. http://fecore.org/project/balaton-laser-experiment/
  2. Eric Dubay's channel is gone. He had 111,000+ subscribers. His last video was that I love Hitler video again. Maybe that's what did it?
  3. Sunset reflections aren't possible on the globe.
  4. I have both the Marine and Army sniper manuals on pdf. Neither mention any adjustment.
  5. My last flat earth test Curvature busted again - flat earth confirmed
  6. I did another flat earth test - this time in freezing temps - 7.56 miles and flat - 21 missing feet of curvature
  7. Just for the record - I've made $ZERO - I don't monetize.
  8. @JibbyJedi recommended this SpaceX video to me - I had to make a quick video of it
  9. I just wanted to share one globe supporter's comment: "Why is it that when flatards zoom in on something to prove flat Earth, it is OK, yet when the ISS uses their powerful cameras to do the same, flatards cry 'FAKE'. You are showing double standards and your words mean nothing."