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  1. My friend Wide Awake describing how a sunset works on a flat earth.
  2. Very well said counter-argument! I'm glad you're here. I still think that Michelle is a man - Obama called her "Michael" twice - have you seen that? It's the combination of factors along with Obama's past gay connection. Yes, and I think there's a good chance that Joan Rivers is also a man. But look at the other first ladies. Look at Barbara Bush. Look at Nixon's wife. Look at Margaret Thatcher. They're creepy men. Do you see it or am I just crazy? Then look at Sandra Bullock - you don't get man vibes?
  3. Great stuff there! I'm not sure about this theory since the ISS seemed to zig-zag when Jeran pointed the laser at it but then again ...
  4. It's a creepy old guy!
  5. This is a pretty good video. A pilot sent a photo supposedly "proving" the earth was curved - turns out the horizon is perfectly flat.
  6. This shouldn't happen on a globe and sunsets actually prove a flat plane. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=NxWaUs2k&id=D9B63507F5796D0017426759F3BFD8C104C0A3B5&q=clouds+at+the+horizon&simid=608031035378568007&selectedIndex=53&ajaxhist=0
  7. I suggest beginning at 20:55 to get to the history lies. Do you remember the "ancient" temple in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? It's called Al-Khazneh. Even then I remember thinking that it was a recent construction (I thought it was an elaborate set built for the movie). But like everything else, I assumed that mainstream archaeologists wouldn't lie about it and so I put all critical thought aside. Now, I'm just laughing my ass off. We're witless zombies!
  8. I don't know if you want to do it or I could but one of us should take this video and should clean it up and repost it. Slow it down, clean up the wording, dictate it, and add some commentary.
  9. I just purchased them. Thanks to everyone for the recommendation.
  10. Watch as injured "victims" get wheeled past ambulances to the Marriott Hotel
  11. I hold you in high regards and I'm not trying to dismiss what you're saying. There are quite a few flat earthers who even make fun of this and I get it - it's weird and sounds crazy. There is a lot of disinformation out there and we must certainly be very careful not to go down errant roads. Unlike flat earth, we can't really test it either which make it harder to prove. But I can share with you my journey because I believe there's definitely something to this. I don't understand all of this entirely and I am far from certain that we are right about this. But if we are right about this, this is a huge conspiracy that deserves your consideration and understanding. I think the best place to start is to ask you whether you recognize Michelle Obama is a tranny? I think most people here agree that Michelle is tranny. I think that most people here agree Joan Rivers wasn't joking when she said that Michelle was a tranny. To my family members who said that Joan Rivers was joking; I think I rightfully said that celebrities don't make jokes about trannies especially after overseeing a gay wedding like Joan Rivers did; they just don't do it. This was my video I made long before I understood the possibly much larger scale conspiracy. If you believe that Michelle is a tranny, can we rightfully assume that the people who run this world are f***ing twisted and that the media covers this up and promotes it? The first lady was a tranny - that's pretty messed up - and I think it's damn intentional not just a funny thing for the rulers. Is it just coincidence that Baphomet is also transgender? Is it also just coincidence that transgenderism is being promoted everywhere right now in all aspects of media and in stores (e.g., Target)? After Michelle, let's talk about the Williams "sisters." Do you believe these are women or men? They definitely look like men but many might say here that the Williams "sisters" had a father that raised them and so they didn't convert to transgenderism as young adults (like what we're familiar with) and so dismiss the accusation. But if the allegation is true, this means that their father raised them as the opposite sex from a young age. Again, it means the media and the sports world covered it up. Furthermore, these "women" are promoted as "sexy." Did you see the Pixels movie where the character keeps talking about how "sexy" Serena is? What about Justin Bieber? To me, it's pretty obvious but others may disagree. But if you're with me so far, we have to say that there are pre-pubescent transgenders who get promoted in sports and entertainment. Pre-pubescent transgenderism is something much different than what we've known in the past because normal people would consider it severe child abuse. It means that these trannies will appear much more like the opposite sex since they don't go through puberty as a normal boy and girl. Is there precedence to this? Yes, the castrati - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castrato We know in Shakespeare plays that the roles were all played by men - was there something going on then too besides the anti-woman narrative? It's something to think about. What if the ultimate sacrifice to the Illuminati is to give up your or your child's gender? What better way to keep a secret? The next step for me was Jessica Alba and Megan Fox both of whom said they were transgenders. Now, could they be joking? Sure, but do celebrities joke about this? That old debate over Joan Rivers came to mind. My friend and I got in an argument about Jessica Alba, we both thought she was smoking hot in Sin City, but the debate ended when my friend found one of her earlier strip scenes in which Jessica Alba had vertical man sides. Take a look at some of the Asian and Philippine trannies and you will see what I'm talking about. What do you think? Was Jessica Alba kidding when she answered that question from the audience (the questioner definitely appears to be Brad Pitt)? I don't think they were kidding and they're trying to acclimate us to the idea. While I'm on the subject, there's also that "joke" from Ethel from the television show "Lucy" who said, "Actually, I've known Lucille Ball, man and boy, for 20 years." (I shared the video earlier). Again, was that a joke; strange, that they like to joke about this so much when I would consider the genders questionable at the very least? Now, if Jessica Alba and Megan Fox are trannies, then the conspiracy must be bigger than we thought because those two have had some of the sexiest roles in Hollywood. The s*** is being promoted. Up until this time, I still had a hard time believing in this conspiracy. I don't know why, but this one shook me: Kristen Stewart, the woman from Twilight, absolutely looked like a man to me in that video. It was the look and mannerisms - they were all wrong. What do you think? I always knew she had something wrong about her and I couldn't point it out until I saw that video. Now, I finally got it. Madonna was another one. She was always represented as like the sexiest woman alive. But she has the body of a teenage boy. It was then I started doing more research into real admitted trannies. Watch this tranny beauty pageant? Ignore the blatant tranny announcers - look at the finalists - 99.9% of the male world would say they're hot but since you know they're men - you can see something is wrong even if you can't put your finger on it. Do your own research - Google "transgender models," "transgender bodybuilder," and "transgender beauty pageants." Be sure to look at the boys and girls - the female-to-male trannies are shocking. Then compare the male-to-female trannies to the Victoria's Secret models (they have the exact same bodies): There are a few good channels I recommend. I recently found this one by Michelle X - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxs2S2Ok6nJnig6Btud6_VQ She actually lives in Hollywood and says that she knows firsthand that many famous actors are transgenders. I also like these (I don't agree with all of them; but I think there's truth there): Jon Humanity - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2W_G8MSW4eBJDXGsvpMqdQ MrE3000 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAgVKvt3syB7gV-hL9bMTYw Rebooting Christianity - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-54myMkZWaCYz8NfBSIW-A Jungle Surfer - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPxvYUpUXgpHaVkJukdqrg Apostle Laura Lee - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkawp2YntfvSeRECg5v0qzQ After all of that, where did you begin to disagree my argument? I get it - people have different body types - I don't dispute that but this is different. Michelle is obviously a man, but when most of the other first ladies also look like men - you really have to ask yourself if this is just mere coincidence: What's the conspiracy about? I believe that the Illuminati, Satanists, Luciferians, or whatever the hell they call themselves, require often that fathers and mothers switch the genders of their children if they're not already transgender themselves. These Baphomet worshipers and sacrificial gender-swapping children get promoted to the highest ranks of government and/or become celebrities. They get offered the world for spitting on the face of God. Yes, this is absolutely insane but I would truly like to know where I lost you.
  12. This is a new video from Jeranism. Although the bubbles in space were great (at about 2:50), my favorite part starts at 4:54. The earth moves with the camera.
  13. These old trannies look like the first lady trannies