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  1. Am fairly certain that lady has a lifelong collection of coal that she's received in her stockings over the many years she's harbored this ... "inner beauty" ... of hers. Either way, the notion of "being good for goodness sake" was wasted on her.
  2. Now John McCain turns on Hillary Clinton!

    One of these days McCains bootgate's gonna walk all over Hill ... https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/40ed4ab9dbbf09648e28cca347d06a78559150eaa6549946822fb4a5c2a28f21.gif Do wish we could do pics here, but ahhh.
  3. Dog defends woman!

    There's an old saying, I think from Mark Twain, that goes something like: The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog. It's true about virtually all animals, actually.
  4. 1. Before the FCC's "Net Neutrality" I never had an issue with non-neutral net provision, so the regs were only to transfer some form of control to a govt agency littered with political motives and fix a problem that didn't exist. 2. I don't see those same political appointees making regs forcing youtube and twitter to stop deleting videos and accounts of people who support Trump or who support independent thought. You want "net neutrality" then you make it neutral all the way thru. 3. This FCC clown Rosenworcel complains about the comments and the comment system regarding the rolling back of govt oversight of the pipes, but when she voted for the current rules she had no problem with the fact that the regs were not made public before the vote/imposition of bureaucratic oversight, and public comments were not even welcomed because her obama-appointed butt and the other dems didn't want to hear anything from the common trash like us here. 4. Soros supports the current rules. That tells me virtually all I need to know about how "neutral" they are. These clowns want to keep the pipes "neutral" and then control the content that goes thru those pipes, so that they can push globalist BS into your face every day all day and there will be no alternative content. Your choice will be to listen to and watch what they want, or to listen to/watch nothing at all. Effectively they wish to isolate you if you think independently and not in a govt-approved way. I may not have any love of Comcast, Time Warner or whomever, but I sure as hell trust them more than the govt and a shartload of bureaucrats loyal to one party such as Rosenworcel is.
  5. Trump: I should have left them in jail!

    I see where the thieving criminal son inherited his pathetic values.
  6. When the octopus overlords take over, Calimari will be made of Californians, so I advise Cinnamon to gtfo of there asap.
  7. Taylor Swift - …Ready For It?

    44 seconds before I clicked it off. Couldn't get more pathetically formulaic than that. Wonder how long it will be before she is caught getting out of a car wearing a short skirt and no panties.
  8. Seems everyone in DC has millions of dollars on their government salaries. If any of us somehow had millions of bucks in offshore accounts on basically normal salaries, we'd be investigated for something just so these pigs could take it away. Swamp-boy Mueller gets a pass, though...
  9. Life before we all had the internet

    I have a different take. I think of myself as lucky and I am simply grateful that I lived a childhood that did not revolve around the internet and all the other crap in society that I have seen develop over the past 25 years. It was beautiful, freedom was part of it and you could enjoy the world and your youth. Today, not really at all. If you are under 30 today, you basically will never know what freedom is as you've not had a day away from the net or monitoring devices of some sort surrounding you. Those of us over 30 know what you've lost, which makes me sad for you but happy that I was part of the last generation on earth you know it.
  10. CNN Fights Back

    Factsfirst .... CNN is a clownshow.
  11. Sadly, taking away a kid's phone today will probably get the parents a visit from Child Protective Services, which actively enforces getting kids doped up early and often and which advocates for the mental instability of kids. May sound bad to a lot of you, but I'm glad I don't have kids and can't anymore (vasectomy). I wouldn't want to raise kids in the oppressive social, educational and legal environment of today, where the govt will come along and rob your kids and make your and their lives utter hell if you don't conform and goosestep to the messed up ideas that they dictate you accept as normal.
  12. Yes, they named Robert Mugabe, the murderous dictator. Incredi-bull. W.H.O. Names Robert Mugabe a 'Goodwill Ambassador' The World Health Organization’s decision to name President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe a “good-will ambassador” has provoked outrage from medical professionals, rights groups, opposition leaders and others who took to social media to call it an “insult” and “a sick joke.” The 93-year-old African leader received the title in Montevideo, Uruguay, this past week from the W.H.O.’s director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in relation to fighting noncommunicable diseases in Africa. Dr. Tedros said he was “honored” to be joined by Mr. Mugabe, who could use the role “to influence his peers in his region.
  13. If the dumb*ss bureaucrats ever attain this legalistic wet dream, then all we have to do is preface every shared article with the words "please note the following article is totally 'fake news' ..." and they can't complain or act. Immediately every thinking person will know you are sharing unsanctioned facts and truth, and the a-hole bureaucrats and pols will be left scratching their butts again wondering how we still managed to get out the truth to the masses.
  14. Been 20 years since I was divorce-raped in my 20s. I have always had a fairly good sense of ethics, morality, right & wrong, and live by that. What I learned in a divorce is that ethics, morality, right & wrong don't count for squat and that the courts favor the woman even when she admits clearly that she did the wrong thing. Simply because I was born with a penis I was forced to give her a healthy 6 figure sum (at that age and in mid-90s dollars) after 3 years of marriage and basically came out of it penniless and with all the debt (she had no debt other than her credit cards). I was lucky no kids were involved. I swore I would never remarry and never have. I totally rebuilt my finances and am doing well (much easier to do when you start to rebuild at that age). Every relationship since then is totally at arm's length, no intermingling of anything, no ties, no anything. There is no amount of affection that is worth what I could potentially lose, and I keep abreast about legal changes, precedents, "common law" and the like. Not even going to come close to being legally entrapped and supporting anyone but myself. One thing I have to say to the guys out there - if she has a child, don't get involved in any way ... courts are now awarding child support from ex-boyfriends with no biological connection because women claim the kid thinks of him as a daddy. Safest bet is basically no relationship whatsoever, actually - just let them rot if they try to go there. You can't avoid exposure to some legality (tax law, certain civil laws, etc) but you can totally avoid exposure to family court, and trust me it is well worth your efforts to do so. The best a man can do is break even in family court, the worst is a life of hell. 98% of the time a man gets the latter ... so why would a guy ever play that game? And don't make the mistake of thinking a prenup helps. ~50% are tossed out in court.
  15. So did Pedoesta come thru with the big announcement?