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  1. Interesting you say that. I routinely had my comments deleted from Barack Oshitbag's youtube. Of course no judge would dare call him out on it even if I tried to sue. Good thing is this judge and the leftards succeeded in establishing the precedent that twatter is "a public platform" which will be useful in future cases where twatter deny their political opponents posting rights and visibility. It will eventually trickle to screwYoutube and fartbook too.
  2. This is a denial of the human rights of these masculine-presenting transgender lesbians, and Mexico needs to be held to account. They are clearly gender fluid and identify as wyminz which we are told is normal, but apparently not when your political opponents claim it too ... Mexico bans 17 'false' transgender women running in local elections The 17 men faked being a transgender woman in order to benefit from the gender quota granted by law. As a result of the scandal, their nominations have been cancelled as a precautionary measure. The Oaxaca state electoral body banned the applications of the men who tried to register as transgender candidates last Friday. "They're trampling on the LGBT flag." 🤪
  3. Insanity and pure disinformation. Mind you the German source for this is funded by a conglomerate of publicly funded broadcasters whose primary income is from the german version of the famed British TV license fees. I'll link to the Breitbart article because it's English but I read the German one (am fluent in German) from Deutschlandfunkkultur. The Breitbart article accurately says the sickening spin they are trying to put on the muslim invasion ... Broadcaster: Ramadan an ‘Old German Custom’ Celebrated Longer than Oktoberfest German radio broadcaster Deutschlandfunk Kultur has claimed that the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is not only an “old German custom” but that it had been celebrated in the country longer than Oktoberfest. In an article, journalist Eren Güvercin claims that Ramadan is a thoroughly German holiday and that there is no question that Islam belongs to Germany. Güvercin maintains that the practice is older the Oktoberfest, also known in Bavaria as Wiesn. While he provides no evidence for his assertion, the earliest Wiesn celebrations are thought to have been held on 12 October 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig, later King Ludwig I, and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The oldest mosque in Germany, by contrast, was built in Berlin in 1915 and was discovered by an archaeological team in 2015. The mosque, which was made of wood, was thought to have been intended for Muslim prisoners of war as it was built inside a World War One-era prison camp. I especially liked the spot on top comment on breitbart: "Stonehenge was actually the remains of an ancient mosque, built by pre-mohammed era Muslims who came here as black African officers of the Roman empire, who single handedly built this country and gave us everything advanced that we have. Who do we think we are for saying they don't belong here in Europe and for getting all uppity about rapes, arson, terrorism and demographic displacement?!"
  4. When it comes to cultural appropriation, Shreena Gandhi had better never eaten a pizza, had a slice of cheese or a Snickers bar, driven a car or watched TV, because the creation of not one of those things had anything to do with her culture at all. She needs to only eat curries and papadums, and run around the city barefoot in a gauze drape. Bollywood also needs to be shut down as the film equipment and techniques used there were invented in other cultures.
  5. Apparently I won't be looking for a job as a cop in Kansas anymore ... Kansas Police No Longer Allowed To Have Sex With People They Pull Over Governor Jeff Colyer (R) signed a new bill into law on Thursday outlawing sexual relations "during the course of a traffic stop, a custodial interrogation, an interview in connection with an investigation, or while the law enforcement officer has such person detained,"
  6. Shep, greener pastures, man. I'd head out of that totalitarian shithole formerly know as the UK ... UK Proposes Prison Time For Offensive Online Posts The Sentencing Council for England and Wales has drafted new guidelines proposing prison sentences of between 26 weeks and six years for social media posts deemed hostile toward a race, religion or sexual identity. Those “in a position of trust, authority or influence” abusing their position to stir up hatred are facing the harshest sentences. The suggested punishment will also be more severe if the offender has a particularly large online following ...
  7. Frau Ferkel I mean Frau Merkel, the mutti of the NWO, is not happy ... and that is a good thing ... Merkel: "Trump's Decision Damages Trust In The International Order" Merkel said in a speech at a Catholic religious conference in Muenster, Germany "That damages the trust in the international order." "What we’re seeing at the moment ... is that multilateralism is in a real crisis" ... "if we always say that something doesn’t suit us, and we don’t get a new international order, and everybody simply does what they want - then that’s bad news ..." Can't have people doing what they want now, can you, Miss Piggy. Now go rot in your multikulti hell, Merkel, you spawn of satan.
  8. Yes, a judge with half an ounce of backbone is actually questioning Mueller's special counsel powers. I highly doubt the Derp State will tolerate such brazen independence of thought from someone on the govt payroll ... U.S. judge questions special counsel's powers in Manafort case A federal judge on Friday sharply criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal case in Virginia against President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and openly questioned whether Mueller exceeded his prosecutorial powers by bringing it. “I don’t see what relationship this indictment has with anything the special counsel is authorized to investigate,” U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis in the Eastern District of Virginia said.
  9. Yes people, James Comey, that pillar of perfection, principle and propriety, has come out to set us on the straight and narrow. Cast away your clarity, look past the wickedness of the blatantly obvious, and see the light! Comey: ‘There Is No Deep State… That’s Nonsense’ James Comey flatly stated during CNN’s Wednesday town hall in Williamsburg, Virginia that there is no deep state. “I hear this term deep state all the time,” the former FBI director claimed. “There is no deep state, but there is a deep culture and a commitment to the rule of law, equal protection of the laws.” HAHAHA. Yeah, right Comey!
  10. Can't be having people somewhere where the DC alphabet agencies can't track their every move or comment now, can we.
  11. It's for da university age childinz Penn State's 98-Year-Old Outing Club Is No Longer Allowed to Go Outside What's more dangerous: rugby, or a walk in the woods? At Pennsylvania State University, the administrators apparently think it's the latter. The student "Outing Club," which has gone backpacking, kayaking, and hiking in state parks over the course of its 98-year-existence, will no longer be allowed to host outdoor events after administrators conducted a risk assessment. "The types of activities in which [Penn State Outing Club] engages are above the university's threshold of acceptable risk for recognized student organizations," according to an official announcement.
  12. The minute you click a .gov website - especially something like a petition site where you might express disagreement with the derp state - they track everything do thereafter. They identify your IP immediately, infect your device and cross reference it to other devices in your household for infection, and everything you utter, type, sleep with or say near any device with a microphone is monitored and recorded for future coercion or to use against you when needed. Just like with facebook and twitter, with whom the dotgovs are in bed. Others too.
  13. It only matters when the elite says it matters and it fits their narrative. Youtube shooting is already oooooold news and never to be heard of again, and we all know why. We are only to care when queued to do so ...

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