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  1. "Peace, peace, when there is no peace."
  2. SomebodyElse

    Rare phenomenon happens twice in one week

    "But that, that's a space peanut."
  3. SomebodyElse

    Do the items seem familiar to you right now!

    We will be visited and explained to us our true origins. Evolution will then be laughed at as the joke it is. Or maybe not. Who knows.
  4. This pops in my mind everytime I read something like this. "You will be called out for not complying."
  5. SomebodyElse

    There's Something Wrong With Hillary-Video

    Making a video to explain Hillary is a nutjob is like getting an x-ray to diagnose a wart.
  6. SomebodyElse

    Trump Speaking Live at The U.N.

    Rocket Man!
  7. Any word on what happened to the guy that laid him out? Looks like he might have got beaten to a freakin pulp.
  8. Acquitted of all charges. This could get interesting quick. http://www.ksdk.com/news/crime/stockley-murder-decision/469421225
  9. Do you think you'll ever be able to tell the difference?
  10. SomebodyElse

    It's ON SALE! And I still don't wannit! lol

    It would burn your house down. And then blame it on you.
  11. SomebodyElse

    Just saw something odd

    We are in the end times. As the Bible says, "Look up!"

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