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  1. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    Glad to see you made it from G*L*P
  2. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    It is what it is. An admin can start a thread but I can't mention them in a thread. Yeah have to to love the UK dble standard.
  3. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    Love the double standard, I get reprimanded in a thread mentioning L*P, and here's a whole thread. Nice, glad I quit posting here, why waste time.
  4. Omg lmao. It was fun the first time she had to deal with server hosting going down. Watching her field all the complaints lol. A tough lesson for her lol. Admins CAN'T control everything lol.
  5. Lol yeah that happens. I built a forum about a year ago. Gave it to a mod later. But she didn't understand the intricacies of ANY changes lol. She always wanted this or that and I always had to explain you can't do that lol.
  6. Cool no worries thanks. I tend to lean on the "more" secure side myself. I thought maybe I was missing it lol.
  7. Ukshep, is there anyway to activate or embed an image here? Thanks either way
  8. Lol np Ukshep. 7 internet ready machines here lol. For (2) people lmao. Info junky.
  9. Just check in Windows laptop running 8.1, looks good. Checked on a Nokia Lumia 830 8.1 mobile, looks good also. I can also check on LInux Mint and Android if you need it. Just let me know.
  10. Member Introductions!

    Longtime lurker here. While I read on several places, their hostility turns me off. I appreciate the even temperament I see exhibited here. So I thought I would join up and see what we could stir up to discuss. Thanks for allowing the join.