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  1. I know you have info! Bring it now!

    Lots of military activity in minnesota. Saw an armored truck in minnetonka today. This is a nice town. WTF is the point?
  2. Bring it on........................................
  3. Well that is awfully respectful of you. I too do not like to talk nasty and i'm a 'millenial' lol and a guy.
  4. Oh, i wondered why it was empty. i am at work so no need for cam or mic. Oh shit i forgot i don't need to work anymore IM WITH HER!
  5. as long as he is gone. I really really cant stand that chipmunk ass hole
  6. Already have 6 and those not including the ones for my children tyrone,tyrone,tyrone,tyrone,tyrone and tyrone. They also need the phones. How else will they call their homies!?
  7. Oh yes! If all else fails i will say i am a somali muslim and will be awarded with a free taxi and a job house! P.S Good to be back cinn!
  8. I am going to rip a few teeth out, get addicted to crack, Put on a burka and apply for welfare before i quit my job. I'm with her!
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