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  1. Now that does get the imagination stirring... Imagine a civilization living out their entire lives inside of the Moon, with absolutely no knowledge of anything outside it.
  2. Launch Trajectory

    The last UFO I saw was...

    Unfortunately I've never had a sighting, but still very interested in hearing the experiences of others!
  3. Launch Trajectory

    "UNAKNOWLEGED" the Disclosure Projects latest documentary

    I'm currently reading the book version - 5 stars all around.
  4. So many secrets still left buried in time - looking forward to what else this new cosmic particle detection tech can reveal.
  5. Launch Trajectory

    NASA Covers up Massive City on Pluto

    Interesting stuff! Would make for rather a cold city, so makes sense the groupings of buildings would be so close together.
  6. Disney special? Utterly bizarre. I'm loving it!
  7. Launch Trajectory

    Black Triangle of Silicon Valley

    Location: Morgan Hill, CA, USA Timeframe: c.2010, Late Evening My sister and brother-in-law were living in a small semi-rural town south of Silicon Valley a few year back. Apart from the low-lying hills of the valley, the land is very flat and there are no large buildings obstructing views. They stepped out into their backyard one night for some fresh air, and witnessed the following that they relayed to me: "We were enjoying the nighttime outdoors, when to our astonishment this large triangle silhouette drops from the above cloud layer right in front of us [probably within 200 yards or an eighth of a mile]. It was a very dark craft (even attributing for the night), made zero noise, and just hung there for a few seconds. No usual aircraft lighting was seen. Then just as quickly as it came, it shot straight back up into the clouds and out of sight." I can only say that I believe their story, as they are not into fringe topics (and would never reveal such things publicly), and still to this day they remember it as a crazy experience whenever it is brought up amongst family. They believe (as do I) it was a military craft. I feel they may have had a bonifide sighting of a TR-3 Black Manta USAF surveillance aircraft made by Northrop Grumman.
  8. CO looks like a nicely put together alternative to the alternative - just the sort of refresh I was looking for. It appears to have stuck to its small town sensibilities, regardless of growth. I also find that engaging material is just a stones throw away with the simplified layout. Fun stuff and great job!
  9. Now that's one cool job title! Must plan a trip to the NASA job site to see if they have any position openings for unqualified candidates lacking any science skills whatsoever.

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