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  1. Hungary might need a little... Freedom...
  2. Imagine if Britain had applied this kind of response to the Pedophile scandal within their own country. It's almost like if you read between the lines, the Russian 'spy' was a double-agent that got caught within UK and was assassinated to place blame on Russia for political gain, but most people don't read between the lines when it comes to politics and read words at face value.
  3. The Moon's reflection upon the surface of the Earth
  4. There are all kinds of places in the city and retreat centers nearby, Buddhist temples, mindfulness and healing events. Specifically I like going to shamanism, sound healing, kundalini yoga, ecstatic dance, and massage workshops. Among these crowds, I find a higher density of independent thinkers than the general population as well. If it wasn't for the concentration of these kinds of events all in one area of California, I would have already left the city by now.
  5. I have a lot of mixed feelings living in SF for the past 6 years. I am making my plan to eventually leave the city and into more rural areas, especially by 2020 before 5G starts to roll out. I feel called here to expand people's minds while I'm here and take part in spiritual practices that are abundant in the bay area in general. It doesn't help though that I do not connect with the majority of people here because most of them are ready to blame whatever the media tells them to blame, and that can be very isolating to be surrounded by people but feel very alone.
  6. Can confirm - I take daily walks in SF and feces and/or needles are a daily occurrence, and I've lived in various parts of the city.
  7. Lockeye

    Keep your phone on airplane mode!

    This is a good daily practice to develop. I personally keep airplane mode on virtually all the time unless I need to look up information. It gives me peace of mind and I can check my messages on my time. In addition, I can still receive/send texts at times of the day when I want using Wifi and get notified when I have voicemail (and have it transcribed) without having to turn airplane mode off.
  8. ...and this is how the powers that be will twist a self-incriminating event and slide it into a way to position "Russia" as a source of blame once again...
  9. Lived in California for over 38 years. Just like how the Oregon and Northern California events started with a large fire, which over-extended firefighters to fight the main blaze, many other fires begin all throughout that then cannot be stopped. San Diego county firefighters are already fighting the blazes in Los Angeles. It would make sense that fires would now be all over in San Diego if this trend/pattern were to continue. I feel like it's an Agenda 21 slow play to concentrate populations from the outskirts/rural areas into high-density areas like cities and allow capture of wealth of the land for much cheaper by larger entities.
  10. If MGM really wanted to help, they would release all the security footage of the entire event, rather than leave these fake breadcrumbs.
  11. My longshot prediction, Weather manipulation can point lasers and start fires in California dry patches. This causes the temperature of the air in the region to heat up, causing a high-pressure bubble over the region. This in turn, contributes to a low-pressure region toward the Eastern US. This sets the stage for the next round of weather-manipulated hurricanes to form, increase intensity, and steer towards their intended target.
  12. Bay Area resident reporting in. There are too many sudden wildfires that have sprouted without any triggering event such as any thunderstorms. I've lived in California all my life up and down, and haven't seen a sudden surge close to so many cities/towns without any thunderstorms. I'm highly suspicious as to what is going on right now.
  13. Venezuela looks like it wants a heaping dose of... Freedom...
  14. Lockeye


    This is making me wonder if there is any space-weaponry pointing directly at the Sun that might account for this recent sunspot flare-up, or at least the weaponry to cause a sunspot to trigger into flares.
  15. I'm starting to wonder if these sun-diving comets that strike the Sun and trigger solar flares are intentional in some cosmic or extraterrestrial way (maybe the deep state knows how this works)

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