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  1. JibbyJedi

    Off-Topic Repository

    No need to make a comment here..... the bold does all the heavy lifting I think. Why "double sided" though? Do men also do "ass to ass" with those things? I'm unfamiliar with dude porn, but whatever fills their twinkies I say. Bleeeehhhhhhh........ OK, false alarm. Holding it in. Fake nukes & fake double dildos..... this thread will convince many of this notorious hoax for sure!
  2. JibbyJedi

    Off-Topic Repository

    If you REALLY quit that to "pop pills" instead.... then you may have just made me a fan of yours, lol. Not so sure about the "tongue in cheek" version of the story though, you seemed pretty serious about all that back then. Usually satire is recognizable..... when a glober says things like, "of course Space X is real footage, how awesome is it that a rocket can do impossible physics on cartoon barges?" ....kinda hard to tell if they are being serious or not sometimes. Not that you said that, just a reference of similar detail though.
  3. JibbyJedi

    Off-Topic Repository

    Oh man.... I don't like the pills game, hard to switch those things on and off like weed & booze can be most of the time, plus the cumulative damage they do with the fluorides in the ingredients...... but whatever works best for you man. We all need our "things" to cope and get by in this reality, especially in these years now with all of this f*ckeryisms. I was giving you shit about the techno fan boi stuff that you previously spoke of with the chip technologies and how awesome they are going to make life for us. I recently heard about folks working on the new coding for tooth brushes and mirrors, as in Google eye type stuff, touch screen, the whole shit-bangery. It's coming whether we like/want it or not, so they are just trying to get us all pumped & excited for it all up our asses wherever we go..... kinda figured you might be on that team with those innovations.
  4. JibbyJedi

    Off-Topic Repository

    Soooo.... what you drinking tonight V man? I'm trying a new Kentucky bourbon that's new to me, tastes just fine though and half the price, and Darkside, of my usual brand. They always get me with advertising, but this time i ignored it all and went bottom shelf.... no regrets so far, saved some coin too. Vonny Burgers, all I know about you is what you've shared that I've read, the rest is speculation. I don't like accusing or abusing but I'm game for a good game of Bring-It. I'm a bit salty still from my recent field work, but never too parched for a good game of Bi-Polar flip disorder...... so what of this Operation Fish Bowl? I don't claim it to be legit nor do I use it in my debating. It comes from the good gov't BS time period, which I take with a pound of salt.
  5. Where did you get all that uncommon sense from? You must love tap water, I can tell. I'm thinking of reverse speech as my new experiment in proving the Backward Earth model theory I have..... I figure if I say the opposite of common sense and reality, I should become super popular and well liked by many people within the Borg collective. Kind of like Bizarro Superman way of doing things.... "Me save city by destroying everything!" All this walking up hill both ways with everyone is wearing me down a lot, going against the tide is a lot of work with so many people creating the backwards tides.... I also don't know the exact shape of the Earth based on our current civilian data and findings, but I do know 100% for certain that the Earth is quite backwards right now.
  6. A bunch of constellation memorization BS mostly, along with regular official terminology...... but if you can sign up for a class with a Skewl that has access to or own a large telescope, that would be worth the effort maybe. I loved my Skewl's large telescope, something I can never afford to own but got to enjoy the use of. When I think about it though, the P900 with ability to record what it sees, might be a better investment of your time & money..... the education crap can all be learned online for free these days. ConspiracDerp...... now that's a name you can be assured is 100% into seeking truth & knowledge and not just a stroker looking to humiliate others & ignore evidence.... obviously. Paper facts are always 100% truth..... I'd sacrifice all my children to the god of the printing press if I could.
  7. Well there you go then, no need to prove what the majority believes is true..... all one needs to own is a few TV stations and they can alter history by just getting a large majority to believe what they are told. Sounds like paradise.... for anyone wanting to hold onto power & their endless fortunes. If anyone has been trying to PM me, my inbox was full so I haven't seen them, just freed up room in there today. Please carry on with all your hate PMs now, back to business.
  8. It's up to you Cinn if you want to remove it or not, either way is fine with me, I can or you can remove the whole statement if you think that's best? I don't mind call outs at me if they are deserved or someone has good reasons to call me out on something, I'm not afraid of confrontations about anything I've said or done. Whatever you think is best I'll go with.
  9. Again my friend.... I think you misunderstood whom I was referring to. I reread how I wrote all that and I guess it could be taken as me referring to COP and not "Earth", but those who know me should have known what I was referring to I think by now. I've expressed my dislike of this plane(t) & the majority on it for a long time. I did not bash the forum or people here but I was crass about them when I came as a guest for a visit for reasons I stated. Other than that, I hope your HATE for me subsides and you can focus on more important things.... like everything that doesn't involve me.
  10. LOL..... nice collection of assumptive conclusions you've made of me. You are only slightly accurate on a couple things though, the rest is way off target with me...... and I should not be the focus of anyone here, I'm just a cog in a wheel doing what I can to help. If you think I was referring to this forum, I was referring to Earth, and believe me if I could f*ck off from this world I would immediately. I'm not the suicide type. I've wanted to leave this world all my life, which was THE MAIN REASON I got into Astronomy to begin with. I was looking for my escape plan from here. I went "mainstream" in FE to try to help, bringing our accumulated knowledge we gathered in here out to bigger audiences, and I never forgot about this place or anyone here while I was gone. I've mentioned Rothbard's work constantly in Hangouts and others' shows, because it's good work, as well as Grav's Research collection of all our stuff we banged out in here.... I promote all of that which was my intention to begin with. Small potatoes can get on Hot Potatoes. lol No one can psy-op me, all they can do is betray my trust in them, which does nothing but slow me down a little with distractions, it doesn't stop me. Yes some people do ego stroke me which doesn't do shit because I don't like that shit, I like good people who are open minded & friendly and who don't have their own agendas, don't you? I was a bit of an asshole when I came for a visit not knowing the red mark was lifted by Cinn, I was still a bit sore about some of the details surrounding all that, which you likely do not know about yet have strong opinions about me. There is no "HIGH HORSE" or pedestal or whatever terms you call it with me, not the first or last time I'll hear such accusations though, I have no idea what I say to invoke that in others, I was trying to be helpful here. If my help isn't appreciated, I can go elsewhere if that's what everyone wants? I have the eyes & ears of the big channel folks now, I told everyone here to take advantage of that by using me.... does that come off as me being "higher up" on some pedestal? I just networked & made a lot of connections with both good & bad folks and was offering that extension here thru me. Most people never get a response from the big channels when they try to get in touch with one of them, I can get in touch with them quickly so I offered that here that's all. But do go on, I enjoy these in the dark paintings of me, lol.
  11. She doesn't really say if it's flat or a ball, but does go into when the Earth will "split", she does this imagery with her hands, like "here's the Earth (circle with her hands) and then it splits apart...." We've heard this same story from others, this higher dimensional Earth. She talks about the disasters that will happen on the lower vibe Earth and that some of us will choose to stay and help, and some will choose to leave who "have had enough" and got their asses kicked on old Earth. I'd be one of them folks I think.... I was all set with this place & the people here at age 4. What intrigues me most about her info was what she said about our bodies getting ready for this vibrational change, which takes years to adjust to. She goes into some details about that, and I've gone thru similar changes to what she describes, so that got my attention. Just because someone describes something that's happened to me, doesn't mean their conclusions are the truth to me, could be a trap, like most things. I want to leave here very badly. I can't stand nearly anything here anymore. The people are beyond insane & disgusting to me in all ways, physically & mentally. I'd rather just get far away from them all rather than see them smited, let them destroy each other without me in their ways is how I feel, not like any of them listen to common sense or reasoning, they are on one way trips to welcomed dooms.
  12. Have you guys discussed or came across the LINE CROSSING CEREMONIES that take place when ships cross the equator line? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line-crossing_ceremony I'm sure the military, as well as civilian ships, do this "just for entertainment purposes" only..... uh huh. It's basically a "ritual" that's performed to "NEPTUNE"...... I'm sure there is nothing to any of this, just silly people and nothing to see here. There is humiliation involved in these rituals for the rookies..... which for those who study the occult, we know there are no coincidences when even the military carries out such things too. Interesting stuff, not much literature out there I can find about it though. Very strange.
  13. When I went to school I saw many obvious LuLz in the information I was being taught, but I had to go along to get along or my grades would fall and I'd be left behind and probably not be considered "educated" if I didn't play the game, so I did. I memorized the information they taught us.... that doesn't mean I had to believe it all, but that's what they apparently expect all of us to do with it. If someone wants you to memorize AND believe what is in books, ie- paper facts, "without questioning them"..... that should throw up red flags all over the world, and it does for many of us. Astronomy student of 35+ years says it's not a sphere, nor is anything in the skies..... but I'm sure my A's in school (based on my ability to memorize like a tape recorder brain) and my experience looking thru scopes all my life is all a psy-op. I'm psy-op'ing myself apparently.
  14. I've only watched 40 mins of this so far but wow, this is good stuff! If the 2nd half is as good as the 1st, this is a must watch. Of all the Earth models or reasons for being I've come across, this is one of the best I've heard. This is a multi decade hypnotherapist who is telling of her experiences with what people have told her thru their subconscious minds' memories that she's been able to unlock over the years, and the incredible similarities between all the people's words.... gets into past lives and the Earth is a school stuff too. Very engaging stuff.
  15. Do you really think it's a spinning ball flying aimlessly thru space at 66,000 mph around a star that's also moving at 660k mph in a sine wave direction "in sync" with all the stars in this Milky Way galaxy? You can't prove ANY of that BS without a whole lot of NASA cartoons & paper facts you haven't and can't personally verify as factual truth. PERIOD....end of.

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