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    Ahhh.... another high horse comment, I will add you to the list of folks who "don't get it".
  2. I like how you continue the off topic humor then cut back to on topic, lol. Well played. So is that speculation on your end that Operation Facebook caused the low auroras or do you have hard data that can back that up? It's a decent hypothesis if they were using high end bombs (not nukes cuz derpy cartoons), but interesting theory.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    No need to make a comment here..... the bold does all the heavy lifting I think. Why "double sided" though? Do men also do "ass to ass" with those things? I'm unfamiliar with dude porn, but whatever fills their twinkies I say. Bleeeehhhhhhh........ OK, false alarm. Holding it in. Fake nukes & fake double dildos..... this thread will convince many of this notorious hoax for sure!
  4. They do help "undesirables" take themselves out.... not just Heroin but in all areas of our daily lives. If you are too stupid to read a label, they feel you shouldn't be here anymore, enforced Darwinism so to speak. Too stupid to read cell phone labels and your daughter got a tumor from sleeping on her cell phone? Oh well, too bad so bad, says the judge.... next case! Is that what they should be doing here? Who's to say, kinda like playing God in a way to me, putting killer products out there just to test folks' abilities to check into things? People put their trust in gov't organizations so they wouldn't HAVE TO check into every little thing for themselves, so it's actually taking advantage of the content & lazy.
  5. Off-Topic Repository

    If you REALLY quit that to "pop pills" instead.... then you may have just made me a fan of yours, lol. Not so sure about the "tongue in cheek" version of the story though, you seemed pretty serious about all that back then. Usually satire is recognizable..... when a glober says things like, "of course Space X is real footage, how awesome is it that a rocket can do impossible physics on cartoon barges?" ....kinda hard to tell if they are being serious or not sometimes. Not that you said that, just a reference of similar detail though.
  6. Off-Topic Repository

    Oh man.... I don't like the pills game, hard to switch those things on and off like weed & booze can be most of the time, plus the cumulative damage they do with the fluorides in the ingredients...... but whatever works best for you man. We all need our "things" to cope and get by in this reality, especially in these years now with all of this f*ckeryisms. I was giving you shit about the techno fan boi stuff that you previously spoke of with the chip technologies and how awesome they are going to make life for us. I recently heard about folks working on the new coding for tooth brushes and mirrors, as in Google eye type stuff, touch screen, the whole shit-bangery. It's coming whether we like/want it or not, so they are just trying to get us all pumped & excited for it all up our asses wherever we go..... kinda figured you might be on that team with those innovations.
  7. Off-Topic Repository

    Soooo.... what you drinking tonight V man? I'm trying a new Kentucky bourbon that's new to me, tastes just fine though and half the price, and Darkside, of my usual brand. They always get me with advertising, but this time i ignored it all and went bottom shelf.... no regrets so far, saved some coin too. Vonny Burgers, all I know about you is what you've shared that I've read, the rest is speculation. I don't like accusing or abusing but I'm game for a good game of Bring-It. I'm a bit salty still from my recent field work, but never too parched for a good game of Bi-Polar flip disorder...... so what of this Operation Fish Bowl? I don't claim it to be legit nor do I use it in my debating. It comes from the good gov't BS time period, which I take with a pound of salt.
  8. Don't be like Jibby..... take the merge of your BS dead horse nonsense topics, it's all foolishness so who cares. Should merge all FE threads too, even if it changes Grav as the person who started the multi 100 page thread. Wait.... which Dutch scammer forum am I on? Oh never mind... I'm on Featherbutt's. Carry on. Talking about the Walt Disney production for public propaganda purposes? They really do take the film out of these gov't cameras, do not edit frame 1, and within 5 mins they broadcast these directly to the public, because that's what they should do, therefore they do. So Vonny.... are you and the techno bois working on those new coded tooth brushes and bathroom mirrors, besides the hand chips? It's all so awesome isn't it? Cameras and mics with direct internet access in all these things, but think about how awesome it will be to check our emails while shaving for work in the mornings while tracking our progress of our daily brushing! So exciting all these innovations..... all boost our health too. I suspect some will make me actually grow younger, as the gov't record my morning poops and tracks them for consistency. So how you been Vonzworth?

    At least he's making it obvious that he's a black hole for our time and effort..... the name alone says, "I don't care what anyone of you derps say, you are wrong, tee hee troll troll on...." Real people who actually give a shit do the research on their own and speak like adults to those of us who have researched the material in depth. Children and idiots play the troll game, and should not be given attention, it only encourages them.
  10. FFS, lol.... I wasn't even trying to find anything and I still do anyway. At the 3:11 mark of this old test footage video, is the same detonation they used in the video I just posted above....... Pay attention to the shape and BS portion on top of this mushroom cloud, because it matches up nearly perfect with this paused version of a Russian alleged nuke test at the 3:02 mark of this one below..... Why make another BS nuke blast thingie when you can just recycle America's old nuke/atomic bomb test footage, right? This is one of the reasons I don't want to sit down and really go thru NASA stuff, I'll be matching it up with old Bugs Bunny rockets and shit, I already know of one piece of NASA footage that turns into a cartoon shuttle as obvious as Hell as soon as the boosters are released.
  11. Nope, apparently all you need to do is make the nose of the missile bump something, like the ground, then kaboom..... streamers and dynamite, I mean nuclear explosion happens. Have you watched the new Ghostbusters femake? It's a femake not a remake, but it seems they reference CERN in it tongue and cheek style as the thing that opens the gate between dimensions. I guess it's just a coincidence all these movies kinda do the same things...... but not all nukes look the same. I like the green 7 Up nuke blasts, they make me thirsty though. Looks so real though.... if I was blind.
  12. Where did you get all that uncommon sense from? You must love tap water, I can tell. I'm thinking of reverse speech as my new experiment in proving the Backward Earth model theory I have..... I figure if I say the opposite of common sense and reality, I should become super popular and well liked by many people within the Borg collective. Kind of like Bizarro Superman way of doing things.... "Me save city by destroying everything!" All this walking up hill both ways with everyone is wearing me down a lot, going against the tide is a lot of work with so many people creating the backwards tides.... I also don't know the exact shape of the Earth based on our current civilian data and findings, but I do know 100% for certain that the Earth is quite backwards right now.
  13. A bunch of constellation memorization BS mostly, along with regular official terminology...... but if you can sign up for a class with a Skewl that has access to or own a large telescope, that would be worth the effort maybe. I loved my Skewl's large telescope, something I can never afford to own but got to enjoy the use of. When I think about it though, the P900 with ability to record what it sees, might be a better investment of your time & money..... the education crap can all be learned online for free these days. ConspiracDerp...... now that's a name you can be assured is 100% into seeking truth & knowledge and not just a stroker looking to humiliate others & ignore evidence.... obviously. Paper facts are always 100% truth..... I'd sacrifice all my children to the god of the printing press if I could.
  14. LMAO.... always out of greens/likes when I want one. I think I should make a Youtube skit of such a thing with the back n forth with the rep..... See Bullshit, Report Bullshit! Seems like a winner to me.
  15. Well there you go then, no need to prove what the majority believes is true..... all one needs to own is a few TV stations and they can alter history by just getting a large majority to believe what they are told. Sounds like paradise.... for anyone wanting to hold onto power & their endless fortunes. If anyone has been trying to PM me, my inbox was full so I haven't seen them, just freed up room in there today. Please carry on with all your hate PMs now, back to business.
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