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  1. Winds5

    -52- music thread

  2. This is starting to get out of hand and I mean fast. The lines between good and evil, black and white are becoming very clear. I mean there are the downright vile mouth rebellious spawns acting out and the sane ones trying to defend against their onslaughts. It's crumbling down right now before my eyes. Even our society of natural beauty is changing. Look at all the beautiful women in Europe and other countries compared to the ugly tatted cartoon pigs here in America. What's the prize for courting such snakes? ... and I understand it goes both ways. All I know is that taking care of yourself and family should be priority because that's all that will matter in the end.
  3. He will feel the pound before he hears the sound!
  4. Winds5

    -52- music thread

  5. Winds5

    -52- music thread

    Bump. Enter Sandman Live Moscow HD
  6. Winds5

    -52- music thread

  7. Wood knows that his credibility is null without pictures or hidden video. C'mon man this is the digital age.
  8. Winds5

    -52- music thread

  9. OP is despondent and obviously dejected. It goes that way and is normal on parts of this dark planet. Thousands and ten-thousands of people of pious faith know what it's like to be strong and confident not fearful and dismayed. Quit like men. No disrespect OP but consider that you may get a small war started if you speak ill of the Commander of Heaven's army. Peace out
  10. All was well with him at that time but now his own life hanging in the balance of the healthcare system causes one to wonder if his vote against repeal and likewise for so-called "affordable care" might be his way of bargaining for his life right now.
  11. Winds5

    -52- music thread

    Let's go higher and never looking back.

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