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  1. JRock

    The Music Topic | Post What You Like!

    To me, this is the best song about conspiracy to have mainstream exposure and acceptance.
  2. JRock

    The Music Topic | Post What You Like!

    This whole album is awesome.
  3. I started out looking at FE as real and possible. It's just the more I dug, the less I found. Lot's of surface arguments with no meat.
  4. There was a FE guy that put in daylight times into a computer simulation thinking he could somehow prove the FE sun could produce observable conditions. After running the model and looking unbiased at the results, he had to concede that the current accepted FE hypothesis wouldn't work. Many of his FE peers disowned him and accused him of being a covert agent.
  5. Ironically enough, the dome is depicted as a half sphere. I guess that means that Flat Earth is not really an accurate term. Half sphere? Domisphere? I don't know. Bottom of the pizza? I am not sure I understand. No one knows what is below the ground on the FE hypothesis. They don't know if we are surrounded by space, heaven, water, goo, plasma, jello, etc outside of the dome/snow globe structure. The religious wing claims it is water, but that wouldn't make sense falling starts (meteorites) are chunks of the dome falling. I would think there would be one hell of a water leak. Unless the angels are really a construction crew. As far as the flashlight sun, I can't answer to much more. I was told by an FE proponent once to get a flashlight and circle a bucket to visualize. It didn't fit the way the sun actually shines (observed) across the world.
  6. Remember, this is not based on any observable facts, so it will be confusing. They don't claim it is sealed at the edges, so you can't get caught up there. You have to picture the pizza with a dome over it. Maybe a snow globe (ironic, isn't it) would be a better visual. The sun circles inside the snow globe. The sun isn't a ball either. It is more like a flashlight face and is just a disc. I really haven't heard what powers the sun. It is probably wrapped up in the dielectric theory that the Earth is a like a giant battery. And the planets and moon circle within the dome, but the planets are tiny. There is really no good hypothesis on why they fly around inside the dome they way they do. I am not sure why they circle the dome at different rates. You just need to push the believe button that this is the way it really happens.
  7. Good points, wrong conclusion... that must be why you see everything flat in a world where nature prefers curve. You can't prove it is flat. All you have is: Nasa lies, looks flat to me (biased interpretation), tricky test that "debunk" the globe but really don't when looking at them in closer detail, and laser tests performed on shallow bodies of water (many are man altered) that happen to have just the right conditions to make a test look like the performers want it to look. You can make claims all you want, but the FE hypothesis does not work in the real world. It also does not work on any advanced models. It only works on simplistic models that account for very few natural phenomenon. I would suggest you spend less time watching YouTube propaganda videos and do more self discovery. FE challenged my viewpoint and I did what I just suggested. I stopped listening to others and looked into the topic independently. My conclusion: the Earth most definitely can not be flat. Unfortunately, I could not come to a conclusion of it's real shape on my own. It is why I don't argue for the globe model. Now it is time for you to open your eyes and stop following the FE herd.
  8. Based on the hypothesis, it does revolve around the Earth like a clock... just within the dome........ 3106 miles (5000km)away is the claim. The moon does too. And the sun is just 32 miles wide.
  9. No, no, no. The Sun is inside the dome via the FE hypothesis. Thinking about that, wouldn't we be able to see the sun below or beside the in all those videos where FE claims a rocket or balloon hits the dome?
  10. Then it wouldn't be secret anymore and you would have to change it. BUT...... At that point, would you then question your experience because your new secret sign is not your old secret sign that now is viral and mainstream and everything mainstream can't be trusted?
  11. I would have to personally see/witness the evidence. It doesn't have to be the edge. A photo or video can be altered.... right? That is part of the FE argument about NASA. So I personally challenged the FE hypothesis to show me something that I can witness myself that convinces me that I in fact live on a flat plane. I could not find one piece of evidence that would lead me to that conclusion. This is why I listed the reasons why the ball makes more sense. I can or have witnessed them for myself.
  12. I witnessed the eclipse firsthand back in August. I went to an area that had 2 minutes of total eclipse time. How was it supposed to look? It didn't look any different than what I had researched. Most of the articles about Russia were about cosmonauts witnessing the eclipse from ISS.

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