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  1. Late reply, but real life is priority over this. US states? The sea floor? Sea level? This is the best you have? What state is flat, the plain states? They have significant changes in altitude. If they measure flat, then that would prove the Earth is in fact not flat. The sea floor is based off of measurements of sonar from a boat. There are many flaws if that is what you are falling back on. Let me guess sea level had the word level and thus must mean flat plane. Word games. The flats? It is documented that the scientists who measured took earth curvature into account in their measurements. This actually hurts your case. Islands? Please give me details. I would love to see it and measure for myself. I am an avid scuba diver and visit islands any chance I get. Again, I don't believe the Earth is a perfect sphere, so why do you keep falling back on me giving proof of such? Can you not stop repeating the same old FE playbook? You have given nothing but word associations and generalizations. You just deflected with a long winded rambling. Bottom line..........You can't prove the Earth is flat. If that is all you have, I will bid you good day and we can stop this circular argument now. You have nothing and I don't believe in the theory you want me to defend.
  2. I declared you have no empirical proof of flatness beyond personal sensory observations. I guess you did not understand my comment. I just stopped replying to your tiring circle logic that would never answer the original question asked.... that and I have a real life that was significantly more important than this debate. Notice, I am not on here all the time. So, do you have proof or are you going to continue avoiding the question with endless debate of definitions? Wait, that is right you have to have a definition of proof. Here is the proof I want: Measured tests that show the Earth is flat. These tests do not rely on individual perspective. They do not rely on globe debunking. They take into account elevation changes. They can be applied large scale and are not dependent on local conditions. I want tests that do not have holes and will show me the obvious conclusion that the world is indeed flat. There. I jumped through your hoop. You turn. Now it is time to show what you got..... can you? Or are you going to continue to resort to attacking me to avoid the actual question? Or are you going to say that I want too much in my proof and go back to telling me how the world can't be a perfect sphere?
  3. Slander, the best confirmation that I am doing something correct.
  4. What is the best way to not have people take a movement seriously? Trot out a well spoken over the top spokesman to spout crazy shit. This is why I think Icke and Jones are government plants. They give enough truth to be considered legit by many, but get crazy enough to not be taken seriously by the sheep masses.
  5. I asked for proof of the Earth being flat without using 'NASA lies' or 'Globe debunking' or 'Because it looks flat to me' and was given strong resistance to answering such a simple question. Heck, I recall a few not so nice things were said about me. Now the FE proponents ask for proof without relying on supporting arguments. The hypocrisy is almost comical. All FE folks: Think about this question..... Can you prove the Earth is flat and can you do this independently of globe debunking?
  6. They wrote the Bible to enslave us

    No. You are looking for a fight and I almost got swept into it. You almost had me, but I woke up this morning with a very strong conviction to avoid conflict. We can stop this now because we obviously don't agree and won't accept each other's interpretation. Nothing good is going to come from this discussion, so I am opting for peace this time even if it makes me look like I can't back it up. You can claim the debate 'win' in this one. With that, I will shake your (digital) hand, wish you well and continue down my peaceful path today.
  7. They wrote the Bible to enslave us

    I came to the conclusion of Paul on my own.... reading the Bible. You can pick and choose pieces of his work all you want, but Paul lays down a lot of rules in the other verses. I looked at it as a whole, not as a snippet.
  8. They wrote the Bible to enslave us

    I can make all kinds of assumptions, but in reality, I have no clue what they would consider advantageous. My guess would be many of the rules Paul laid out. Jesus had an awesome message which, to me is the 'love and take care of each other' message I mentioned. Paul on the other hand was eager to hand out rules. Anyway, I just find it strange that so much of the new testament is by a man that never knew Jesus nor was a follower of any of the original 12.
  9. They wrote the Bible to enslave us

    So I get that the guy in the video says that the Illuminati never changed the Bible, but his reasoning for them not creating the version we know as the Bible is awful. It proves the validity of the old testament with the dead sea scrolls, but in return the scrolls then question the validity of the new testament by showing many of the books that were left out by Constantine, a Roman emperor, who was the one who created the version we know today in the council of Nicea. He states that Roman emperors banned 'real' Christians. If Christianity today is based on a Bible that was created by a Roman emperor and Roman emperors after him banned real Christians, wouldn't that make you want question the intent of the new testament in the Bible that the Roman emperor created? I believe in God, but I do not trust Man's version of him. The key is to find the over laying message and stick with it. For me, that message is 'love each other and take care of each other'.
  10. "Accident" Does anybody else think there is more to this than just a poorly built tunnel collapsing? Kim is going to claim external sabotage and the major nations are going to use this to push for support to go in. Perfect storm or perfect setup?
  11. Use an online curve calculator. Whatever floats your boat. It doesn't matter now. I tried to piece an experiment together that did not rely on anything mainstream. You took it as an opportunity to push the curve calculator issue. I tried to stay away from it because I had no interest in wasting time debating something that has been beaten to death and not really needed. You then pushed hard and started into asking me to defend globe dogma. I ignored it once and tried to move one. You wouldn't. I get it. Again. I really do appreciate the brief time of working together towards a non biased goal.
  12. I appreciate you playing along as long as you did. It was nice having an open discussion about the best way to appease both sides in one experiment without thinking there was an underlying motive. For as short as it was, I seriously do thank you (no sarcasm). Back to the circle argument game we go.
  13. I have. You ignored it or didn't like. Go back and look.