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  1. I 100% agree. Topography is a b*tch. We can't tell if it is curved or flat on the ground.
  2. YouTube Attacks the 1st Article

    There is more than one place to get a hamburger. It is your choice if you want to limit yourself to the burger at the place that maintains their right to stop selling the burger.... even if it is the place the majority goes for burgers. That is my point.
  3. It is for dramatic effect to help elicit an emotional response in an attempt to bait someone to respond.
  4. YouTube Attacks the 1st Article

    I get why everyone is pissed about YouTube censorship.... BUT, a law was not made to censor free speech. It was just taken off the website of a non government owned website that a long ass legal consent was agreed upon before posting. It doesn't really violate the Bill of Rights. You still have the freedom to free speech. You just don't have all platform options available. You can still post the video on another site. It just won't get the traffic.
  5. Federally owned, but not financed. It is a strange bird in that it is federal entity that finances itself. I was pretty surprised when I found out. That was the last thing I expected to hear about a federal government utility.
  6. Definitely good debate material. I see 'flat vs sphere' like I do 'conservative vs liberal'. The extreme of both sides drive the discussion and think their side is correct and no common ground should be admitted. It is hard to keep higher thinking active when the extreme is involved.
  7. I am just saying you set a tone with your thread title and initial comments. You were not just sharing random interesting news. This is a topic where people are very opinionated and get emotional. You know this. It's not a bad thing, but don't pretend you expected it to be discussed without either side making statement to prod the other.
  8. Exactly! That is why commented that Shep knew exactly what he was doing when he was stirring the pot. He even pinned it on the Main News forum and not the Hardcore forum.
  9. You didn't miss anything. I figured the comments were made generally about the topic being discussed and not the thread itself. I was responding in the same manner to how I interpreted it.
  10. Follow the quotes and see John Galt's original for context to my comment. Both sides eventually get emotional on this topic. Today it is one side, tomorrow it is the other. Sometimes it is both. You know this already.
  11. You knew exactly what was going to happen. We all know you can't stir the shape of the Earth pot without folks getting emotional.
  12. He wasn't born in the country. Father was an extremist. Apologizes for what needed to be done. Kisses EU ass. Nothing has really changed, so I would bet he just doesn't give a crap.