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  1. I Went To Bilderberg 2018 But All I Got Was This Lousy New World Order. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Charlie Skelton a veteran when it comes to exposing the Bilderberg group.
  2. The East, West dialogues', are just business conversations, but we get lies, and end up thinking that they are national security issues, so we end up fighting and dying over the business interests of powerful groups, being protected by the government. The UN "security force", is a policy enforcement division to govern you through the Birth Certificate. The security of the person is what they are administering over, not your actual safety....don't be so silly.
  3. The Trojan horse was the earliest recorded military psyop. That psyop continues to be deployed on unsuspecting populations and it is just as useful as ever, but today's tricksters have donned the mantle of philanthropy, and their Trojan horses are not wooden statues but non-governmental organizations offering "aid" to foreign nations. In today's edition of The Corbett Report, we'll learn about how NGOs are the deep state's Trojan horses. Who would have thought ?
  4. I don't think they thought they would ever have to create a motive and this would go away. Then came the law suits and this was plan B !
  5. Ric278

    Going thru my old coins I received while on active duty

    What is the website? I will have to dig mine out !
  6. Ric278

    Going thru my old coins I received while on active duty

    I have a few but honestly didn't think really had any value on the market !
  7. Its called political theater for a reason !
  8. Ric278

    Anyone with sleeping issues?

    Exactly same thing here. Weird !
  9. Ric278

    4 Ways the Crime Lab Can Frame You

    Its BIG business indeed !
  10. Television has taught us that the crack CSI experts and their state-of-the-art technology can solve any crime through the power of science. In reality, more often than not the crime-detection technology of the past has turned out to be pseudoscience at best, and outright fraud at worst. And, of course, it has been used to put innocent people in jail. Here are 4 Ways The Crime Lab Can Frame You. Pretty scary stuff here !
  11. You guys are making me hungry ! ?️

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