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  1. Bravo! The nefarious activities of this satanic demon need to be fully exposed!
  2. Seems like a ploy to drown out credible sources of Intel the liberal elite don't want the public to know! No doubt these Trojan plants will be 'exposed' as some kind of Russian plot by the fake-stream media and the reason all alternative media needs to be shutdown...
  3. Creepy! Large scale military activity (preparing for WW3) or underground tunneling (bunkers for the elite) seem like the most plausible explanations for these unexplained rumbles...
  4. No one will shed a tear at despot dictator Robert Mugabe's demise if this apparent coup d'état succeeds! Just hope whatever follows isn't even worse for the long suffering Zimbabwean people!
  5. Not as much bribe/profit/tax money in vaping...
  6. Osgrot

    Internet Crackdown Begins

    Anything that doesn't fit the globalist liberal agenda is slowly being censored and removed from the net... THEY want to micromanage everything everyone does online to "produce an unaware and compliant citizenry"! Knowledge is being dimmed so the demonrats can evolve into the the one party dictatorship model for the planet... For the sake of the planet... RESIST!!!
  7. The problem is the only so-called 'solutions' to the depletion of fossil fuel reserves involve the creation of a global carbon tax - i.e. the preferred tax system for the forthcoming satanic NWO/OWG!
  8. Fits with the UPCOMING EVENTS & PREDICTIONS dates currently on the right of the page!
  9. Lock her up! So much corruption... it defies belief!
  10. This amounts to the de facto rearmament of Germany! WW3 must be close...
  11. The plot thickens... developing some kind of pretext for regime change in Lebanon!

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