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  1. I just want to thank you Cozmo for starting this thread; I have been putting together a dvd for my mom because she doesn't believe the weather can be manipulated. I needed all these resources that others contributed for the dvd. Some I had seen before and others I had not. Thanks to everyone else who posted the resources too! You all rock in my synchronicity today!
  2. Mee-Ma

    Where Were You 16yrs Ago Today?

    I was asleep, neighbor called and frantically told me America was under attack. She was beside herself. We got up and watched the 2nd tower hit and fall and looked at each other and both said "That was a controlled demolition". We never believed the story after that. That was also the day my whole maternal family decided I was an idiot and outside of the norms of society. LOL - They have never believed anything I've ever said after that.
  3. This thread is why I love the outpost so much! So many insights from so many different people. Everyone here actually thinks for themselves! Kudos to all for that. My dad spent 17 years in the Navy and had 3 tours in Nam. He was an excellent serviceman and father, but nobody told him what to do. We were in Corpus Christi, Texas through Hurricane Camille, what was that early 70's I think. Must be cause I was 7 years old at the time, anyway nobody on our street left. We survived and daddy remained our savior of the day. BUT, now as an adult I find my husband in this same mentality that you are all speaking of here. He's ex-army, disabled and we are in danger from forest fires. He absolutely refuses to leave the area. The smoke is dangerous here and every worry I bring up he contradicts or disregards. I have asthma, going blind and can't drive myself. All I can do is pray. At what point does the responsibility for others end? Ukshep keeps voicing his concern in this thread about where all of the forced evacuations or mandatory psych evals can lead; and I hear him loud and clear. I hate how the AUTHORITIES seem to think they are God in every situation that arises now. Bottom line, I agree that this is a very touchy situation, can see both sides as well, but if a person doesn't want to go then it's a moral crisis. Just like that old movie "Lifeboat", who picks who gets to live and die?
  4. And that works on still images? I still don't have answers to the other questions though, I'm confused. I have found some things I really want to share through using photoshop elements, but I don't know how to get them here. Should I just put them all on another site with a link or what?
  5. I didn't want to make a thread as I really just like responding to other's threads, but if I am going to introduce you to what I have found I need for someone to explain to me in detail how to post pictures. I've read the site guidelines, but am still not sure of what I am doing. 1. What size do my photos need to be? 2. Do they need to be jpeg, png, gif or what? 3. My browser won't let me into imgur at all so where is the best hosting site? I don't think I've ever posted a picture online anywhere before and find myself very scared for some reason afraid to mess up.
  6. First thing that came to mind watching this is I believe Rev. 20:13-15 (could be wrong on which verses) And the sea gave up her dead. Just going with a theory I've been postulating since Obama's brownshirts came out of nowhere that the gates of hell were opened, now I'm wondering where so many of these migrants are really coming from. Hell? or are they really whom the media claims they are?
  7. Same here nemo! It is so dry here now and doesn't feel like Montana right now.
  8. Sorry can't quote on this tablet, but Malevolent that just rumbled with no shaking. The one in the dream was bad and it took me 45 minutes to calm my heart down. I've never experienced that before. I've been on edge since then.
  9. I think one of them might be here in Lincoln, Mt. I awoke from an earthquake dream yesterday a.m. at 1:30 after only two hours sleep. I was having heart palpitations and thought I was going into cardiac arrest. Anyway, in the dream hubby and I were standing in different doorways wondering if the shaking was ever going to end.If not here then close enough to shake us good, hard and for a long time.
  10. Dead serious...I am too the point now that I just shake my head and move on. This happens all the time to us.
  11. Mee-Ma

    Mexican Man Outworks 10 Americans

    Well said Mehittable.
  12. Mee-Ma

    One World Government

    God stopped them the first time in Babylon, HE will do it again.
  13. Mee-Ma

    Mexican Man Outworks 10 Americans

    The real problem with illegal Mexican workers is that if they are not allowed it will eventually lead to the downfall of companies, corporations and food production in this country. The average American like myself who grew up right alongside legal immigrants from Mexico, we do NOT have problems with the legal ones, they are our neighbors, our friends, and their children are friends with ours. To us there is no difference between them and us. The uproar of illegals is not by average people although we can't stand them coming in and taking from us, it is the Government and their outreach within corporate laws that brings them in to work for these companies. IF THAT STOPS then the companies go under. It is the government take-down of these companies if it stops. THEIR SYSTEM falls apart without the illegals and their slave wages. Big farms just piss me off in general. Yes someone does have to feed the world BUT without them then average Americans and people in other countries could afford to buy their own land to farm and ranch on while having enough acreage to feed our own families. THE ILLEGAL ALIEN USAGE has put the poor into poverty per THE SYSTEM. No one person needs thousands of acres for any reason if they want to be fair to others and only take what they need to survive. It is all about keeping the system running. What is that system? Society. To be a citizen of society and for that system to work one must follow the rules. It is good in the beginning and middle but when the government gets too big things go downhill fast. That is the breakdown of society and this is what Trump is trying to stave off. He knows whats coming and can see it clearly. If the government is not reigned in then we will fall and that begins the One World Order, One World Citizenship, One World Religion and One World Economy. That is the push and where it is headed. To keep "SOCIETY" up and running is their ultimate goal for the new One World Leader/AntiChrist figure. Just think about a country with no illegals, then the government is forced to use the funds on it's citizens and none others. Wasn't this why Ghaddafi was killed; at least I think that was his name.
  14. My heart goes out to anyone whom has had this heaped upon their lives. Sorry for your friends' loss percilymenoides. In general this issue has been bothering me since it really began to get out hand after the "attacks" in New York that fateful day in September. It's like everyone in law enforcement were given free reign to take out anyone who wanted out. I don't know how to word that any differently and do not mean to offend anyone by how that is worded. Anyway I have concluded that if this happens to anyone that maybe it might just be God's way of intervening to save that soul. The Bible tells us it is a sin to take our own lives, so now we have pd's stepping in and murdering those people. The family is left to grieve but now have an added thought to lift them out of that grief; "at least they didn't commit suicide" becomes their thought process and allows them some respite from their grief. Anyone who has read the Bible knows that we all have "an appointed time to live and an appointed time to die", and that has helped me with grief while hearing of these attacks on innocent people who are having a moment or a lifetime of suffering. I don't know how God would view these murders being the person wanted to die, but maybe this will help someone else.

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