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  1. World Teachings You know great thing is, you can find plenty of good advice, solid wisdom, and heavy teachings in all of the world's various religion programs. The Bible - Sermon on the mount. The Bhagavad Gita - discourses between Arjuna and Krishna, high-level understanding of the not-self. Egyptian Book of the Dead - understandings of evil in the astral plane. The Torah - man's inner relationship to God. Thr Koran - same as above, and right-relations. The Tao - the understandings of seasons, and times, and fate. etc. They all have something. You just have to get through the controls and distortions put into place by dark forces. Did ya think that they only dicked around with the Bible? Hardly. It's like politics, you control BOTH candidates, so that no matter who wins, YOU DO. Well, same thing with the world religions. They stuck their dirty little fingers in every pie they could find, so that they could control anyone responding to their cultures SPirit of Love. Whether you be in Bangladesh, or India, or China, or Palestine, or America, there "they" are, jacking up the goods with their twists. Main thing, find the Spirit of Love in any of these cultural idioms and respond to that and dump the rest. You can find god in all these books, if you read them with the eyes of the heart. But Now, which books in the bible did "Paul" write? Throw those out. That's the hijacking of the New Testament. Stuff is by what Paul writes about, and that's what modern theologians hang their hat on. His words........His name is Master Morya. His last incarnation was as King Akbar, in India, considered the most lethal Killer King ever of that country. And He still wears the body of an Akadian, hence his name, one of the original Sumer Arch-Angels who betrayed Yaeshuah, milleniums before that principal came to atone the etheric web of the planet, and us, with the blood atonement on Golgotha. AnyWay.
  2. And Just for info and NOTICE. I do not consent to the spiritual authority of the Pope, Priests, false gods, Satan, churches, religions, cults, and I am not under spiritual obligations to any of these entities and I do not waive any rights.
  3. :o) I will said Worship Love, not any entity, living or dead. You know Like The Sun has a consciousness and so does the Earth. The Sun a whole different levels of beingness, higher soul=matrix, bazillions of years in service and becoming this wonderful, most beautiful creation - looking right into you...! And You know Once you get that connection going with The Sun, Spirit fills you from within, His Spirit. That's the gift you know. Your permanent atoms now are harmonically tuned to the Sun of Righteousness. BTW The Sun Avatar is Back in Body. Have A great and Wonderful Day and look and Smile To The Sun.
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