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  1. Here's the "obvious facts"in the story: "Planet Earth is a rotating, lumpy spheroid, approximately 4,000 miles in radius. Your iPhone relies upon globe-orbiting GPS satellites to function. The tides, the weather, sunsets and sunrises, eclipses: all of that stuff occurs because the Earth is round. There are places where you can even see the Earth’s curvature. And: " Their proposed model of a flat Earth is incompatible with the most simple processes you experience every day. You know, like, gravity and having an atmosphere." Lol, haha,. Rediculous. Can't believe I used to walk around in a trance with those lies in my mind! Love Star Trek! But it is science fiction. We don't live on a spinning lumpy sphere, do we? My phone relies on satellites in space? What about all those cell towers? Everything happens( tides,weather,sunsets.....) cause the earth is round? No. Wrong. Isn't "gravity"a theory with no founding? That's one of the controllers power words. " Duh, it's gravity stupid". Or: " Gravity" boom. Got ya. Then again shatner aught a know,. He's been there!
  2. Too bad those guys were duped of their dream. Guess they don't know so they still have it in their minds
  3. Jet fuel hoax

    the hoaxes all tie together. I put these on the history hoax thread earlier.. Free energy devices in use for quite a while
  4. History is a hoax.

    Hidden technology and history. deception and hoaxes.. Free energy devices are in use. Huge power. Seems like most can't see it? Free energy turbines. Fossil fuel hoax.
  5. Jet fuel hoax

    Those jet planes use the free electricity in the atmosphere for power and hydrogen production. No need for liquid fuel. The water vapor coming out the back of the engines is what a lot of the "chemtrails" could be. They spray us w whatever and geoengineer when they want, but seems like alot of the trails could be the new engines that compress the air & heat it.. Water vapor trails that last awhile? Those big huge planes flying low and slow ... Hydrogen?
  6. Jet fuel hoax

    Mix the hydrogen with oxygen and its more powerful. Would explain "fuel " explosions at crashes, wouldn't it? No liquid fuel. No tons of liquid in the wings. Ludicrous! Doesn't make sense.
  7. Jet fuel hoax

    How bout they carry no liquid but hydrogen gas?. They use the electricity in the air to make hydrogen by "electrolysis of water". The super tuned energy harvesting jet engines condenses the air Down and super heated compressed air is used then there's water produced that could be converted to hydrogen. They could have hydrogen tanks in some? Not tons of liquid.. That's outrageous https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrolysis_of_wateru "interstellar hydrogen " is science fiction
  8. Jet fuel hoax

    No liquid. Think gas.
  9. History is a hoax.

    Option #4 - it isn't a "dinosaur" bone
  10. Jet fuel hoax

    Boy that "car" sounds terrible and looks real goofy. . That's the model for the public. Those jet engines are wonders. Incredible tech.
  11. History is a hoax.

    Then they started selling it and creating hoaxes
  12. History is a hoax.

    Looks like they had the free electricity from the air.
  13. Jet fuel hoax

    could be wrong, I don't think so. Maybe the compressed air produced by those amazing engines can explode like that? What you think?
  14. Jet fuel hoax

    Yes looks like fuel fire explosion...Maybe some carry fuel, not sure. Theres no way they have the wings filled with tons of liquid according to the hoax. The wings flex,fold and are full of hydraulics. A lot of crashes and crash sites show no liquid fuel evidence.
  15. Jet fuel hoax

    Truth in plain sight. Variable frequency power generation. Free air power. No liquid tanks. No liquid fuel. Compressed air generates heat and power. Incredible