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  1. Yes, saw that.. Start the bait and bring in the attackers. Blame it on the thinking responders. I think it's getting desperate. There's no truth in the spinning balls in space forced idea, so they have nothing now but to keep it buried to continue the charade.
  2. Kicked us off the hard core forum. Too hard core I guess. Put em in a club.. Soft core censoring. Ball believers like the idea! Yay !
  3. Yes. That was neo that asked his questions... I took the quote from the wrong spot.. Thanks
  4. Like they land on the moon and take pictures of the ball earth? I'd believe it or did back then , cause I saw it on tv... And be duped till I woke up...they got us all....but: It's Gotta be 100% not a spinning ball in outer space earth. Thats in the movies and cartoons surface tests show flat plane
  5. I used to think,because I was programmed, that the earth was a spinning globe in infinate space, and I was just an insignificant spec. Now I know that's a lie. What a relief!
  6. Nasa fakers. Fake space. All they have is to continue the brainwashing and mental programming through media programming and propaganda.
  7. Oceans and lakes are flat = level. Ships don't go up and over and down a hump on the outside of a spinning sphere. Completely rediculous! To me it is. A very wacky idea that takes up a lot of space in the mind ( seems mostly subconscious) And- Airplanes don't have to fly continually nosing downward. They fly straight and if they maintain the same altitude they are level (flat). And they land on a firm unmoving earth. Observations all can see and make sense of..... Thanks for the new distance test... And continuing confirmations. no curve = no globe
  8. "Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement." People have been led to believe that distant objects disappear bottom first due to the earth curvature. Why are they lying?
  9. Because Nasa is exposed as fraud, "Outer space" has no relevance. There are no real photos. No evidence. Only cartoons that people believe and Hollywood movies.. Gotta go by the testable evidence = no curve, no spinning . No spinning ball. That's wacky
  10. Real?

    How I learned Cancer is a Hoax

    big hoax that cancer is a disease and it is our fault and our genetic flaws. That is a lie. Cancer is a business. The allopathic system of surgical removal and chemical suppression of symptoms is appalling ,criminal and requires deception to perpetrate it. Using people's feelings..and worshipped dr. trusts.... Cancer is given to us through toxins.. A healthy immune system will destroy toxins that enter our system.. Our immune systems are compromised and overloaded. Especially when pharmaceuticals ( under or over the counter) are introduced, Designed to treat the symptoms, not the cause ,which they blame on us. They might extend your life but they weaken you and turn you into a zombie invalid and suck up all your wealth. The sickness is real. The cause and treatments are hoaxed.... They say 1 in 4 get it...... Given... Pop. Control
  11. Yes, hope no offense .. This is a difficult problem. I had it with my tv watching wife,rip,.. I couldn't discuss or debate the lies and manipulation coming from the entertainment screen without an extreme blow up anger. Taking it personal...... Stay in the box and alls fine.. Outside our given box though, personal thoughts and ideas are mocked esp around others in the box that support it. Then I get angry after being mocked awhile.., Haha... No win. I get pissed how they duped us and controlled us with the tv. And still do... the fake moon landings and Astro-nots. The fake challenger "disaster". That sht affected us...as planned.
  12. Yes, they have to keep us distracted with the many ring circus so we don't look at the basic reality of our existence. Keep the trance going. If too many wake up the circus would be exposed and the targeted split angry groups would come together.
  13. If the plane goes over the curve and stays the same altitude to the earth, it would have to fly downward slightly and continually to maintain it. Wouldn't it? If the pilots and planes do not dip down flying around the globe, how can that be? what is the explanation ? Isn't it the same as a ship that goes over the horizon and disappears because it is going down the curve?

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