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  1. The Gent

    Pedophile Wins in Canada

    Yeah...we have reach the point of our own demise...we now reward evil and punish the the right, Good is bad..Bad is good, Common Sense is Non-Sense...Non-sense BS makes perfect sense, and I could go on...but won't! I'll say this, the father was kinder than I would have been if it was any of my girls or son!
  2. The Gent

    States have a $1.4 trillion pension problem

    Yes sir, have an Aunt & Cousin that went to work for the State in the 70's & 80's respectfully..both put in 20 yrs. and retired comfortably! Late 90's..one of my in-laws started with DOT and will have to work 30 something before retiring and has a 2nd job to boot to hopefully have a comfortable retirement nest-egg.
  3. The Gent

    Paul Ryan's departure sparks unrest

    The game will always remain the same...just a skin-suit change when needed!
  4. 73% of ALL cases reported to the center were connected to BackPage...Not Worldwide! Worldwide, BackPage wouldn't likely make a beep on the global radar...I know a little about these matters! Glad to see them going down...if they don't legal their way out....again!
  5. Why after watching this...it doesn't surprise me at all! Bet the pistol isn't registered..or even legally own! Would surprise me if all involved don't have priors!
  6. The Gent

    Comey is a slimeball: Trump

    Couldn't agree more with that!
  7. The Gent

    Friday the 13th!

    Yepper, it's those little things like that, that can truly mess with your day! Greetings My Lady, forgive the long absence, but as one old country boy would say...
  8. The Gent

    Off-Topic Repository

    As it should be My half-breed fur baby (Shepard-Ridgeback) doesn't belong to us...we belong to him! (Let me edit to say this...that's fine with me)
  9. The Gent

    Off-Topic Repository

    I'm Texas Bred Cajun Fed, moved to La. in the latter 60's That song is well known among the folks I hang with, as well as the hound (State Dog) and one of the best cattle dogs I had the privilege to see in action several times through the years....and not to forget great all-around hunting hound down here as well!
  10. The Gent

    Friday the 13th!

    My Dad would throw salt over his shoulder and put some in his shirt pocket every Friday 13th..he called it Black Friday like they did in the ages...I've had some piss-poor luck on this day over the years, but again, some bad Mondays, Tues... 10ths 12ths..etc. as well! He wasn't a real religious type of man..a good Catholic as they would say...but he was a serious man about that and Halloween.
  11. The Gent

    Friday the 13th!

    The Vigilant is Seldom Caught Off Guard or by Surprise!
  12. The Gent

    Friday the 13th!

    Believe It Is So..When It Is Not So...In Order To Make It So! Intricate Indeed
  13. The Gent

    Friday the 13th!

    If you didn't get punked when you bent over to pick it up, the rest of day will be good... Remember Ya'll...Use your knees..when lifting! Now A Friday 13th Song, From Me To Ya'll... I'm a big SAP some days...Many Blessings To All
  14. The Gent

    Friday the 13th!

    Your Mother Knowing Best reminds me of a statement someone once said...can't recall who tbh, but it went something like this "When I was 14, I was embarrass by how ignorant my folks were, and overwhelmed & proud at 21 I was, at how smart they had gotten in just 7 years!" Or something along them lines? As my children get older (youngest 36) they are totally amazed how smart mom & dad got the last few years...imagine that! Just the other day, our middle girl living in PR called to tell me I was right about the douche she married being just another suntanned banana eating gigaho...15 years later!

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