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  1. Good Story, seems the the veil is being lifted more & more...regardless how hard they try to hold it in place!
  2. Lucy Barnable I think I love you

    And one for you.... Boomers...Rock'n Da House
  3. Lucy Barnable I think I love you

    This calls for a song...a blast from my past, If I may... 2 years before enlisting....6 years before becoming a Dad the first time...lord where have the years gone! Oh but they were some bitchn' years....
  4. Has solved more crimes & mysteries than many other investigated methods used...
  5. Time for a Purge, either by the hand of men....or the wrath of the Gods!
  6. I still believe they actually didn't expect him to win...from day one! And that why this last 10 month has been a grade A F*ck Fest in his administration...can't recall any elected President going through the shit storm he has entering office (?)
  7. I agree with her...even during the campaign last year, I posted those same thoughts at a couple of other places...hell, I think I may have even made those comments here when I first joined...(I might need to check that out, since mentioning it)...but yeah, I said back then, If Trump really does start cleaning the Swamp and messing up everybody's playground..i.e. shitting in their sandbox..it was highly possible for him to get the JFK Short-term Plan.....and I bet it'll be a "Lone Gunmen" narrative as well!
  8. Kim Readies New Launch?

    Roger That!
  9. Kim Readies New Launch?

    I can see and agree to that line of thinking...
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