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  1. VA State Police Deny Governor's Public Claims

    It use to in the good old days...you know when the govt. feared us!
  2. VA State Police Deny Governor's Public Claims

    I sped read that...and thought you said Gallows for the gov'nr...silly me!
  3. Been there and done that a few times back in the day!
  4. Urban poverty

    Well, I've bulldog and I've roped a few bulls & steers in my day...but I must say I've never heard it described no where close as you just did! Must be the new-age cowboy way! New-Age.... Old Age.... I guess there's a generation gap even in rodeo....go figure ?
  5. I truly feel for ya'll! I'm sitting here just a minute ago, thinking to myself...How the F**k do you even defend yourself from something like that....I mean....It's impossible, You can dodge a punch, you can take cover if gun shots ring out (If you're in pro-gun country), even defend yourself from a knife attack (If trained)...but a liquid attack??? The thought of being that helpless in those scenarios...would drive me into a cave somewhere..that's a fact!
  6. Thanks to recent advances in technology, researchers currently scanning the Great Pyramid of Giza believe that they have made the first discovery of a secret chamber in the pyramid. They say they have detected anomalies and “cavities” inside the monument which are likely hidden rooms containing 4,000-year-old secrets. READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/news/major_breakthrough_archaeologists_on_brink_of_uncovering_secret_chambers_hidden_inside_pyramid_of_gia/140028
  7. The whole world has gone f**king insane! Hell, what i got from the vid, is even in the safety of your home...a simple knock on the door and one could have their life totally destroyed...just the thought that a child could become a victim by answering the door or even at their school..just tears my heart! SICK SICK Evil F**KS!!!!!!!
  8. North Korea shows the Capitol Building being obliterated by red missiles in new series of anti-West propaganda posters... North Korea's latest propaganda posters shows the country bombing the United States as their 'answer' to the latest UN sanctions against the country. The illustrations sees Pyongyang warheads destroying the Capitol Building in Washington DC, and dozens of bombs falling over a burning map of the U.S. Proclaiming that the 'entire region of the state [U.S.] is now within range of our missiles!', the posters is the latest escalation in threats of nuclear war by North Korea. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4799072/North-Korea-shows-Capitol-obliterated-red-missiles.html And the BS continues steadily............
  9. Well if this is Anonymous and they're calling for/threatening death....THEY are the ones then that need to be taken out! And also, if this is Anonymous, it seems these folks don't know whose side they want to be on, cause now for me....this group seems only interested in causing chaos at ALL levels in our world that doesn't fit their agenda or way of thinking! Maybe their goal is to rule the world? Maybe I should make a reply video...I'm The Gent And I Am Angry! Oh well, buckle up cause....there's more to come, I'm afraid!
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