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  1. HifromMichigan

    Rumor: FBI illegal arms deal, ISIS and PADDOCK?

    Fake ass story meant to mislead you. Happens everytime. OP should be banned.
  2. HifromMichigan

    Why do they want us so armed?

    This is the real question. What is coming? See, when they start talking gun control, gun sales go through the roof. When they stage these hoax false flag shootings, everyone starts talking gun control. Then when everyone is talking about gun control, gun sales sky rocket. They always do. Why do they want us so armed?
  3. Fake as f**k. Notice everyone lie ing on the ground are in comfortable positions. Turn off your tel lie vision.
  4. HifromMichigan

    What did you do today?

    Now f**king pull it...
  5. HifromMichigan

    What did you do today?

    I got up a 5 am, went to work till 5 pm. Then returned a rental car I used to go to Wisconsin over the weekend. Then I went down in my shop and did some side work, then I made stir fry steak dinner, then went back down to the shop till 11 pm and now I writing this post on this forum. Then tomorrow I get to do it all over again. So what did you do today?
  6. Pro tip. Every single "militia" website is run by the fbi. Real defense forces are not on the internet. It is a complete breach of opsec. Do you even interlocking fields of fire brah?
  7. What group of people want us hating each other? Shit, I'm half left and half right just like most of you. its called the middle and by the sounds of the media including websites we don't exist.
  8. HifromMichigan

    Poland: Middle finger to EU (again)

  9. HifromMichigan

    Poland: Middle finger to EU (again)

    Pic incomming
  10. HifromMichigan

    I am getting worried.

    I like the term slavery. Wish it would catch on.
  11. HifromMichigan

    My canary. Minneapolis shooting hoax

    How do they sleep with all the lies they spew? Dont they know they will die and answer to their god for their sins.
  12. HifromMichigan

    Glp under super attack! Uncle Intel leaked!

    I live 2 doors down from the hood. At midnight on Dec 31 they all go shoot up in the air. It sounds like a war zone. That's the hood. That's not even talking about the country where 16 year old girls shoot 3 bucks on opening day. All the liberal city folk would turn coat and side with the occupiers and then get slaughtered between the bangers and farmers. Do you even interlocking fields of fire brah? No way ANYONE occupies this country. Ever. Kill your tv and love your American brothers and sisters again. We are all in this together and no-one gets out alive.

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