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  1. Video is already more than a year old.
  2. CIA's heroin cashcow has to be protected at all costs!!
  3. KipKat

    You've All Been Making Scrambled Eggs Wrong!!!

    Scrambled Fipronil...
  4. Democrats have a habit of smashing their phones and harddrives, so...
  5. KipKat

    So what state are you guys from ( or country if not US)

    Kingdom of the lowlands
  6. Lots of NGO's are feeling the heat and are canceling their obvious people smuggling operations. The leeches they were importing will however find another way to infiltrate Europe. There has been a recent uptick in border invasions in Mellila and I think more of them will find their way in through Spain and of course Turkey again.
  7. KipKat

    At first it was TV...

    Bored people are a prerequisite for creating chaos.
  8. Isn't destroying government property a criminal offense?
  9. I assume he posted in his own time, not while officially in function. Although he's a cop, he still has the right to free speech.
  10. I don't care how healthy/tasty they are supposed to be, I'm not gonna eat that shit!
  11. NK hasn't got a Rothschild controlled central bank. That's the #1 reason NK will go down.
  12. Those minorities don't care if their victims vote left or right, they'll rape every white woman they can get their filthy hands on. Let's see if he still thinks its funny when his his own wife or daughter gets raped by one of these imported animals!

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