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  1. Saturn

    Soros, Internet and "Democracy"

    Hegel is known largely through secondary sources and a few incriminating slogans and generalizations. The resulting myth, however, lacked a comprehensive, documented statement till Karl Popper found a place for it in his widely discussed book, The Open Society and Its Enemies. https://www.marxists.org/reference/subject/philosophy/works/us/kaufmann.htm
  2. the country of jersey in Jewish Gematria Equals: 2222 http://www.gematrix.org/?word=+the+country+of+Jersey.+ • You Contractually Agree that: (i) this Website shall be deemed solely based in the country of Jersey; and (ii) this Website shall be deemed a passive website that does not give rise to personal jurisdiction over this website, either specific or general, in jurisdictions other than the country of Jersey. Unless prohibited by local law, these Terms of Service shall be governed by the internal substantive laws of the Country of Jersey, without respect to its conflict of laws principles. Unless prohibited by local law, any claim or dispute between you and this website that arises in whole or in part from this Website shall be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in the country of Jersey. guess where Jersey is?
  3. relax it is taken care of, cheese is kind of ho hum.., ps I thought it was the irish who can't liquor..
  4. but I like to sit and enjoy a 5 minute joint? how far along is this stuff/research that BHO is safe and weed gives me cancer?
  5. Saturn

    So they want to live forever!

    digital b*tch lives forever in Jewish Gematria Equals: 2022
  6. another 300 http://www.gematrix.org/?word=***** *****+the+fake+dox
  7. LOP may be worse, the IP ban may be tarp!
  8. http://www.gematrix.org/?word=***** *****+is+bunk
  9. watched this last night, the woman who had a knife fight with Pickton was interviewed in this docu. https://youtu.be/L3HfVIurJA8?t=5m24s Every time this story is reported it is a little diffferent, and least the reports I have heard. in one the charges are dropped because police thought she would be a likely no show because she was a drug addict and therefore unrelaible. In another the police thought she would not be taken seriosnly by the jury because she was a drug addict and therfore unreliable. In another she refused to testify [quite likely considering the rumors of Hells Angel involvement] Nothing to see here - http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/meeting-with-hells-angel-a-casual-encounter-head-of-pickton-inquiry-says Not sure if the video segment I linked to has another answer, my battery died before I finished it last night.
  10. I downloaded the vid for later as I don't have headphones and am in public, but sounds like what he is saying is not far off what UN analysts have been saying for a while. I think before this 2015 revision they forcast a peak around 2050 and a bit of decline after, but Im not positive. btw I think there are a lot of good people in the UN, but not enough to overcome the fact the founders and key players [Maurice Strong for example] are dangerous people.
  11. googling 'terrorist threat olympics' brings up a lot more on Rio 2016 than Korea, strange.. there are olympics next month right? In Korea? I want some bomb ass hockey games as my NHL team is rebuilding. honestly that was not a doom fiend slip
  12. Saturn

    Canada Considers "National Islamophobia Day"

    how about twisting the narritive with pummel a psycopath day, oh right it is the psychos who have you all mind controlled and under their power - foaming at the mouth over Jews Christians and Muslims..
  13. Saturn

    Canada Considers "National Islamophobia Day"

    Easier to false flag.. and they will not get away with shit unless CSIS ect lets them., like the US let Atta go and destroyed able danger/ these bigots like op are killing us, not the muslims, not yet anyway, and if they do strike it will have nothing to do with the US / Nato caking the middle east [and a lot of US soldiers] in depleted uranium and CIA/Mossad sponsored ISIL lunatics

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