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  1. Thanks for that @sodbuster. My concern lies more in genetic/DNA sequencing showing who has a high probability for diseases such as cancer, etc. The employer themselves may not use this against individuals, but I guarantee you the insurance companies will. This whole thing brings Logan's Run to mind. Carousel. Carousel. Carousel.

    This is going to be an interesting few weeks coming up. I agree with you, Nome.
  3. My goodness, I've been gone for a few days and things certainly took a turn. Anyway, thank you @Mario Stalin for your additional information. More info to read through, and I'm hoping there will be some new nuggets of info in it. @Guitar Doc I will be very interested to read your post when you get your computer back.
  4. Come play

    Hey behbeh! Long time no see. :) Sorry I missed you.
  5. @Cryptic Mole Why, indeed? Although aside from astral projection, I'm not certain that time/interdimensional travel has been conquered by us, here on Earth. I haven't seen anything that sways me to the Yes side 100%. @FalkeAuge I also agree with you. There may be intention (whether nefarious or benevolent), but since they are working in uncharted territory goodness knows what will come out of this. I only hope that the outcome is a good one, and not a bad one, for all life on this planet.
  6. Kinda both? Note the storm is only present right above CERN. That storm was highly electrical in nature, and Spirit can use storms to manifest - conversely I imagine that being a particle accelerator, the hydrogen collider would automatically cause electrical and weather disturbance within its immediate area. There would be a higher probability depending on atmospheric conditions. My personal opinion is that there is an overarching group (the stakeholders and sponsors) who know exactly what they're trying to accomplish, but the majority of the scientists who are involved probably don't realize what the ultimate end goal is....even if the scientists are aware they are trying to crack interdimensional openings. They probably are thinking in more altruistic terms than those above. I hope that makes sense.
  7. WOW! I am looking forward to seeing this information. I've known a lot of the stuff in the original post for a long time, but the recruiting attempt confirmed more than one thing for me. Charlie Vu (the South African connection) made my spidey sense recoil, so I didn't engage any further than my initial contact with him/her. Thanks in advance for whatever info you post.
  8. Seriously, don't bail! I'm just dusting off my chair here, it's been a while. :) I think you'll like it here.
  9. I took a break from here for a long time after the last set of disruptors. I won't do that this time, because after this I'm expecting them. @Ukshep - thank you for a freaking amazing post. <3 Holy crap I have a lot to catch up on. Back to page 3.
  10. Meditation Message/Warning!

    Understanding the quantum physics component of working in the energy field has helped me a lot. When we raise our energy level to love, only energy at that level can work with us. It's another piece of Law of Attraction (I really dislike that term, btw). However, like does attract like. So if you're working at that level (love) energetically, you need not fear. Asking for protection never hurts, but it really isn't necessary. Kind of like the dark can't really take over when there's a light on.
  11. Meditation Message/Warning!

    Montmartre could fit, Corvidae & Shep. - section of Paris that is high on a hill - means "Mountain of the Martyr"
  12. So it just happened again?

    It's funny how that happens. The Universe typically has to knock me upside the head. Anyway, glad you got your answer!
  13. So it just happened again?

    Okay, dude, that made me laugh out loud. :)
  14. So it just happened again?

    Well, then. I think you got your answer.
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