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  1. Soon as I find out an American married one in the service I know they are infected and compromised. Weak. Bye! GTFO
  2. Pretty sure I do not GAF about gooks who have spread venereal disease, married our military men to get into America, cheated on them in their weakness from war and prospered after dumping them with anchors babies once they got here. They've multiplied as a minority and made a great deal of wealth with such claim, including General Dynamics. Same damn thing with every other foreign sickness that has made it here to usurp the United States. They are disgusting imports. Stink bug shit. Close the Panama Canal Bill Clinton gave them.. Their sneaky backdoor through Mexico and Canada into the U.S. Go eat an eggroll and dog hindleg overseas there if that's what you sick american men in military, our prison system or bizarre queers want, and stay there!
  3. Good. I'll be at Hobby Lobby tomorrow looking for that raw cotton in vases buying as many as I can for decor and gifts.
  4. Found this in the comments. Have to admit the explanation, at least for Tampa water evaporating, makes sense to me. Last Saturday when I asked my meteorologist friend from a local Fox news channel about the historical monster storm before it made landfall; he really did not have much to say about it. Shrugged it off. No warning, no worry about any family or friends. Even suggested that another friend keep her plans to N.C. yesterday- said he would go. Was really brow raising strange a meteorologist wasn't alarmed or to concerned about a massive storm that was so hyped, they evacuated 30% of people. Apparently, the SAG meteorologists are only good with bullshitting on tell-lie-vision, not in person because they really don't know anything.
  5. Well? You've indicated it's MAGA Many know it's all a lie from your queen of england to its hounds of vatican hell. Bow militant donald, along with obama, bush, clinton, bush. You're all deranged killing psychopaths. Surrender! Few have pity, and the majority want you all in the gallows for consequences. The world will have a chance for some peace when all of you sickest of the sick are gone.
  6. Let's hide the shit in Canada and Mexico so most distracted ignorant American's won't know the damn difference! CanAmex is one trucking name. f**k you NWO!
  7. Explain State Dept. WHY our MAGA is building tanks for Saudi in Egypt? Come on commie lying muther f**kers!
  8. Anyone want to dispute UAW in Egypt? Egypt is our border? Go f**k your lying selves!
  9. What I've said is partly why there will be no border wall. It's horseshit errrr donkey shit errrrr goat herding shit!
  10. Hiding American tanks for Saudi in Canada. Nice. I know this for a fact! No wonder TSA has more molesting... less travel to *see* except for stupid " I want security" Saudi errrr their neighbor.... Down with them!
  11. Communist unions make me sick!!! I know who you rotten to the core bastards are!
  12. Anyone want to know why the UAW is involved? They manufacture the parts. Go f**k your union selves if you deny M.E. involvement

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