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  1. LOL NASA Fakery

    Nibiru, oh for . . . Good golly, Miz Molly. I love Sitchin. A lot. It is the source material I have trouble with, not ZS's exegesis. Nibiru is probably real and harmless and located over the river and through the woods past Antarctica. But someone mentioned comets. Now that should worry everyone who's read Velikovsky. I heartily recommend him, Mal. Worlds in Collision is required reading for any doom junkie or serious ct-er. His research is non pareil, imo. We don't give ancient chronicles the scrutiny and appreciation we should.
  2. Thanks for updating this. It is very creepy.
  3. The freemasons have a warped code of honor. The truth is there, in plain sight. And under a haystack. We used to have tricksters who said they're from the phone company and wanted to blow out your lines with forced air. No one asks if you have Prince Albert in a can any more. @Cryptic Mole probably pranked his grandpa with that one... All that said, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
  4. Thanks for the lesson in thermodynamics. Still. We continue to be at the mercy of Science and its body of approved facts, which we cannot verify with our puny telescopes and compasses. My problems, well a few of them, are these: - distance to the sun, based on triangulating from a moving surface. How? Where is X marks the spot in the vastness of space? For the umpteenth time, we have seen that experiments have failed to prove that earth moves one iota. The new laser you linked to, which sits on a rotating and gyrating surface, works how? Does its light twist and gyre along with earth's magnificent speeds and trajectories? A vision of a rider shining a powerful flashlight on a carnival Cyclotron comes to mind. - One AU, astronomical unit and solar distance is 93 million miles, if we accept that official assumption. Perihelion puts us closer to the sun by 3 million miles in January. Always multiples of 3's, which bothers me because I'm 333 myself, , as the 3rd child born on 3/3. You are as good as it gets when it comes to pulling true science out of the hat. Is there a formula, or an app, , that gives us a formula for heat potential per million mile of distance to the sun? A tilt of a few hundred miles warms up land but 3 million miles don't? - Not directly related but something else is bothering me. A compass must be held level to point to magnetic north. Level, I have learned, has more than one (1) meaning. It can be the equidistance from the molten core of earth. So a mile of ocean curves 8 inches, I think. When builders construct canals and bridges they pop lines (with equipment nowadays) to find a straight x axis to pour concrete, set pilings, etc. Right? My dad ran a crew of pile drivers who made bridge piers and missile silos and was very particular about these things. So I have a tiny bit of experience with the concept of level as a perfectly straight line which is horizontal. I've helped laying out forms for buildings and a 40 ft. long swimming pool. Sorry for the trip down memory lane but it sticks in my craw that level has become a relative term, when it used to be an absolute. Consider the compass. Why must it be held level along the horizon if the magnetic core and North Pole are under my feet thataway? Does magnetism bend like water does? Any assistance is muchly appreciated. I am not joking, btw. I need to know all official explanations for phenomena that apply to FET. You just gave me 2 new points that must be accounted for.
  5. Sister, actually, and a former suntard at glp back in the day. Your smilie is not what I equate with peace and love. I am simply reminding thread posters that this information comes from Authority, that which ct questions. Or used to. I would also think that ct-ers ask how our own independent tools work. We may not have access to Nasa's equipment, SOHO, STEREO, etc. But we do have compasses which work by pointing horizontally, not physically. I find that perplexing. No one else does, apparently. Frankly, I have more confidence in the Inuit than in a government agency that began in 1958 with Nazi scientists who escaped trial at Nuremberg.
  6. Did the Inuit say that earth had shifted -- or the sky had? Why should we believe these unscientific people anyway? Ancient cultures said that the sun stood still - Joshua's "long day" -- while people in China and the Americas did not see the sun set or rise for a whole day. My compass points to magnetic north when I hold it level. I never figured out how it works like that, since a line traced along a horizon points off into space. From where I live, a straight line to the North Pole goes through the ground several hundred miles.
  7. Then you must love to wallow around in garage. Then you say it's crap. That is a really interesting motivation. Kind of like dumpster diving. More derogatory remarks about me, my scripts, and hoops, and avoiding facts? and you are still here, hmm. Had you thought about making your own thread about the right and proper way to explore the world's true shape? No time like the present. I promise I won't post on it since I get on your last nerve. Your link says this: "This happens because continents and oceans aren't distributed evenly around the globe. There's more land in the northern hemisphere and more water in the south. During the month of July the land-crowded northern half of our planet is tilted toward the Sun. "Earth's temperature is slightly higher in July because the Sun is shining down on all that land, which heats up rather easily," says Spencer." -- end quote -- In sum, according to science, land absorbs heat better than water. The hundreds of miles of tilt also cause light rays to hit more/less directly. So slanted rays that hit earth at 92.9 million miles distance are more potent than ones that hit at 93 million miles. At perihelion, earth is 3 million miles closer, but that doesn't matter because rocks and dirt moderate temps. 3 million miles. Tilt at 66.6°. Rocks and dirt. VL says I say
  8. Well, accurate but not likely to elicit a response. I word things for the common man, not for your average science nerd. When dealing with Nasa fanboys (on another forum), this question is more their speed: why are temperatures colder when earth is closest to the sun by millions of miles? Answers to date: . . . . . guess. Lasers can detect motion? How? By comparing distance traveled from an "inertial frame" Which is what? Point x on the star chart on the USS Starship Enterprise? Sorry to be flippant (not) but this sounds like something Gerrard Dickson would also be flippant about in Kings Dethroned. I understand Old Roemer's errors very superficially. Something to do with the speed of light and Jupiter and an eclipse. @Redorblue pins it down better. Smoke and mirrors and phase shift. How scientists pawn off these devices as true tools is a sign that science has gone to the dark side. No comment ;-) is honest yet suggestive.
  9. It's not really a ring of fire on the Azimuthal_equidistant map, more like a firing line.
  10. Not sarcasm? Now you're being sarcastic and evasive. What was obvious? Your posts are always riddled with accusations and inflammatory language. You are therefore prejudiced against the topic. Whenever we see a poster use "deflect" as a rebuttal, we recognize that tactic as one which I am not allowed to name. So if you are an objective observer with no stake in the topic, why do you post on it? Look at your last sentence. How have I deserved that acrimony? Who are you anyway? Someone I knew in the past? So how about staying on topic instead of ad hominems? How does earth experience winter when the sun is 3 million to 5 million miles closer? Perihelion winter as opposed to aphelion summer? Tilt or distance? What controls the weather? Please pick one and supply reasons. Thanks.
  11. I vus chust following orders, like a good Nazi, even though I knew it was illegal, immoral, and shameful. But not a new thing. Such recklessness has been around since July5, 1776.
  12. Cereal is artificial food, like margarine. Kellogg's is now on my s**t list, not that I buy their crappy products anyway.
  13. Thanks for the sarcasm and precise attention to Coriolis. And typical GE hostility.
  14. I just don't see how the air would not blast us to smithereens if we vortex around the sun at half a million mph. If everything moves in sync, then how does the Coriolis effect work? And what causes the seasons, really? Tilt or distance? The freemasons have constructed a pretty fiction of heliocentrism. At the same time, they present conflicting laws of physics, such as gravitational waves and/or density. How does a physicist or astronomer deal with these conflicts? How do astro-nots participate in the space charades? They grin like there's no tomorrow. Maybe if they don't grin . . . they will have no tomorrow. What happy space monkeys they seem to be.
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