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  1. The atomic universe as you describe it is much like our solar system. A central ball produces a gravitational effect which excites other ball objects to swirl around it. Between the balls is nothing, just a yuuge area where the ISS and Hubble uncannily propel themselves around in the black blackness of outer space. But the fantastical concept is really really cool. Sci-fi makes children of all ages love stories about space adventures. Flat and motionless, not so much. Borrring. Our culture worships athletes who bounce basketballs and throw footballs and run around wildly. These are childish pursuits, imo, fit for kids but not grown men. Arthur C. Clarke, a SF legend and author of the satellite program, wrote a book about Childhood's End, in which alien Overlords peacefully invade earth. More predictive programming. That's all this world is. Freemasons invent stories and math. And humans believe the whole ball of bs.
  2. 250,000 feet high footage - no curvature

    The latest date I saw was 2014. Is he still sailing? Plz. Establishment sites never become smoke. Anti-establishment ones go pfft all the time. I can name a few. More than a few, actually. Btw, I have seen the towers across Pontchartrain a zillion times. Straight as an arrow. Mick's pictures are so warped that it looks like you're going over Niagara Falls. Curvy water, oh for
  3. You want us to look into what? Or do you want us to conduct Rutherford's experiment which shot particles into a sheet of gold foil? The results somehow proved subatomic particles because .......? Well, since you know all about nuclear engineering, perhaps you can provide evidence of this "cool thing called atomic weight" -- which, if I am not much mistaken, still relies on the atom theory, which is based on a hypothetical nucleus. I never questioned my physics and chemistry teachers in h.s. and college, but I wanted to. So I memorized the dogma and repeated it back on exams. My Sunday School teachers sternly let me know that I should not Question Authority. If Tesla were alive today, he might have an idea or two. Perhaps he would say that dielectricity in the aether is sufficient to explain radiation, matter, and everything else. Like I said earlier, the atom could be a particle of dielectricity. Btw, if we voted for "Grand Vague Statement Maker" you would win hands down. I would not be surprised, in fact, if you were able to strut sitting down .
  4. Where was Hillary when the attack happened, hmm? An underling did it, of course, but you know she wanted to do it herself. Look up psychopath in a dictionary and you'll see her picture as a well-known example. Whenever I hear "Dirty Deeds Done Just Right" her smiling sickening face comes to mind.
  5. Depends on your definition of terrorism. 911 was a terror attack, imo. The Deep State "government" preys on its own people.
  6. 'Bout dam' time. I blame Hildabeast for Benghazi, but her boss gave her instructions to let 4 Americans be slaughtered. Slowly. Who gave BO instructions? Drain that cesspool!
  7. Animals have returned in healthy populations after the Chernobyl meltdown. Russian scientists detected minimal to nil radiation days after Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed with mega-tons of tnt and incendiaries which burned only wood and soft structures. Galen Winsor ate uranium, swam in fuel rod pools, died in his 80s. He contended that radioactive materials emit heat but are not hazardous to human health. These are fear tactics. Very effective, apparently. We should be glowing blobs by now if the split atom were a real threat.
  8. GuLP unbanned

    Whoa. That has to be a federal crime. Asstroll banned me years ago and refunded my subscription. I'd still fight the s.o.b. shills there if I didn't fear them getting into my bizness and devices. They have evil Ninja skills. Paid for by the UN-NWO and US taxpayers.
  9. Look, y'all, I don't pretend I understand the world. I simply prefer simplicity. For example, what is the atom? Does it have to have a nucleus with those cotton-pickin' shells of electrons you have to fill in chemistry class? Why can't the "atom" be a discrete particle or bundle of particles of electrons? Show me proof that protons and neutrons exist. A proton could be a positively charged electron. A neutron could be a particle consisting of both + and - charges of dielectricity. So it may be semantics. Who has the time or inclination to study Electric Universe for Dummies? Not I. This FE thing is starting from scratch -- and questioning all fields of science. Isn't that the right way to proceed? like Descartes first proving his own existence with cogito ergo sum. As long as Science puts out the globe as real, we can't trust any part of their authority. I don't know if earth is flat, concave, a computer program, or some other reality. But this spinning ball in an infinite vacuum is a proven fraud. Oy vey. @JRock, you really believe this model?
  10. http://services.swpc.noaa.gov/images/animations/ovation-north/latest.jpg http://www.aurora-service.org/aurora-forecast/ Nasa kindly plotted the Northern Lights on a map. It's not the azimuthal_equidistant map but close enough to see the circle made by the stream of solar wind. As for the Arctic being Eden, well, that does jibe with the Tree of Life and possibly Mt. Meru as the magnetic center of the world. Wiki -- "The word "borealis" comes from the word for "northern", so technically, no; there are no 'aurora borealis' in Antarctica. However, Antarctica does experience the similar phenomenon called 'aurora australis', or 'southern lights. Same thing; different name." What does all this mean? And can it apply to a spinning ball as well as a stationary plane? The image below is supposed to represent a torus electric field. http://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s480x480/e35/c0.73.598.598/14482812_1808608616023678_7122184807706001408_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTM5NTU5NzMzMjEyODg3NTUzOA%3D%3D.2.c Salt waters and metals in earth lithosphere supposedly create an electric battery that powers the sun and moon. It could also generate the currents we call solar winds Stars and planets would be components of the whole system, not unlike a perpetual motion machine or a computer program. It would be nice to have an electrical engineer look at the feasibility of the design. Or some brave soul like Eric Dollard. Sounds do-able, or at least more sensible than the spinning ball and the Big Bang. Science has confirmed that there is a limit to the altitudes of these light displays, almost like a Star Trek force field. Or as we call it, the dome.
  11. Some distortions, concave and convex, happen. Glare and clouds occasionally throw off the eye's ability to see the solid horizon. But the flatness is there. Anyone think Harvard will accept Mark Sargent's challenge?
  12. @Rothbard, here is your video of stars which are visible through the moon. Only I can't see the stars now. I know I did before. Is the lighting different or am I just going blind? I have looked for other videos on the same topic and they are all gone -- "no longer available" or "an error occurred"
  13. Flat Earth - 2018 X Files shows fake moon mission ✅ markksargent Published on Jan 11, 2018 Please like and subscribe! msargent23@comcast.net 303-494-6631 http://enclosedworld.com/ Join the Flat Earth Army! https://www.etsy.com/shop/CuriositysD... Shirts designed and sold by the Peanut Gallery Are we inside a Truman show enclosed world, thousands of miles wide? This is part of a series of videos that shows not only is it possible, but likely. The Flat Earth awakening is the biggest story to hit this world in Millennia. I am humble to be just a part of this massive force of truth, one that's going to change the world and how you live forever. This new site is dedicated to everything that is real and true about the place where you live, a place that has until now, been hidden from you. Join me in rediscovering the awesome power and potential of our civilization. Together we can take back the secrets and knowledge, and become great again. This is my personal declaration of war from Flat Earth against mainstream science. I, Mark Sargent, hereby put forth a challenge to any university, foreign or domestic, to debate or discuss the Flat Earth reality. The short version is this: You fly me in, take care of my hotel, and I'll face down any scientific body you put against me. My only debate requirement is that you have someone with a Master's degree in a physical science either participating in, or supervising the event. Accept this challenge, and you will be treated with respect. If not, then you're just cowards hiding behind empty equations. https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/... https://beyondhorizons.eu/ George Orwell Tribune, 27 December 1946 Most people, if asked to prove that the earth is round, would not even bother to produce the rather weak arguments I have outlined above. They would start off by saying that ‘everyone knows’ the earth to be round, and if pressed further, would become angry. In a way Shaw is right. This is a credulous age, and the burden of knowledge which we now have to carry is partly responsible.
  14. Where's Shep!

    Best wishes, Shep.
  15. Which part does @Cinnamon live in? My nephew has had enough. He's packing up the whole fam damily and moving to North Cali.