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  1. Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    Sir or madam, I respectfully disagree.
  2. Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    I hear you.
  3. Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    Do you know how the moon works in the FE model? It can, quite reasonably, move in front of the sun on a regular basis. But a YTer or two took pictures of the whole event and was a little surprised when his filtered images showed no solid structure. hmm. As I often say, I don't have all the answers. The world may be flat, hollow, a hologram, a computer program with us as avatars in a sim game. The real psyop, I am 100% sure, is the Jesuit-controlled astronomy. The spinning ball in a vacuum breaks every rule in the physics book. I really prefer to stay away from anti-FE threads. Open minded critical thinkers will find their own way to the Nasa Says thread, which states my challenge to posters to show proof of earth's shape and movement. You just can't change a mind that is shut tight. Oh, well. here are my main complaints about the Copernican system. No psyop. 1. Curvature. Spherical trigonometry dictates that the globe should exhibit a curve of 8 inches per mile squared. No experiments on land or water have ever proven this math to be accurate. On the contrary, with proper telephoto lenses, objects can be detected far beyond the expected curvature. Example: Photos of Chicago from across Lake Michigan. 2. Atmosphere vs space vacuum. Space theoretically begins 62 miles above the earth’s surface, at the Karman Line. The laws of physics say that a vacuum can not exist next to an atmosphere. Without a barrier to separate the two areas, the atmosphere would instantly escape into the hard vacuum of space. Example: open a tank of compressed air; the oxygen or other gases inside the tank will rush outside to achieve equilibrium of air pressure. A vacuum cannot exist next to the atmosphere. 3. Water. Liquid water always seeks its own level. Gravity, which is really the function of density (weight) of objects over distances, cannot cause oceans to curve around the globe. Sea level must be consistent throughout the world. Water, in other words, can not curve. Example: the Pacific Ocean, sea level. 4. Centrifugal force. If earth rotated at 1000 mph at the equator, nothing could withstand being thrown off of it along a curved or tangential path. Gravity is said to be the weakest force in the universe. It is, under any circumstances, unable to overcome the extreme speed of rotation. Gravity is actually the ratio of densities of adjacent objects, such as the density of water compared to that of air. Examples include insects, clouds, smoke, other low density-objects which rise above the earth despite the alleged gravity and centrifugal force. Example: merry-go-rounds. 5. Authorities. Professionals in many fields --pilots, engineers, surveyors, gunners, artillerymen, radar operators, etc. -- do not account for curvature in any manner. Example: surveyors never adjust for earth curvature when they design canals, causeway bridges, railroad lines. 6. Moon and sun. Both objects appear to the eye to be the same size, though the moon is around 238,000 miles away and the sun is 93 million miles distant. Sunlight beams deny the claim that rays enter earth’s atmosphere in parallel beams. Using simple geometry, one can determine that the triangular pattern results in a distance of only 3000 miles above. The moon emits a cooling light which illuminates only the clouds which are near it, not those that are further away. Example: sunlight beaming rays through clouds (crepuscular rays) form a triangle with a base of less than 8,000 miles miles 7. Constellations. Star patterns have not altered appreciably in human history. Considering speeds of celestial objects which travel billions of miles per year in multiple directions, as well as earth’s own rotation, revolution around the sun, following the sun through the universe, we should observe some changes in as little as 6 months (stellar parallax). But no such changes have been seen in 6000 years. Example: Orion, Polaris in the same locations for millennia. 8. Airplane travel. Flights to and from countries in the southern hemisphere always pass over countries in the north, even though they could refuel in places along a direct route. When plotted on the flat earth map, the planes show that they follow a straight line. Example: flights between South America, Africa, Australia.. 9. No Sensation of movement. If earth actually rotated and revolved around the sun at 67,000 mph, we should hear sonic booms and be swept away by winds far beyond hurricane strength. Examples: quiet, calm days, east-to-west winds 10. Photographs of earth from space. There are no legitimate pictures or videos of earth. All pictorial evidence is computer-generated, as are almost all photos of celestial objects. NASA even says that these photographs were created to “match people’s expectations.” Other evident fakery from space agencies, including the ISS and the Space Shuttle, further supports the argument that our ideas about space are entirely faked.
  4. Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    @Rothbard just posted a video about that a few days ago. Do you ever look at the evidence he and others provide? As for predictions of eclipses, Nasa has no calculations. They just whip out the calendar that people have been using for hundreds of years. How hard could it be, anyway, to take those dates and retrofit the math?
  5. Off-Topic Repository

    Looks like a food fight broke out when I was gone. What is it about FE that makes some people get so shook up? CM and VM, y'all make up, please. Remember that we all in the same bateau. The sheeple think we are ALL woo peddlers.
  6. Flat Earth Density

    Semantics. @VonLud, bless his heart, finally made me realize that gravity is not a force. Gravity is the specific ratio of densities of adjacent substances. • Water is denser than air, so it falls and seeks its own level. Level means flat, horizontal. • Clouds are lighter than air (aerosolized particles), so they float. • A cork is heavier than air, so it falls in air. It is lighter than water, so it floats. Acceleration is the rate at which substances sort themselves out. I think this is all easy enough to grasp, once you realize that butterflies are not subject to any "force" that compels oceans to cling to a spinning ball in a total vacuum. That is so illogical that it isn't funny. But there is a force behind all the phenomena we observe -- electromagnetism. The Electric Universe says, I think, that the basic unit of matter is the electron and only the electron. An electron can be positive or negative. There is no empty space, just an aether of dielectrons which make up everything. All the physics stuff in textbooks is pure theory. I've spent 3 years searching for the most logical reason for how stuff works. This is the simplest way to understand and explain the world. Tesla probably knew. But tptb stole his ideas and hid his real work on free energy while Edison took all the credit. And electrocuted an elephant!
  7. Double offset halo around the Sun

    Ice crystals in the atmosphere, lol. dome dome da dome
  8. Odd statement from Bush re: Barbara

    Yes. That's what I meant. But I also like Montalk, who says that the creatures are interdimensional, which is invisible to our optics. I prefer the term Archons to Reptilians. http://wdtprs.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/13_11_01_st_wolfgang_devil.jpg
  9. Odd statement from Bush re: Barbara

    or -- don't talk about us. And yes, I figure her scaly soul may have gone straight into another body, like the Queen Mum did. Ask David Icke.
  10. It makes no sense. It would never occur to Pittsburghers to riot. I've been gone from PA for many years, but I know my people. My cousins say lots of new people have moved in, like they have everywhere else. There's your riffraff troublemakers. Outside agitators. Paid crisis actors. So the real question is, why did the black ops plotters pick a new location? Maybe people in Florida are wising up to the false flags. The quote box doesn't work for me, so I'll use q. marks for this description. "James Carville put what some view as a pox on Pennsylvania. Twenty-two years ago, as a Democratic strategist working on a gubernatorial race, Carville described the state as Paoli (a suburb of Philadelphia) and Penn Hills (a suburb of Pittsburgh) with Alabama in between." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rewriting-pennsylvania-political-geography/
  11. Lake Vostok - Under Antartica

    Sounds like a hollow earth idea. And who knows? There may be tunnels and caverns galore under the surface. But y'all know I don't believe any authority, Russian or American. I especially don't think Antarctica is a continent. We know nothing about our world.
  12. One of the benefits of shill-wrangling (at LOP) is that when you search for information to debate them, you sometimes find new material. I always appreciate brevity. 10 minutes should be enough to get across any idea. This one is 16 min. I especially like the opening picture on the "title page" which shows the topic instead of the YTer's face. So it serves as a visual aid and an inducement to watch the video. Oops - Real North Pole Accidentally Revealed on Google Earth UAP Published on Apr 9, 2018. Oops! Quick, look behind the curtain! Follow the Easter egg road to the north pole! It’s a crack in the CGI curtain of deception. Take a peek into reality with less censorship of the hidden lands CGI on Google Earth tries to hide!
  13. Good Mason, bad Mason, well........what famous historical person wasn't? http://americanhistory.si.edu/sites/default/files/blog_files/a/6a00e553a80e108834014e863e3390970d-500wi.jpg
  14. Many a truth is told in jest. I expect the Jesuit Nazis know a lot. Their Large Binocular Telescope peers into space to see __?__ in infrared. http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/what-the-devil-scientists-tap-power-of-lucifer/