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  1. Off-Topic Repository

    If you ban people for expressing opinions, ban me too. LOP has never banned me.
  2. The IQ of Black America

    There really are race differences in IQ, personality, physical abilities, susceptibility to diseases, and other distinctions. I had no idea how profound these differences were until I taught 25 years in public schools. When I retired from my full-time position and took temporary and substitute jobs, my personal experiences were reinforced in all subjects outside my own field of English -- math, science, social studies. Of course there were smart students who stood out from the average. On average, the black kids could not keep up with the whites, even the sweetie pies who worked so hard but could not match the grades of their peers. It is what it is. No sense denying it. It's also true that background matters, but not be nearly as much as genetics. When you put Nature vs Nurture, Nature wins. What can schools do to give all students the skills they need to succeed? Sorry, kiddos, not everyone is cut out for college. Trade schools may not be prestigious, but a grad can make big bucks right out of auto mechanics, carpentry, secretarial classes.
  3. Today is supposed to have a new moon, which is always invisible. How can that be? Olbers's Paradox questions dark nights in the first place, since billions and billions of stars should light up our skies 24/7. Even without light surrounding it, the moon should appear as a dark but visible shadow. FEers have theories about the moon and sun. Are they solid objects or light projections, like holograms? My guess is that both are transparent disks which self-illuminate when they draw energy from the earth's saltwater and metallic battery.
  4. What an awful facsimile of earth. And how does the "geosynchronous" weather satellite remain so still above the spinning ball of earth? Shouldn't sunrise and sunset be the same? I thought the Japanese could do better than Nasa. Stunning??? No. Awful, yes. Their summary: "Stunning time lapse video of Earth from Space - Incredible detail - Japan , Australia Published on Nov 16, 2017. Earth as you have never seen it before - stunning images from the Himawari 8 Satellite It is a Japanese Satellite and focuses on that section of earth which includes Australia Himawari 8 (ひまわり8号?) is a Japanese weather satellite, the 8th of the Himawari geostationary weather satellites operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency. The spacecraft was constructed by Mitsubishi Electric with assistance from Boeing, and is the first of two similar satellites to be based on the DS-2000 satellite bus.[3] Himawari 8 entered operational service on 7 July 2015 and is the successor to MTSAT-2 (Himawari 7) which was launched in 2006. Himawari 8 was launched atop a H-IIA rocket flying from the Yoshinobu Launch Complex Pad 1 at the Tanegashima Space Center.[4] The launch occurred at 05:16 UTC on 7 October 2014 and reached its operational geostationary orbit in October 2014, at 140.7 degrees East."
  5. lol, angry clown lol, volleyball Lol, brainwashed, if the shoe fits . . .
  6. I also like him, never finished reading Source Field Investigations. I'm the 3rd child, born on 3/3. Good to know I'm not born under the freemason sign.
  7. How To Become a "Suntard"

    I was a suntard at GLP. Ah, the good old days. I still remember "The Sun Is Wrong, "The Inuit Say the Sun Has Moved," and other threads where I was told 'The stupid, it burns' and 'Don't Breed' and btw, you're banned. Good times.
  8. Astro-nots suck at acrobatics. The guy on the left is so obviously not floating in zero-gravity in a space station or loop-the-loop plane. He is wired, on earth, on a Nasa movie set. Pathetic! And Nasa is the authority on space and earth. Ooh, does it hurt?
  9. A Muslim lady fencer, lol! Is that really a woman? Looks like a Williams sister to me.
  10. A poster quit his own thread about Gnosticism and Jesus when we asked too many questions. How's that for a good teacher? Can anyone say with certainty what the original gnostics believed? They were wiped out many generations ago. We have their texts, or what we are told are their texts. Their books speak of a Demiurge as the illicit son of Sophia. He (or It) was hidden from the other aeons of the Pleroma and grew to think he was the Creator. Other names include Yaldabaoth, Baal, Elohim, and yes, Yahweh. His mother transformed herself into Gaia/Earth, and she allowed the Demiurge and his Archons to interfere with mankind. When she saw how tyrannical her creation was, Gaia sent Christ in the body of Jesus to redeem humans. Feel free to correct any errors I make here. Gnosticism has so many twists and turns and cans of worms that I can barely grasp the basics. It would explain all the evil that exists. Are modern people more evil than ancient ones? I don't see how. Child sacrifice was prevalent until fairly recently, I think. And burning people at the stake and slavery and looting and plundering and all kinds of immorality have made our world what it is. In other words, I agree with you. I really do think the demons (Archons) which appear in all religions are the real sons of chaos. They possess susceptible humans who should by now recognize that we have innate great powers we don't understand. That's pretty much what I know about the spiritual side. It ain't much. What bothers me is that we don't instinctually know what Christ taught. And it took a thread on LOP when Rothbard first introduced me to FE. Why did I not see that truth many years ago? I questioned science in school but never put 2 and 2 together to see the big picture.
  11. yeah, well. It's all a big toilet. SpaceX, what a rip-off! Landing right-side up on a barge, lol. Nibiru. Whatev'! I do love Sitchin and his glorious stories of the Anunnaki. A rouge planet slash dwarf brown dwarf? give me a break. When our world needs destroying, we have electric comets to do the deed on a regular basis. Coherent catastrophism.
  12. You have a higher opinion of people than I do. I can only look at @Cinnamon's thread about institutional pedophilia for a short time before I can't handle it any more. I know it's real. And Pizzagate. And it reflects the deep currents of evil that have plagued humans since the beginning of our occulted history. I am squeamish about the sight of blood too. I hate these weaknesses and try to get out of my lazy ass snowflakedness. So compared to powerful men abusing and killing children, faking space and astronomy is a walk in the park. Humans can be so lowdown and disgusting! I am especially ashamed when women participate in these abuses. Yeah, that's sexist. I was taught that women, and girls!, should hold the line and resist the "elegant decay" of morality when cultures become high-falutin' like ancient Rome and Renaissance Venice. Not now!!! It's also true that holistic doctors and rebellious scientists sometimes have unfortunate accidents, just like enemies of the Clintons and other elites -- Vince Foster, Joan Rivers, many others. What would you or I do if we were Nasa employees who found out we were working for a criminal enterprise which conspired against all of humanity? Who would even give us a place to tell the world? The media? Hah! LOTS of people know LOTS of bad stuff and stfu because they have been compromised. That's one of the reasons I don't like drugs that can take away your self-control. The bad guys know how to set people up and blackmail them, and then they lose any integrity they once had. End rant. And sorry. My road-rescued crazy pit bull used up all my positive energy today. At her worst, she is still a far better creature than your average Homo ignoranus.
  13. The Sun

    A torus fractal. Note to myself: Keep this one embedded instead of a link, since its opening image is a map of the shape of the sun's path. Could it also represent the torus of our world, with the surface being its accretion disk?
  14. This video repeats an earlier one and will go into the FE Club for EZ retrieval. It's a good example of what I look for in a video in that its opening image is a stand-alone graphic. In this case, the map of the sun's path over a year is a torus fractal. And sorry to bring bad news. Another one bites the dust. WHOTFETW. I hope it's temporary. "This domain name has expired and is pending renewal or deletion."