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  1. wonder if "they" are zapping her from the sidelines maybe, confusion enhancer, lol
  2. Chopper148

    Our Origins

    Nailed it !!
  3. Chopper148

    Phase 3

    I can't help being saddened though. So, so many refuse to see !!!!!!
  4. Chopper148

    Phase 3

    The sheeple will kill their own family for $$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you Watcher777 for this post, My wife and I have been watching the sky, like you all have, for the last 6 years. We have also, in the last 3-4 years, seen these flashes exactly as you describe them, and even more. The flashes are anywhere in the sky, very random, and of varying degrees of intensity, some will even light up the surrounding area. We went searching for answers on the net and got the regular dog poop like SPRITES, IRIDIUM Sats or even lightning. Still wondering what it is ???????????????????????????? PS: we don't really believe in Iridium satellites...
  6. I find it very trying to convey my thoughts in the (slaves language), the "we" would appear to be all inclusive, I did not intend that... Being a family man, it's an old habit.
  7. Never even thought of coming back here to live. Thank you for the quick response though, for a minute there we had a spark of hope, heh, heh...
  8. Chopper148

    Two US Police Helicopters Colliding

    ALWAYS !!!!!
  9. I would like to travel between districts too, is that possible ?
  10. Bombardier had no business selling their planes cheaper than Boeing, now the country pays, (research P&W)...
  11. Chopper148

    How the pyramids where built in Egypt

    Sure must have been some awful fast workers on that job, and bigguns too... Picture this, stone masons in Egypt, in an earlier time, decided to build a few small monuments to confuse future generations, for craps and giggles. They set up a relay team from the limestone quarry to a randomly chosen build location in a desert, two would be at the quarry cutting out the blocks and tossing them to the other members, who then pitched them on down the line to the actual construction crew on-site, placing said blocks. So a person can easily understand how a 12hr day could be quite tiring, especially with a block every 11.42 minutes... another theory, there were giants "right"
  12. Chopper148

    Waiting for the pot to boil

    I am not advocating a rebellion by no means, as was stated earlier, this is a conspiracy site. I believe what has been posted can also be construed as food for thought and not a call to arms, it is already far to late for an uprising. It is now a battle for your mind, this is all you can prepare for the up and coming reset,"your mind". Being aware of all ,or most peoples mental state, will be your own shield and weapon for protection in the final show.
  13. Xavier, I know not who you are, or where you hail from, but I need to thank you for your posts, very well said indeed...
  14. Chopper148

    Waiting for the pot to boil

    And the truth "BITES" ... it sucks yes, but it still BITES...

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