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  1. Never mind U.S. Law

    Popular votes don't win presidencies Electoral colleges do The Constitution only states that the candidate who receives a majority of votes in the Electoral College becomes president. It says nothing about the popular vote. The intent of the framers was to filter public opinion through a body composed of wiser, more experienced people; the framers did not want the president to be chosen directly by the people
  2. Never mind U.S. Law

    I'd literally sell my soul to the devil to have 100% unchallenged , unlimited, presidentI am power to make unbreakable executive orders for the United States of America. You hear me devil? Put me on the ballot for the next presidential race. Guarantee my win Grant me unchallenged power and I will terminate those who are anti American Fix welfare Revamp Washington, actually have them quiver in fear as I enter a room and let me do what needs to be done. At the end of my 8 year term my soul is yours to do as you wish
  3. Never mind U.S. Law

    All the bleeding heart libs will cry that this country was founded as a melting pot and milk that for all its worth so....I do agree with all immigration should be closely looked at but maybe only impose against certain countries? Example....Germans and Swedes need an out....Asap. Those folks work hard and can save. Move here and be productive unlike our dwarf sized border jumpers. So why deny the Swedes and Germans who would BETTER this country? Most of them would work hard, assimilate and contribute. Not requiring welfare. Now our friends from the south......welllllll..... We can't impose countries only and it would be unfair to ban all immigration so if we attack on the welfare front.....it's really targeting one group at large.... We need our jobs, sanity and housing back
  4. Never mind U.S. Law

    I have the solution to the welfare problem in this country 1. If you are an immigrant there is no welfare to be given. Save up at home, come here, rent and find work. Asap 2. For those who are welfare lifers/abusers you have 1 year to find work and all welfare will be cut off and a lifetime ban will be imposed if you do not find and maintain a job. 3.if you've contributed tax wise for many years and hit hard times you will be fast tracked to assistance with a 1 year limit. 4. Section 8 will be removed from all illegals and dreamers. This will force them to leave in droves causing the rental market to re stabilize as landlords will have surplus properties that need filling.
  5. Water cannons were used to disperse Next time use flamethrowers
  6. There is some justification to your post that humans have been disgusting for quite some time, repulsive, vulgar and inhumane....but... We as a world evolved....the Vikings, to me et al....we're a long long time ago and Rome now is completely different as is scandanavia....evolution, laws, respect for man (in general) For some reason....indisputable....Muslims missed the cue on evolving into a gentler human, empathetic human...I do agree with the article and yes there are kind Muslims but the Koran instructs them to be kind, infiltrate and subjugate... They are as barbaric today as we were a long, long, long time ago and the only thing to point at is their form of unsympathetic and violent religion. Muslims constantly say their religion is one of peace. It's all about deception, jihad, abuse to infidels and women. There really isn't a comparison between Vikings and muslims Times have drastically changed over time and we became civilised and they chose not to Inbreeding has zero to do with it
  7. Maybe the swamp wasn't just DC and it's getting drained
  8. So disgusting and you wonder why the dictators in the ME had to rule with an iron fist.... There must be something that makes people from that region act like this. I miss the disposed rulers
  9. Arnold swartazanegger ruined my mahi mahi honeymoon dinner in Cabo san Lucas. He was smoking cigar after cigar after cigar and we were sitting back to back
  10. The product n question is Synthol Google Synthol images and see these retards ...the program you saw was most likely Brazil. Those guys love Synthol. It's our oil you inject directly into the muscle...few curls, few bench presses and you have deformed looking muscles. Nothing genuine And these guys are super weak. On the flip side It was designed for huge bodybuilders to use tiny amounts in their "lagging" body parts before competition It's legal because it's not anabolic so it won't be banned..medical sides Havnt caught up yet but like I said.....straight oil....
  11. Lol@nonexistantpeacetalks They've been a joke forever No peace talks will be jaepordized There never...truly was peace....between Israel and palestine.....So what peace talks have worked? Pull out of the un...Russia did....wow they suffered Un....sucks Green tips penetrate their helmets, rapists of Haitian children and utterly useless in Africa as peace keepers All show and no go f**k you UN
  12. Why have so many given up on this man? Seems he's behind the push for all these big names getting busted forsex. He's actively pushing for Hillary (she's a psycho liar) While trying to do what otherpresidents were to pussy to do (move embassy to jeruselum) And I'm sure he made sure that the illegal murderer from San Fran is getting a 2nd look because of him. Jobs are everywhere, construction is booming..... He's doing ok in my book I'm not 100% sure he's a bad guy following a script as others have also stated He's also repealing a bunch of Obama's nightmare policies Daca is on the table (amen) If these things progress he will easily get my vote again
  13. No future for whites anymore Funny...the elites, let's be honest, are rich white families I guess the plan is to extermi te the whites and interbreed the Rockefellers with the chases etc and have a small, super elite, closed circle, super wealthy, white ruling class because according to studies conducted over millenia......savages are easier to manipulate and control than the whites