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  1. I'd assume that even though the information is fake, leading and inflammatory it might just fall under the 1st amendment. National Enquirer and other smut mags rings a bell Could be wrong but until its terroristic or inciting violence, needs to be proven id guess it falls under the 1st amendment and the viewer has the option to not watch. Seek news elsewhere etc....would be their defense
  2. Its not the same and after watching it a few times and seeing that Podesta is from Chicago......I also hear Chicago in that video. Could be either or as since Ive moved my accent has toned down a bit but after a few drinks or a phone call to friends/family back home it comes right out. Sounds like an angry Italian Chicago to me after listening to it again Who knows.....might not even be him DC does not have a Bostonian accent
  3. I'm not sure what I saw and if someone could explain I'd appreciate it. I heard a child, terrified, intimidated and scared. Screaming I saw what looked like a push broom being repeatedly lowered in a non violent manner.I'mm from Boston and that's definitely Boston in the voice. But, new Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut also have the Bostonian accent
  4. Sorry Have to chime in Ive ben here awhile now and have read and read and researched and read more. Ive noticed that every one of your posts doesn't come to fruition in any way and your sources....im guessing here. Don't exist. Im going to take stab in the dark here and guess that this great battle will be fought in underground tunnels like you stated before during a non existent coup....that you stated before? This is a great site with a few people who think that by lying and fear mongering gives them more credibility. The date predictions need to cease, immediately as none ever come true. Just make people nervous for no reason. facts are facts and unless you have facts, which you don't and neither do your "sources" id suggest....just sticking to what YOU know and can verify....but im feeling that we wouldn't hear much from you anymore if that was the case. If this results in my removal from the site (hope not), so be it. We should be compiling conspiracy theories, current and past, leave fake date predictions out of the formula (loses credibility) and the whole "I have bad feeling" thing out too. We should be supporting alternate theories and exposing through factual connections that reveal something, other than that we have a site that is loaded with hypothesizes with zero data
  5. Think about this. When Obama won his first term did thousands protest and walk out of schools and block highways and riot? The answer is an astoudingly clear NO When Obama won his second term did hordes cause problems? No When Obama force fed us Obama Care.......No Etc, etc etc What we have here....is a very clear example of how conservatives are smarter, more patient, non radical, level headed etc etc and understand that sometimes our guy wins and sometimes he doesn't. The Democrats don't seem to understand that sometimes their guy wins and sometimes he doesn't. Its clear to me that Democrats are entitled radicals who throw "hissy fits" and riot and protest when they don't get their way. That party is dangerous and the retards who block highways are blocking commerce and parents from getting their kids from school etc Im 42 now and see that the democrats have infiltrated and taken over high schools, colleges, blacks, Latinos and SJWs. They actually have our youth in their grasp and with minorities pumping out kid after kid after kid it seems like a dictatorship is in the making once the baby boomers and country folk are dead and gone. All hail trump Build the wall, make my concealed carry permit national, make principals institute the pledge of allegiance, secure our country, ally with Russia and fix Europe and please.....for the love of god.....teach the kids about the 2 party system.
  6. My apologies dude and I'll accept yours as well. Both white hard working men supporting our families. Listen..I hear you on coastal differences.i left Boston for good reason 6 years ago and I'm never going back. For a place with such higher level learning its seemed to be filled with assholes and Nazi feminists and gays. We came on a trip to Oregon and California (rddwoods and coast 101). 3 months later wepacked up our house, kids and said "let's go". No jobs lined up....nothing. just a hope and a prayer. Not everyone can do that. I agree. It was scary and took balls. The people in the pacific northwest are saints. So kind and enjoy life. Lots of people lime you and me here and a great place to get away from the libtards. Everyjob site I go to its hard working white people. I'm not kidding. Keep on working hard brother.I'm pulling for you and your family. If you ever decide to up and go...scaryI know. The PNW will welcome you and your 12 kids with open hearts and arms.
  7. Make believe wages? Im A concrete Pumper in oregon Making 32.00 an hour. Union (701). Tons of work and lots of jobs. I drive a 32 foot boom and have a degree in chemistry. But then again its assholes like me who make up fake wages and look for othergood work when my field tanked as well. Try nursing? Too feminiNe? Every hospital needs nurses and pays very well. How About look around and see whats Booming. Then join it. Or....sit on the couch coUch Complaining life is unfair Grow a set....but i DoNt Knkw Shit
  8. Sounds lime a milIenial excuse Afraid to get your hands dirty? Too cool to do construction? Heres A plan. Get your CDL and drive dump trucks or concrete trucks fkr 25.00 an hour. Or become a union mason. Or concrete pumper for 30.00........
  9. Simple Each governor should have the national guard positioned at each polling station as well as ssupportive police and sberrifs departments and lastly local militia men as well. Give em hell Support our voters Simple
  10. Wow So never staNd Up for what you believe in? Just stay on tYour Couch and do nothing, hiding under a blanket? Thank god for the bundys, thank god for these iNdians. Thank god for anyone who believes in something enough to say......"enough". Thats How we won our independeNce Btw
  11. I've seen a lot of things in my life. Lots of videos. Lots of first hand experiencesthat would move ppeople.....but I can honestly say, this is the first thing I've seen in a long time that made me smile, cry a tear or two and took my breath away. Go natives, go buffalos
  12. My grandfather fought in Europe during ww2. He was able to bring home and mail home battlefield pickups as well as stuff that was found. He passed most of it on to me. One of my favorites is the beautiful currency but a postcard that had Adolf on it. At a rally. Very stoic and a huge turnout. IT reads Ein volk. EinReich. Ein Fuhrer So true in so many ways. Multiculturalism is a fail. Its a lie and always leads to catastrophe for one group. The see saw were on with whites on one side and sand savages on the other "appears" to be teetering in their direction ever so lightly. Go germany
  13. I wish. Im Not stream savy and have no desire to go there. If it somehow manages its way out here......in the night....i Promise a 1st person gopro....with some kungfu tossed in
  14. I'm about 26 minutes away off 26 Could care less Portland is a retard liberal shithole. Trust me this. They protest where locals Ade submissive and unarmed. Never will see that shit here =)
  15. After watching this video I thought about it extensively. I shared it with a few people and their reaction was the same as mine. My entire view of devils tower and mesas has completely changed. The video felt "right". There is no reason why a far superior race harvested this planet and we are living off the scraps. Making due with the leftovers. Those leftovers won't last forever. It feels right. The mining of the grand canyon Antarctica etc are so blatantly obvious its pathetic we haven't connected the dots before. After a relative saw it they said "humans were created as a slave race to aid them until they were done" Not sure but plausible hence our trait to pillage planets and resources.... Out of all the videosI've seen in my life....none has changed my world perception such as this. Kudos for the post. Ty