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  1. My canary. Minneapolis shooting hoax

    The father could be stepfather Brother in background looks like her and shows emotion I cant STAND that ladys bangs and glasses for another minute Want to attack her hair with something Anyhow The litmus test theory is valid whether real or hoax Orders or completely engineered
  2. Not sure if you ever heard of this but the Massachusetts state crime lab had a chemist "gone rogue" (ok....) and falsely forged docume ts, created false positives and falsified evidence ro convict 10s of thousands of cases...the Aclu stepped in and allowed each of the defendents retrials without stiffer sentencing wirh the chemists findings withdrawn. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/crime/2015/10/massachusetts_crime_lab_scandal_worsens_dookhan_and_farak.html Huge scandal The state crime lab was paid on commission of CONVICTION Are you Fing serious Corruption in LE to further careers Become DAs and get promoted is rampant and always has been Always
  3. Read the title Nothing more Boo Fu#@ing Hoo Traitor of the highest magnitude
  4. My canary. Minneapolis shooting hoax

    My vibe....if its a hoax.... Is to gauge how people will react to see what the opposition will be Example White cop kills black Blacks get upset, speak on the news, nothing really to note Ramp it up, have dozens of white cops kill blacks and expose it on the news. Fund their protests and see what ensues They still havnt gotten the blacks to go apeshit on the whites so they ranp it up and ramp it up until they get a desired race war This is a litmus test To see how the whites would react to a muslim male of authority killing an unarmed, harmless, beautiful, blonde, professional woman Now....expect a ramp ut to see how far the whites can be pushed fund protests and see where it lands them My .02
  5. Im npt saying there is no heart..... That was then...this is now Warlords, mortars, rpgs...endless ammo when supported by an anti white group looking to start a powderkeg
  6. Don't mess with the penguin! https://imgur.com/gallery/kQTLG
  7. I truly believe a few hate speeches will ensue...sending mobs into a frenzy and the blacks will swarm the whites..... The whites there havnt a frickin chance Gtfo now!!!! Its gonna blow, you will be blamed Itll be a staging point with spillover, hopefully not here but i do expect some
  8. Another car into a crowd. This time in Ullared, Sweden

    Regarding bacon....pork for that matter.... How long until a very well financed muslim group files a federal lawsuit claiming pork so pffensive that they call for its outright ban? Pork chops, bacon, hotdogs, ham steaks I wonder since we bend over backwards for these inbred sand dwellers
  9. Ty for the video Moving Seeing then and now really drives it home since its been a stready leak insteadvof a huge flood It crept up didn't it? But fast
  10. Member Introductions!

    Hi Im Oregonian 43M/6ft/225 Love my family, country and christ Avid 2nd amendment supporter and a huge fan of CT Believe in whats right, stick up for those thay cant and absolutely love working out 3 sport athlete my whole life/3 years semi pro football after college/invited to try out for the boston redsox Have a chemistry degree/worked for Abbot pharmaceuticals and as a science teacher/football coach Been here for awhile but never really did a proper intro Love this place Great topics Great people If there is anyone who is in tbeir 30s or 40s and takes exercise seriously and would like some info Feel free to pm me
  11. 4 midgets relay race against a camel.

    I feel weird after watching that
  12. Very misleading title if i can say so It is in scripture that fellowship with christians is not only endorsed but encouraged to strengthen faith. You dont have to put money in the collection plate to attend, to learn and to make good friends who wish to follow the same path as you.... Before i continue ive seen alot from this pope regarding immigration and policies that are ridiculous, anti european and id go as far as to say hes a plant to further weaker christianity and white europe..... But The title of the article does not match his message His message was to meditate with fellow christians and not turn your back on the church Again there are some who believe that the church is a source of taxation and guilt tripping, to some extent i do agree But the right church, the right people, praying and learning as a unified body is a moving and powerful thing
  13. Once they become citizens with no way to track past criminal background checks.....they can purchase firearms and ammo freely...add on top of that "straw purchases" by girlfriends, wives and relatives and any jihadist can amass an arsenal in no time with 5k I am disappointed at the lack of patriotic involvement tbh.... Its very easy to send a letter to the local pd...the local sherrifs office with info regarding surveillance Even drone footage is easy to obtain and present said info Then send again and again and if there is no involvement from local pd or sherrifs then the patriots need to realize that the local pd has a "stand down" order and needs to contact alex and gavin for a sit down interview and exposure Once those guys blow it up hopefully itll start trickling into the minds of people around the nation that...."hey...we DO have terrorist camps here in the US and LE isnt doing shit about it" Once that point gets established than the average red blooded american would turn a blind eye to patriotic involvement and say "good riddance, glad someone did something"
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