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  1. Charlie Manson tried starting a race war as well
  2. Honestly. Life would be much better without the internet End of conversation
  3. Shouldn't Africa do the China thing anyhow? 1 child per household. It's not like they know better..... Sex ed....Does it really exist? Rural.... UN constantly bailing masses out during drought and famine with food and medicine I like what he said....unless someone slips an African a step by step tutorial on anything it's not like someone from there will come up with the next big world changing vaccine...or come up with a plan for world peace that will work....or.....or ....or. Expendable people? William thinks so. Maybe gates and rothschilds agree... Time will tell.
  4. Oregonian

    This is why people need to be armed....

    She busted a cap in that ass
  5. You can always spot a Somali unlike other races or ethnicities. 1. Very thin and tall like an Ethiopian just way darker 2. Blank look in their eyes. Zero comprehension of life and countries 3. Always have some sort of mismatched ugly ass pattern of clothes....stripes with polka dots or stripes with plaid or stripes one way with pants with stripes the other. Sandals a must 4. Hairstyle looks like it was cut 3 months ago and never kept 5. Inability to work even as a burger flipper. Completely unhireable. One thing I took away from Blackhawk down is that 62gr green tips do NOT work on somalis....pass right through with minimal damage as the troops called them the "skinnies" 62gr green tips don't tumble and yaw like other rounds do. M193 or good ballistic tip varmint loads should do just fine on the skinnies.
  6. That is a very valid question. Times+Merkel=migrants for a slaughter but my insides hope that they are in a cache in Dresden and the clock is ticking
  7. Oregonian

    Traffic jam today, brought to you by HOMELESS

    We have tons of these in portland Tent cities everywhere Alot of them are 20 somethings who turned "homeless" into "hipster " Alot of them are decently groomed and very able bodied. How do I know? My wife and I volunteered at church to make gift bags for them and pass them out. So we did. I saw the normal homeless, toothless, sad, sick and forgotten about but then there was tgis population of lazy asses who choose tgis lifestyle with other like minded lazy asses. Blew me away. Sometimes when I drive by these tent cities...i wish for boand luke duke to drive by in the general Lee shooting flaming arrows at them
  8. It must have been a year ago or so in which I read, ON HERE, official doctors with MDs made direct statements that the MMR vaccine is directly....not assumed....but directly connected to autism. I'm from Boston and I knew what retardation was...it's obvious....but when I moved to the PNW I was inundated with children of friends who were autistic....then I got a job in retail and started seeing more and more and more of these kids. Just through talking with their parents it's HUGE out here. I had no idea what it was and now....these kids are everywhere. I have a feeling that certain vaccines are spiked and some aren't. I've also noticed now that I think about it....MOST IF NOT ALL ARE MALE. Bet those flu shots are axtivators of some sort as well. To trigger something else.
  9. You'd be surprised that the libs seem to congregate into the larger cities where the burbs and rural areas are pretty red. I'm in Oregon and Portland, like SF or Seattle is super democratic and liberal to the point of puking....30 mins outside the city are pickup and chickens and guys who shoot on a regular basis.... 30 minutes out and you're with the country boys. So unfortunately the coast.....has tons of "good guys" too. Maine is pretty red outside the capitol, same with vermon t and new Hampshire. Mass, Conn, ny, RI, D.C., sf, Seattle, Portland, LA are the areas that quickly need some form of conversion
  10. The rape of nanking seems to be a huge hurdle Japs were so savage and brutal Votonet practice of babies to elderly Rape then insertion of bamboo to kill her Genocide It was bad
  11. Interesting..... Won't they swarm to the U.S. west coast more than China since there is already a huge Japanese population from San Diego to Seattle? You think the U.S. destroyed Japan to wipe out debt? That's huge
  12. Didn't they know that at some point they would be full and new ones would have been in manufacturing the entire time? What's it been now? 5 years (guesstimate) How could they possibly be so short sighted not to see that if they are still unable to repair or contain the reactors that they'd need constant supply of new containers and those would be built once the first one was filled..... We've all see the press releases anyhow that they are cycling seawater in to cool as much as they can and unfortunately lots of contamination is making its way back into the ocean. We've known that for years...... This is absurd Ludicrous Dumb Shortsighted Reckless Can't stress enough how bad this will be I mean.....are they going to build or have they already built concrete tubes that reach to the deepest parts of the Pacific and are just straight pumping into it? We all know they can't contain this We all know they can't barrel it all up for infinity At some point they need to pump it out indefinitely and away from Japan's coastline to ensure their survival.... This is a shit show and it should have ALREADY been dealt with

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