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  1. I sold my 10/22 years back. Pain in the azz to field strip. I do remember their rotary mags are 10rnd capacity. You could get the bigger one. Which I had called the bx25. As is, factoey....stock.....the 10/22 is in full compliance. If they target the 10/22 I see it as tgis.... The 10/22 is the "gateway" gun... Comparable to weed is a gateway to shrooms or coke. The 10/22 is the gateway to semi autos. Billion sold and zero recoil due the length of barrel and the 22 cartridge. Ban the 10/22 the jump from bolt action or pistol to AR or AK is much more significant.
  2. When I watched Dana from the NRA on stage recently fielding questions. He was next to her and every answer he gave was like a high school football coach....take the guns!!!!!....crows roars... His accent is like mine.... New England Majority of new Englanders are staunch liberals and impossible to converse with or share opinions. We here are all familiar with the term Rhino Democrats posing as republicans or posing as constitutionalsits in the hope to actually dismantle it upon election. My impression of this guy is not a good one. I believe he's fake and Florida has lots of gun owners and he's possibly there to dismantle that
  3. Isn't it our choice to place an embassy wherever we want if the country the embassy is being moved to designates the space? I don't see the big deal on this as trump is the only president to follow through after what?....guessing here.....6 other presidents who'd say they were gonna do It? Every snack bar is gonna freak out?
  4. NSA Recordings used as evidence?

    @Cinnamon Does this also mean that every person who has ever said via the internet and phone...."I don't trust the govt. Or the spying or 9/11....etc etc etc" is a homegrown terrorist and you can get a knock on the door saying..... "We're here for your firearms.....come with us"? The paperwork and calls shown in court display every keystroke from your ip and calls from your phone indicating distrust? Paranoia -----> mental condition -----> unfit to own firearms
  5. NSA Recordings used as evidence?

    Shes in california. Can a Californian visit her and do the whole visitation and ask? Seems worth digging as this sets a new President? (Sp?)
  6. NSA Recordings used as evidence?

    2nd to last paragraph. She hired a new attorney for appeals due to prosecutorial misconduct and ineffective assistance of counseling. I'd think her misconduct appeal would be in regards to wiretapping without warrant? Ineffective assidtance of counsel....wondering if her counsel rolled with the prosecutors and was asked not to bring the topic up and continue with the case. Speculation. But I know a warrant has to be obtained in order to use recordings of phones as evidence. There was no attempt beforehand that would have raised alarm by the ex husband or local pd to bug their phones. So their calls were recorded beforehand and then entered in as evidence
  7. NSA Recordings used as evidence?

    I get that.....but why would their phone calls be recorded and used as evidence before the fact the crime was committed
  8. I was reading this article and came across the 9th paragraph and started the 10th.... Then stopped and said..."whoa whoa whoa" How were their phone calls recorded as there wasn't a hit man for hire type sting setup ahead of time? I thought and it dawned on me.... We've long assumed and believed that everything from Alexa to tv's to cell phone conversations are recorded and backed up. Is this smoking gun proof? Our phone conversations are under 24hr surveillance and are now being used in court of law as evidence? I hadn't known that was the case as of yet..... Is this proof that local law enforcement can request all recorded phone conversations....meaning everything you've said and now use that in court? Holy hell. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/woman-convicted-in-love-triangle-murder-gets-25-years-in-prison/ar-BBJqG9U
  9. Thank you so much for the update. Hope justice is served
  10. Seriously.....get the kids to March and move your antigun US? Wow That's low as phuk....dirty dirty dirty I've seen alot in 43 years....but....if Soros is gonna prod kids into movements to strip our rights.....Any opposition to that will look cowardice and scum bag like..... Diiiiiiirty
  11. That's a Norway flag Best selling author? Goes to show picture books are as equally important as text only books. Wouldn't have embarrassed herself
  12. I'm gonna take your quote as sarcasm bit if not.... Here is an article and believe there are thousands more like it....grandma's, pregnant women, elderly... Who cant.....Guess what?.....wield an axe or hatchet especially against an armed Intruder I'll take your post as sarcasm. Grandma https://www.google.com/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4750238/amp/Texas-grandmother-60-shoots-kills-armed-intruder.html Teen mom https://www.google.com/amp/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/okla-woman-shoots-kills-intruder911-operators-shoot/story%3fid=15285605