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  1. Doomy Tunes

    The Intended Creation of Soyboys

    Good to know fermented soy is ok. I was wondering having just read the Plant Paradox by Dr. Gundry. Laying off the lectins has really helped. Whats the deal with wasabi?
  2. Doomy Tunes


    Wish it were an amusement ride, but millions more will soon suffer severe consequences. Depth and currents play a big role here, and in Puerto Rico, but Irma's latest forecast has it headed exactly for the one location in Florida suitable for a land based OTEC facility of the type that could neutralize hurricanes. http://coet.fau.edu/node/29/index.html Genesis 1:28 commands that we are to "subdue" the Earth. Our destruction is in-part due to our disobedience. Certainly our mis-spent dollars is what fuels Jihad via ISIS; another alphabetical pairing besides Harvey and Irma. Had we taken this command seriously Harvey, Irma, ISIS and Jihad would of become harmless, but now we fall victim to their horrific power.
  3. Article is dated 8 April making exactly 7 years to the date before a lunar eclipse is set to complete the second stoke of a giant X. 4 since then do only 2 of 6 months remain
  4. How deep is the water? Engineering students from The University of Sydney have devised a scheme to produce reactive nitrogen for fertilization of the ocean from an OTEC plant. They claim that “Each floating structure could stimulate the growth of 370,000 tonnes of sardines a year, enough protein for three million people, at a cost of $US400 a tonne, or eight cents per person per day.” The University of Sydney News has a recent article about it and also one from January. ... http://www.otecnews.org/locations/australia/
  5. Graphene is cool stuff; hope it's only used for good.
  6. [quote:Mike_Grimmel:MV8zNTk4NjA5XzY0MjUxNDE3X0M4QThGQzU2] That's beautiful. 4chn and 8chn(s) have contributed greatly to our cause. [/quote] Now these idiots want in on it. https://thinkprogress.org/trolls-starbucks-immigrants-ice/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tp-letters Did the search and preview, but bam = banned as soon as I hit the post button. The least they could warn you when you preview = wtf
  7. Doomy Tunes

    diet drinks make "no difference in weight gain"

    Order arrived today and it was great. Posting here was messed up the day I ordered. Now I ordered smidgeon, pinch and dash measuring spoons as even 1/4 teaspoon is more than enough for a large strong cup of coffee.
  8. Found how to preview, but not how to post vids, etc. https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/a/f/3/f/600_448904863.jpeg
  9. Doomy Tunes


    Hey cool, literally :-) OTEC Conspiracy Outpost I was saddened to see 0 search results for my favorite 4 letter acronym so I decided a new thread was in order. ... OTEC HISTORY ... In 1870, Jules ... Just appeared top of a list in my email, based on OTEC as a keyword alert for Google News. This site really does well in search rankings as my same phrase on GLP doesn't even show up. Great Job.
  10. Doomy Tunes

    7/22/17 - Where is the 22 event??

    When I see 22 I think Titanium its my fascination with OTEC to blame.

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