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  1. I’ve been there en route to Afghanistan. There was a NATO base in Manas, and it is absolutely beautiful there. Huge mountains with snow even in the summer.
  2. He got used to the attention and wants his 15 minutes of fame to be extended. I dare his little punk ass to come to Texas and see what happens to him, and I mean the real Texas, not Austin.
  3. 19K215R

    Helicopter Drops Ammo On School

    Interesting, I live in El Paso and I used to be in an aviation unit at Bliss. Wonder what happened. Things that make you go hmmmm.
  4. I’m no expert on this stuff, just do a lot of research for fun about it, but i have noticed a lot of strange behavior by birds in my area (el paso, Texas), the strangest of them being a whole flock of birds just falling out of the sky last week. On hindsite I wished I had taken pics of them. There must have been 50 or 60 in my neighborhood that I’m aware of. Unfortunately, I believe this has caused a severe outbreak of Parvo infected many young dogs around us, including my 16 week old Beagle, who has had his Parvo shots. I’m wondering if this has to do with a possible pole shift which could help explain all the volcanic/seismic activity as of recent times.
  5. Actually this is not a new thing, it’s been going on for years. There are thousands of them already at White Sands Nm and I know this because when I was a store manager for a national chain of service stations the contractors who took care of the illegals at these camps would bring their government vehicles on for maintenance and I asked them point blank what they do for the government and they told me about it.
  6. Thanks for those Alluvial, I’m kind of a geology/seismic geek amongst the many other interests. It’s always good to have more resources to edumicate oneself.
  7. Hey Fullthrottle, I started using iris.edu and couple of years ago for a geology class and still monitor it for seismic activity on a daily basis. It’s more earthquake related but a lot more reliable than usgs I have found.
  8. This absolutely disgusts me, as a young boy me and my sister were molested by the teen age children of an ambassador to this country, he was actually the Philippine ambassador, and anyone who does this to children should be summarily executed. Mine hid under diplomatic immunity as did his children. No one who takes the innocence of a child deserves to live, period.
  9. I personally don’t have an issue with specific types of foreign nationals owning firearms but I do believe that they should be subject to very strict backgrounds checks and waiting periods. If that law prohibiting them from buying certain types of firearms didn’t exist, it would be way to easy for military age men from various areas of the world to purchase firearms with the intent of doing something malicious on our soil.
  10. Ok, that makes sense to me than.
  11. I agree with you about an AR not being an assault weapon, but the arrest stemmed from him being a foreign national, not a citizen of the US. Foreign nationals, ie visa holders, are not permitted to buy certain types of firearms including AR’s. How do I know? Because I’m married to a visa holder who has lived here for almost 30 years and she was refused a sale of an AR on those grounds.
  12. 19K215R

    DOE sends out emergency text for COOP

    Another thought on this topic, probably in large part due to the fact I can see the border with Juarez, Mexico from my house. Notice how the news of the South American “caravan” has dropped from the news as has the National Guard on the border, and this is just something to think about, over a quarter of tons of explosives missing, radioactive material stolen in Mexico, and a large group coming towards America on foot. I would not put it past the deep state to trigger an event on the border to try to garnish support against the current administration by having a huge international crisis by detonating a device when they arrive at the border. Just something to think about.
  13. Unfortunately londonorchar, it’s not just him. Thankfully he’s an obGyn so I’ll never have to see him, plus I get treated, the key word being treated not cured, by the Veterans Administration. Not saying it’s any better but as of late they do seem to be getting better at practicing preventative medicine, at least at my VA clinic.
  14. 19K215R

    DOE sends out emergency text for COOP

    As I read this the first thing I thought of was the radioactive material stolen from some hospitals in Mexico not to long ago. TNT plus radioactive material= dirty bomb. In response to what others have seen saying, it could be multiple attack’s in multiple locations to overwhelm emergency responders.

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