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  1. This is a spiritual war, good versus evil, and the good guys cannot lose. Bullets and Bullshit certainly make things interesting, but are not going to change the final outcome.
  2. Disruptj20 under DOJ scrutiny

    This has been a standard Spook tactic for a very long time. Start up a fake protest group, put in your own administrators and organizers and try to suck in like minded people into your group. Then one day swoop and round up the whole bunch in one go. I am sure GLP works something like that, and possibly other radical agenda Forums. The spooks are just not interested in curious one time visitors, only in the really persistent and dangerous (to them) hard core agitators. Most of us are probably already on various lists, but while they can possibly round up two percent of the people, they cannot round up ninety eight percent of the people. Its best to keep as low a public profile as you can.
  3. Disruptj20 under DOJ scrutiny

    I doubt if they are going to chase up individual one time visitors. Its the regular posters there that may have a problem.
  4. Yes the Jews know, the Chinese were the very last nation to stop circulating official silver coins, the people of India also know, and Muslims know too. Its only us dumbed down western snowflakes that have no clue.
  5. Hopi Prophecy? 21st of August?

    Several different prophecies say "makes its appearance" which suggests something pretty sudden. Most likely thing might be a distant Supernova, which could very suddenly appear with extreme brightness at any time then remain unmistakably visible for a long time. My Guru and mentor says he has been told that when we see the blue star, its the time for us to finally go home.
  6. Thousands of years of recorded history have proved Shep right in his very sound monetary thinking. Silver and Gold are the only things that have maintained their value down throughout the ages, but we are now facing a "final event" that will be unique. Even precious metals will not be a safe store of value, and anything else has absolutely no chance at all.
  7. But why would they want to give away all their stuff they have worked very hard to create and manufacture for absolutely nothing? That is what it amounts to if they get paid with totally worthless US toilet paper. Would you slave your guts out working for some ass hole Boss if he promised to pay you two miserable glass marbles per month ? What if he said I will nuke you if you don't take the marbles. That is pretty much how the US carries out its overseas trade these days. Give us your stuff, and we print up some paper to pay you with. We can print this paper in unlimited quantities and it costs us nothing. That is what has made us the wealthiest and most powerful nation. Go ahead you foreign punk, make my day. That is how it is.....
  8. That is the problem. America no longer exports anything except threats of military action. All the peoples gold in Fort Knox is gone, stolen a very long time ago by the elite, its not been audited since Truman. There is no plan B possible. Just more lies, threats, and deceptions, none of which work any longer.
  9. Its not the Chinese that have the problem. When (not If) the US dollar becomes totally worthless, America no longer manufactures anything. No more "stuff" to buy even if you do have some US dollars in your pocket. Since 1971 when Nixon completely bankrupted America with the Vietnam war, the world went off the gold standard, the only thing America had left was its military, to literally FORCE other nations to accept America's funny money, backed by absolutely nothing. We are now right at the threshold where all the worlds major trading nations (BRICS) have arranged trade between each other not using US dollars. America is about to be cut right out of the world financial system.
  10. That is the whole point. This junk paper is only worth what others are prepared to bid for it., its all a jolly game. If there are no buyers (suckers) out there, the paper is then literally worth zero.
  11. The Khazarian trash are not Semites anyway, and neither are a great many of the Zionists. Ironically its the Palestinians of occupied Israel that are the real Semites.
  12. It's Getting Really Weird Out There

    Even his Holiness the Poop, admits the Catholic church (according to him) recognises only Lucifer as god. The average lay Catholic that has led a good life has absolutely nothing at all to fear. For a great many of the ecclesiastics, its "the lake of fire" I am afraid.
  13. It's Getting Really Weird Out There

    Yes. Their god is satan. And they are indeed god's chosen people in their own eyes, but its not the true God consciousness they are referring to. They chose THE WRONG SIDE and they are going to lose big time.
  14. It's Getting Really Weird Out There

    Its actually going the be quite amusing seeing all these Zionists , Satanists and Freemasons crapping their pants. They thought that by undermining, corrupting, and destroying absolutely everything, they are going the rebuild the World with them as absolute masters over the entire human race. Satan lied ! They are DOOMED. Its the good guys that are going to inherit the future, in a pure non physical world of joy, love and altruism.
  15. There are certainly a great many jobs women can do (and are doing) really well in the military, but not front line combat. This is insane.
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