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  1. EMP over America knocking out the power grid is as impossible as a big arsed slow freighter running into an Arleghh Burke Destroyer. Its just not possible. The electronics, speed and manoeuvrability of a high tech American Destroyer make it impossible. It can never possibly happen.
  2. The dietary laws of the Old Testament make perfect sense in an ancient age when there was no understanding of bacteria, viruses, prions, or what caused disease. Eating improperly cooked bacon can be dangerous (food poisoning) as can be cannibalism (prions) or eating anything that you find already dead. Today that advice is pretty obvious. But several thousand years ago, to ignorant uneducated people, it was still pretty good advice about what you can safely eat and what might be dangerous to eat.
  3. The Bible definitely admonishes drunkenness, but not the consumption of wine.
  4. Warpsapeed

    Looters will be shot dead!

    All this death and the use of deadly force is what is keeping America safe.
  5. He is probably also a Big Wallah at the local Masonic lodge. Its probably more that, than the money.
  6. The solution to water contaminated gas is to add a small amount of alcohol whenever you buy gas. Winter blend gasoline has that anyway, but you can do it yourself. The alcohol absorbs the water so it does not accumulate and rust out steel parts in your fuel system. Don't overdo it though, as alcohol can attack some of the rubber hoses and seals in older vehicles, but newer vehicles are all now alcohol safe. Its only usually a problem with vehicles that were originally made to run on leaded gas, and most of those are probably now long gone.
  7. Warpsapeed

    Black Cube creepiness

    Ah, you are beginning to understand. The purpose of starting up a new religion is to place yourself BETWEEN man and God for the purpose of gaining power and wealth from your congregation. Its like power politics on steroids. You cannot find God except through a "holy man" and you must do exactly as he says or God will be angry with you. Its always the same, from some minor tribal medicine man, up to vast organizations like Islam or Christianity. The usual scenario is God sends us a genuine divine prophet, to teach us love, forgiveness, and knowledge of a supreme divine consciousness. He is most usually reviled and finally horribly murdered by the evil ruling priestly class that don't like the competition.. Then after the martyrs death, sometimes hundreds of years later, some people get together and start up a new "religion" placing themselves in positions of supreme power over their new congregation because that is God's will. It is usually very well intentioned at the beginning, but over time becomes corrupted, degenerates and fragments into arguments about obscure doctrine and forming opposing sects that violently hate each other. Jesus was the real deal, but somehow I don't think he would approve of the scores of Christian sects and the self serving tele evangelists begging for your money. Fringe groups like the Jehovas Witnesses swear they are the only true Christians and all other Christians are dead wrong in their beliefs, and will not be "saved". They all claim to be the one true religion. How silly is that ! WE HAVE ALL BEEN LIED TO by self serving ecclesiastics down throughout the centuries, and even more so in recent times. It could be thieving lying Jews, crazed blood thirsty Muslims, or your local priest diddling little boys, its all the face of true evil and best avoided. Best to seek God directly yourself, and give the Priest, Rabbi, Mullah, or Juju man a big miss.
  8. Eating pork in public is disgusting and degrading behaviour. What he should have done was scream "Allahu Akbar" and beheaded the three bitches. Perfectly normal and proper behaviour.
  9. I dunno. I spent a week in remand once many years ago, some of those HUGE female warders still give me night terrors. Trust me, nobody has fantasies like that.
  10. There also seem to be no moves to remove or dismantle the whole FEMA prison system that is now in place. I find that particularly worrying.
  11. Warpsapeed

    Have God's Laws been "done away with"?

    But why only the KJV ? If all Bibles are truly the word of God and can suffer no distortions or corruptions, then surely ANY bible must be 100% historically accurate. But we all know that the original bible was an assembled bunch of remnant text from multiple sources and various ages that have been edited and translated almost to destruction by various assorted self appointed ecclesiastics and experts. The burning of books and original ancient texts by the Christian Church is far from unknown. Anything that disagreed with the personal views of some self appointed church scholars was declared heresy. The Jews themselves have not been above forgery, lies, and deceptions about documenting their own history. During the dark ages, even ownership of a bible by ordinary people in Europe was punishable by death. While there is an ultimate unquestionable fundamental truth buried in the Bible that is beyond doubt, there are also a lot of falsehoods myths and uncertainties. Its just plain silly to try to use some supposed direct quotation that has been passed down orally for centuries as being absolutely factual and beyond argument. The Pope has now openly admitted the Catholic church recognise only Lucifer as their God, to the shock and horror of many lay Catholics. They have been totally deceived, and so have we all in a great many ways down throughout the centuries. In the all knowing and forgiving eyes of God many lay Catholics will do just fine. I am also truly happy you yourself are at one with God, and so are many of us here. But you are very wrong in expressing the view that unless someone agrees totally with everything you say and believe, they are going to be damned to hell. The whole thing is a lot more complex than most people realize, many truly worthy people have been deceived for a very long time, and its not their fault. All that has been hidden is about to be revealed, and the truth WILL set you free. I have my own version of what I believe to be the truth that works for me, it explains and clarifies a great many mysterious things, but I would NEVER claim my is the only way or you are forever damned. In the end, it does not really matter if Jesus was Jewish or not. His father (the ultimate non physical God Consciousness) certainly cannot be Jewish or any other particular race or gender. Its only Jews that try to claim this, as another part of their own reconstruction of an often fabricated Jewish history. A very great deal has been made about the baptism of Jesus and is thoroughly documented in the most minute detail by many different sources and is beyond question. But the Circumcision of Jesus only rates one very vague sentence in the bible, and has been seriously questioned by many religious scholars. If he truly was Jewish, his circumcision and formal entry into the Jewish faith would be of monumental importance in the Bible. But it is scarcely there at all, a mere shadow of a suggestion and highly questionable. But go ahead and believe Jesus was a Jew. There is no wrong in being deceived. Its the deceivers that are going to suffer not their victims.
  12. I keep having this terrible vision of Mattis in a miniskirt and fish net stockings. Is that the image we really want for our military ? It a very sad end to a long proud tradition of Semper Fidelis.
  13. Unless she does it stark naked, I doubt if there will be very much interest.
  14. Warpsapeed

    Have God's Laws been "done away with"?

    Nutty Yahoo tried that Jesus was Jewish crap on the Pope when he visited Israel recently. http://time.com/118522/pope-corrects-israeli-leader-actually-jesus-did-not-speak-hebrew/ I cannot get the above link to work, but a quick search yourself should find it for you. The Pope's correction of Nutty was quite an event at the time, and really ruffled a lot of Jewish feathers.
  15. Warpsapeed

    Building Collides With Destroyer in Houston

    It must be true, it's on the internet.

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