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  1. Hmm...Is Ryan sitting on a booster seat? I thought Pence was taller than Ryan.
  2. This entire situation makes me wonder back to another event in our shared human history.. Did the Captain of the Titanic disbelieve the huge enormous iceberg ripping apart the ship as they were having a party? Because that party ended too.
  3. Clueless in Congress...They should make a movie out of her...
  4. Just an Ogre Guy

    The largest laser that ever could...Those Chinese peeps.

    I can tell none of you actually read that link...Lurkers lurking on the lurked...Yes, I do in fact bite. Well in it it talks about creation..I believe the Chinese will perfect AI before anyone else...Or allow an AI control of some systems before anyone else...What would an AI create with this laser if the mad man is proven correct? Well I am off...No bites..
  5. Hmph...Figures...need a new market to scam...The confused...So planned it stinks to high heaven... I say we defund this organization.
  6. Just an Ogre Guy

    The largest laser that ever could...Those Chinese peeps.

    Nothing?!? Ok well how about aiming it at the sky...Could knock down any and all satellites in orbit...Think about aiming it at the water in a bay... Nothing?....How about making a heavy lift orbital elevator? Does that sound interesting? No...? How about we clone a megalodon call ourselves ebil and mount the laser to it? That should be worth a few views too.
  7. One I am not supposed to bring you things..I am lazy...This is out of character for me...Being helpful and all. where was I? Oh yes, the laser.. CHINA is building a mega-laser that’s so powerful it could literally tear space apart. http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/inventions/china-is-building-a-laser-10-trillion-times-more-intense-than-sunlight-that-could-tear-space-apart/news-story/cd86c92518ae710046d300505e3dc192 I know...Interesting if you ask me..All kinds of uses too.
  8. Don't worry about the fillings peeps...I have had a couple of these procedures...It must have been like the one in the other vid...I went in head first to the center of that cube. Good times...If you have problems with tight space go to an open MRI instead...It was much nicer but the picture is degraded. Now worry about metal shavings in your eyes...When you hear that giant magnet starting spinning up you will feel any metal that is there move. Good times...You will also spend some time in there lying perfectly still...Or you do it again.
  9. I am still waiting on John's Vetrinary's Certificate..He should have had his rabies shot but by his outbursts i think it may be to late. I know...A horse faced man is cracking jokes..Think if we shave him and teach him to walk backwards would it be any better?
  10. Nancy needs to explain what's wrong with white people...Sounds awfully racist to me.
  11. Finally!!! My dreams of fornicating with a giant lizard can come true...Godzilla!! You're mine~!!! Fist dibs!!!
  12. *puts out torch* What? I believe I am supposed to be rioting about something over this. What am i going to do with the barrels of tar I brought?
  13. I will save you from yourself...Remember that movie "300" picture Trumps head on that guys body with the sword...Those were white when they left for the campaign...
  14. Probably can seclude herself and the little one from the infected...Many have taken those killing shots they call a preventative. Then there is the little problem with the house that barry perverted.

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