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  1. Hillary Clinton spent 53 times more money per month than Russians seeking to influence the 2016 presidential election. As The Daily Caller's Amber Athey details, according to reports, the monthly Russian budget for the operation to meddle in the election was $1.2 million. As Peter Hamby pointed out on Twitter, Clinton and supporting PAC Priorities USA spent approximately $800 million in 2016. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-17/hillary-clinton-outspent-russians-53-1-and-lost
  2. What's the weather like there? Are you boots on the ground?
  3. ugh, I tried 5 times to read it and keep stopping. my attention span is for the birds....
  4. Yahoo Mail Down

    Yahoo is so 90's.... Like me behind this old CRT.
  5. In the winter too... Interesting
  6. Does that mean Apple is having trouble with Windows?
  7. For some reason, I take great satisfaction in this because of all the strange bugs in iOS. Now I know why... The “people familiar with the incidents” won’t say how widespread a phenomenon all of this is, but there’s a definite potential downside to glass walls in a setting where occupants are regularly staring down at their phones. In an effort to combat the phenomenon, some have apparently taken to sticking Post-Its on potential hazard zones — a sort of primitive form of augmented reality. https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/16/apple-employees-are-reportedly-walking-into-walls-at-the-companys-fancy-new-glass-office/
  8. BREAKING | 7.5M EarthQuake Hits Mexico!

    Well we know no Mexicans were effected...they're all here.
  9. BREAKING | 7.5M EarthQuake Hits Mexico!

    Time for the illegals to go home and help to rebuild their country.
  10. BREAKING | 7.5M EarthQuake Hits Mexico!

    Is mexico still there?
  11. I love squeezing out a good fart when I get on the plane, especially when I'm sitting in first class. A pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after a fight broke-out when a passenger wouldn't stop FARTING. The Dubai to Amsterdam flight made an unscheduled stop in Vienna as the elderly overweight man reportedly refused to contain himself in the packed out cabin. haos erupted on the flight when two Dutchman who were sitting next to the flatulent man told him to stop and complained to Transavia Airlines crew. Yet despite repeated requests and even a direct order from the pilot the man carried on and a fight broke out. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/pilot-forced-make-emergency-landing-12038181
  12. I think "Mr. Happy" looks better cleaned up....
  13. I liked it when we could embed a tweet. Sucks we can't now. I hate it when the nerdy kid takes the ball off the field and goes home.
  14. At first I thought this was photo-shopped, but click thru to see the pictures, very interesting. The huge, barren expanse of land appears to be more than one mile wide and is perfectly circular, with few shrubs and trees inside its perimeter. It’s just outside the Naval Weapons Center China Lake, a base that’s about 500 miles from Area 51 and is used for weapons testing. The mystery sphere is at least 20 miles from a public road, although it’s connected to the base by smaller roads cut into the desert. Source: http://metro.co.uk/2018/02/15/mysterious-death-circle-spotted-outside-military-base-near-area-51-7315759/