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  1. Cinn, I assure you the police in Texas are well prepared they been on this horse many times, perhaps Gov. Abbott was the states attorney general long before he became Governor. Liberals in Texas have been a thorn in his side for a long time, I guarantee his friends of Texas have advised him long before this hit the airways and the interweb, about what is about to go down so he is prepared. Might I add, in Texas no matter what they are doing, Texan's don't care what they left writes the only thing they care about which is their states motto "Don't Mess with Texas" Riots in Texas http://www.houstonpress.com/news/houston-has-its-own-history-of-race-riots-6728922 http://www.blackpast.org/aaw/beaumont-race-riot-1943
  2. Humm, This may not end well for those aiming to destroy History as Texan's like their Sam Houston much. I can tell you this, it will NOT end well for some. Texas don't play, but when they do they play hard, and they play for real they play for keeps. Greg Abbott will see to that. Somebody said some time ago....I pity the fool
  3. Perhaps. However partisan measures up against both houses. Usually don't pass. Now the moron's in the House, and Senate have a long memory (perhaps I place to much faith) and hopefully they will remember when the democrats controlled both houses, and the presidency Republican measures were always voted against. 110th US Congress https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/110th_United_States_Congress but..as you point out, times have changed.
  4. This is a partisan measure, and it will not happen. Measure was dreamed up by a Democrat, endorsed by other Democrat's Johnny Mclame may go for it perhaps his girlfriend too.
  5. The 21st century Democrats are the new Fascists: Race-obsessed control freaks
  6. It Begins: The Blockchain Beast System Is Here

    This hash mark, seem to frighten you. Have to told any one, of your problems
  7. US Launches Quiet Crackdown On Cryptocurrencies

    No, they look at those who are known supporters of cyber crime, known or suspected tied to criminal enterprises. If you are not a criminal, you have nothing to worry about. Same as it is now with wallstreet investors.
  8. Breaking: North Korea recalling key ambassadors!

    Do you live in Oklahoma ?
  9. GLP now banning

    Try the Epic Privacy Browser, Just give it a look..read the reviews. it's awesome, "why I even have a new putter, that you dont even know about" n " sometimes I even leave the seat up on purpose" https://epic-browser.en.softonic.com/ (maybe I should get some sleep)
  10. Automan....Dont hold back, tell us exactly how you feel and dont hold nuffin back
  11. This is James Field http://www.midgetgotnotelescope.com/external?http%3A%2F%2Fresources.ohiohistory.org%2Fohms%2Fviewer.php%3Fcachefile%3DOHC_Field_James_110315.xml
  12. GLP now banning

    Yes Sir...that is what he does, and the people there are addicted to that sort of behavior. Why people stay in that environment is beyond me, perhaps the same reasons why people stay in abusive relationships, the feel they deserve that abuse somehow. I pity the fools.
  13. It Begins: The Blockchain Beast System Is Here

    All, I know is I went to the grocery store yesterday purchased a couple weeks groceries with my "Shift" card, there was no problem, never has been. "(Shift Card is a bitcoin to cash, it is a cash card NOT a Credit Card, nor a Debit Card) a visa card accepted world wide. People have been saying Bitcoin would fail as far back as 2009 when you could purchase a coin for pennies, in Feb.2013 they said it would fail when it was $26.00, they said it would fail Dec 2nd 2013 when it was $925.00 they said it would fail again on Dec. 26th when it was $958.00 this year they said it would fail once again on June 16th when it was $2658.00 today they say it is going to fail, last night it is at $4058.00. In the mean time I have made a s*it ton of cash as I've been in for a few years, people say you cant get your money out, that is bull, sure it may all come tumbling down, but in the mean time I've let it ride, pulled alot out and put it away you know just to be safe. I will NOT address this issue further...I see it has ruffled a few feathers and I refuse to join in or add to the discussion. i KNOW it worked for me, but I got in early. Do I believe it will fail, in time everything government get involved with fails. American for instance..just look around the globe, unrest due to government involvement. "Im from the gubment, I'm here to help" I WILL NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD FURTHER. (good discussion though)
  14. GLP now banning

    He is out there major keyboard warrior wannabe and someone I would not want around me.
  15. AP Interview with Field's Mother

    I believe the whole narrative that he is republican started with an article yesterday http://emptylighthouse.com/who-james-alex-fields-jr-owner-car-used-run-over-anti-nazi-protestprs-850336679 He may very well be, however this empty lighthouse is an extreme left publication. However I am somewhat skeptical on just how they came to get that information, moments after the vehicle incident. and besides who would write for a publication called empty lighthouse, does that mean there is no light bulb in the belltower.?
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