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  1. Cause “We’re from the gubment”
  2. Posting this got me banned from GLP forever

    lol, yepper I was a long time payer...got banned several times, learned to dislike most of the payers. The last time I was banned, I deleted my account. Got an email from Jason, asking why...told him the site has surrendered its self to harassment, gang stalking, etc...but could not send the email after writing a lengthy piece, just deleted it and moved on. Been here ever since, not as active as I’d like to be but sometimes life does that. lol...Jason.....
  3. Hannity Live Now: Weinstein info

    All Fall Down, Could not resist you reminded me of this song.
  4. Great, I can’t wait till Sunday....Hope everyone of them get’s them selves fired.
  5. Weather Update on fires...

    Yea, I am not a fan of Commie Califoexico, however there are kids who’s parents are to stupid to get out of the way of a raging firestorm, and the kids don’t deserve the same fate their parents inflict upon their their children. However, Nancy, Barbara amongst others yea, I’m good with that.
  6. GLP now banning

    Yepper, they get some serious Butthurt when you ask about that. Makes me laugh.as they run and hide.
  7. GLP now banning

    That made me, belly laugh
  8. GLP now banning

    Yea, I know and have known they can see what you are typing as you are typing, to include backspacing and correcting. Jason is such a scared silly little boy. I’m sure he sleeps under his bed at night.
  9. This is a tragic event, I know it is California. But this is very very bad. These fires swept throughout these communities at devastating speed, people we awoken in the dead of night, while flames were virtually right on top of them. The kids, the animals, the old whom could not fend for themselves. Hurricanes, Fire Storms, Earthquakes, Floods..........been following this since it started this early spring.
  10. Corey Feldman and Harvey Weinstein??

    Sheen, will meet his maker, much like Capone did many many years ago infected with Syphilis which covers the lining of the brain, and the spinal cord/column, a slow and debilitating disease you would not wish upon an enemy. However...
  11. Darn Wisdom Teeth!

    I don’t believe there is anything on earth ( besides childbirth) a more miserable pain to endure, been there done that, got the T-shirt, teeth pain is truly from the devil himself.
  12. Yes Sir...spot on, my friend...spot on.
  13. And this rabbit hole, runs deeper and deeper. Much to late for that, the interwebz sleuths already have all they need, the truth will come out. The gubment...will deny, and cover..but the TRUTH, will come out.
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