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  1. Just read my post on page 2 and have a good day. I think I typed enough in this thread. I think I said all I need to say for the moment. Have a good day and peace. One thing...I hope talking about how I type is not a way to like attack me to discredit me because of HOW I present the info. Tell me it is annoying and you do not like it and I guess if it is really a bother to folks here I can just use bold where I feel like highlighting certain things. That'd be fine. But do not do it in a way as if to discredit the discussion or what I am trying to convey. If that really bothers anyone then I guess I will stop. Since I guess it means people do not read me. lol Anyway good day peace.
  2. I have another abbreviation for it if you don't mind. EGO = Everyone Gets Omnipresence ? lol ah nvm Anyway...Have a good rest of the day . Peace.
  3. Attacking my quirky CAPS EMPHASIS will not discredit what I said. Try again. Come on. lol
  4. You. Will never understand people like me. We just should no be here ....the planet is asleep and does not want to shift its paradigms. Just like Nikola Tesla told Walter Russel ..bury your info for 1000 years. lol. Bury your research and stuff because humanity is simply not ready for this. They want religious doctrines and Flat Earth..and DEMONS ....you are looking for creatures ...to prove ? "evil" Well the word LIVE is EVIL reversed and DEVIL is LIVED reverse. So I guess anyone who LIVED is THE DEVIL. And LIVE is EVIL!!! EVIL PEOPLE !!!!! BURN THEM!!! lol I agree there is stuff going on in Hollywood and with the elites but I am not with the religious stuff. I just think what you or OP iS referring to is some entity/ties that are leading our leaders down a certain path. I am not going to get into what I think those are because that will be my opinion from my perspective because I do not have all the info. What is presented usually in "conspiracy circles" is never all the info either and many of it is actually DIS-INFO and controlled opposition. I worry about what we do not know about the OCCULT doings rather than what WE THINK WE KNOW. You follow? heh. The very fact you said "EASING God out". Shows me I cannot have such discussions with your mind seems to be perfectly wrapped up in the doctrine. We do not need to do work to be connected with what we are all already connected with...we are made from it and are literally it. So I cant ease something out that is always present. Sorry. One more thing ...Have you ever seen "God" or met "God" ....after all you are talking about "God" a lot here. heh. When you meet "God".....tell me what we are EASING God out of. If you understand what I am trying to say. I mean OMNIPRESENCE cannot be eased anywhere it is OMNI and always is at all times..EVERYWHERE simultaneously.(all directions and dimensions possible too all there) So the very fact you said I am "easing god out " (EGO lol) that tells you all you need to know. If you understand that you would see that is impossible FOR ME OR ANYONE ... to "EASE "GOD" out" lol Good Day. lol
  5. I won't be doing any such thing. Talk to imaginary sky folks on your own time.... and please read my next post.
  6. Let me make a statement on this forum so you all understand me when you speak with me. Do not come at me telling me its an EGO. I DO have BASIC...VERY BASIC understanding figured out of what the universe is based on pure math of nature...geometry. Everything is LITERALLY geometrical yet man OVERLOOKS this fact and seeks DEITIES goes seeking for GRANDIOSE answers ..WHILE "simple" NATURE stares it in the face DAILY.(it is rather complex after all but can be understood in a simple fashion ..UNIVERSALLY.... not one preaching it to another.. I DO NOT NEED TO PREACH i just POINT IT OUT. You look and see or not. Not my problem. So EGO that. EGO that. The fact GEOMETRY proves things in this universe ABOUT WHAT WE HUMANS really are and how we INTERFACE with this reality(or our place in it all) is an actual thing...you can PROVE IT. Do not expect me to spew it here. I have and will mention it per relevant topic but that is all. Not my job to look it up for you anyway. It is there every waking second for the taking. You can begin with your own damn human body. SELF EVIDENT PROOF. Done. Phi ratio 1.618. Done. Fact. EGO what? excuse me? Right. So do not come at me when I speak a certain ways... I know what I mean. I do not think it is all figured out it is JUST a knowing and an understanding and it is very personal because I SEEK it. I ponder on it I wonder about it I look at info on it I draw things that prove things ACTUALLY do it myself and the more I do the more i see in it. If you do not want these things there is no point in having a discussion with you while you try to force your belief systems on me. Which I am simply not a part of AT ALL and will never be. I know that those things are being used for control political and dogmatic purposes so please stop trying to force them my way. I have since childhood known my own way and do not need them. OK, thanks. So once again...I do not believe ANY religion. NONE. Nature is. The planet is, the galaxy, the universe and the entire OMNIVERSE. So are you and so am I. That is very heavy to deal with considering how messed up our planet is and how messed up just one persons life can be with issues and problems so I understand why people need these MENTAL lifeboats of their favourite DIETY worship ..I do not. Sorry. What gives me peace is understanding that this whole thing is all one(including the bad parts or so perceived bad). So if I die (which is a natural process) once this body is messed up beyond repair...that's it. I'm gone at least in body form and that is that. LIFE. That is just LIFE. How is that empty? There is so much to do and learn and enjoy here even among the "BAD" parts and things. The only one real law needed....is DO NOT HARM. But all the religious people OF ALL RELIGIONS constantly break that and harm each other and the planet in turn. So tell me me about that will you? Anyway. Let me conclude by saying....I am not religious. So forget that with me. I am not political. I think politics is a corrupt system NOT for the people. So it is a rigged setup dog and pony show again and again for the most part. For the most part.<-- EDIT: I do think our education system is teaching us all we need to know. It is teaching us like a FACTORY education system. We are on an assembly line and everything is rush rush rush do this do that conform to this LEARN WHAT WE WANT YOU TO JUST SO YOU CAN RUN THE MACHINE WELL ENOUGH and out you pop. lol Disregard any other info that goes against the status qou of what you learned. heh. The next thing is the MEDIA. It is fake. It is all to get the propaganda out and help control the masses to believe what is handed to them. So...the 4 pillars (as i all em) of our Planet I have no belief or trust in any for I know it is all lies mostly or if not 100% lies it is corrupted and coopted. Flat Earth....same thing as religion. (it is the newest religion sadly..a very DANGEROUS one) What else do I need to say? So let us summarize: DO NOT come to neo expecting him to think it is 100% legit OR AGREE when talking about... RELIGION... POLITICS... EDUCATION... MEDIA... and FLAT EARTH religion. GOOD DAY.
  7. Why is it empty? Because of no DIETY? Maybe you should ask yourself way do you see it as EMPTY to just be a human. Without a religion without all these thought control systems. Why is it empty? How does a DIETY make it full? Sounds like the same ol idea people need something to believe in....why not yourself. Anyway w/e. It is not empty at all it is FULL. The OMIVERSE is full! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EGO my ass. Nature is THERE. GEOMETRY is there in nature to see. Universally. The thing that connects us all is there to SEE. I am not pulling it out my ass. Or making up dreamy stories. It is all self evident. Justify a religion again by saying you are at peace. As if anyone who is not in a religion is at war. I am at war? Is that suppose to once gain justify your religion as right and all must follow it. MUST. lol It is always the same whenever you confront religion. Same response. They think THEY have IT FIGURED OUT AND (and i actually do have stuff figured out but it is all BASIC and SELF evident in natures Designs..the very thing we are made of) everyone MUST COMPLY WITH THEIR RELIGION. THEN TELLING me continue my search for spiritual awakening as if you are MORE because you read that book and it has all the answers WHICH IT DOES NOT. I am suppose to accept your religion as THE WAY because you read a book and believe so I must believe it. This is the same shit going on with Flat Earth it is not a FACT it is a BELIEF system. That is the problem with belief. Sorry. Do not try to tell ME how to be. I will not accept ANY religion AT ALL, AT ALL, AT ALL. and life can be fine WITHOUT THEM. It is FULL it is in fact it is the same life...just without the mind restrictions of control, indoctrination and DOGMA and a little bit of common sense. Religion is like a drug. The sooner it was invented the sooner people "cant live without it." Like all else. Peace.
  8. Yeah I do not believe in an of that. One can just rile oneself up into hysteria.. ooooh a demooooons I read it in the book! DO YOU KNOW what it is. ? Really do you. This is the problem with religion. Getting yourself worked up ..OH THE EVIIIIIIIIIL THE EVIL. Like stop. It get ridiculous. I know what a demon is..look a demon! .Like a witch hunt in SALEM. WITCHES WITCHES WITCHES WITCHES. DEMONS DEMONS DEMONS. I mean I could say the American government are DEMONS. The military industrial complex all DEMONS. Right now a drone is killing people remotely in the name of all GOOD and HOLY and noble causes to stop ERRORisM..yes ERRORism. Drop the T. heh. HEH! This is the problem. As per the universe I do THINK like I said both corporeal and non-corporeal BEINGS/ENTITIES exist. You are reading from a book that was TRANSLITERATED how many times? How many times? How many stories squashed together? How many things removed burned destroyed? Then who decides what was left in or put in? What makes it so valid? You are born into this contrived reality. Bunch of men/women told you it was the 100% truth and one just goes along with it and you expect everyone else to? That's a mind prison that is all it is... basically...and I am already out and FREE of MIND. Sorry. Men produce print it sell it...or give it. I do not trust any of that..sorry. There may be some encoded messages(probably also due to the fact they changed some of the true original creation story and probably the events of what happened with Jmmanuelle(the man they called JESUS) PFFT then again theres our SUN..our star...but i'm not gonna get into that lol) in it that are true and some of it is common sense. However as for the rest of it...I cannot live my entire existence base on what ROME...the council of Nicea hatched up. Sorry. Nope. I am going to live experience and come to or at least try to..my OWN conclusions. Because nothing is ever as it seems. Now having said that....there are beings/entities that seem to be malevolent and beings/entities that seem to be benevolent in this universe. They are on this planet. So this is all happening.....I don't need a book for that. I do not need to read a book cover to cover to lie my life. I don't need to constantly think everyone or everything is a DEMON or BAD or someones going to hell and quote scriptures from a book consonantly thinking i'm going to heaven because I read a book and I believe and everyone else is going to hell....sounds like the best way to turn human being into this thing that just constantly worries about finding demon and evil...and focusing on that all day...all night ...and everything is just about who is going to hell who is evil who is a demon....and ARMAGEDDON is coming hellfire and brimstone and this and that...and it is like when you do you live. When are going human being? I mean jeez. What? Just live people. Worry about life not death. Death is certain. Life is uncertain. heheh. Demons and all this shit. Theres all kinds of bad shit in life ..especially on this planet. But this planet has a f**ked up consciousness state and until that changes things will NEVER get any better. That is as simple a I can put it.
  9. I will add this one which i seen before and it has some of the same clips...
  10. I don't like when people say they ARE DEMONS.... Does anyone know what a DEMON really is? I am sure you will go and look up a definttion or quoet some scripture from a certain book. But DO YOU KNOW what a DEMON really is if such a thing exists? My thought is simple....anything in this universe is life of both corporeal(IN BODIES)and non corporeal(WITHOUT BODIES) form. So I definitely think spirit is real and entities exist in body and without body or all types and forms. It is certainly possible that the elite are in commune with certain entities. I think it is 99.9% certain to be honest. Now a variety of things may be going on....they MAY be able to channel entities into their bodies...yeah...and OR MKULTrA mind control/program these celebs. I would not be surprised if it is true they are CHIPPED. That is not evn difficult to comprehend. They already RFID tag dogs and other pets so....come on. This is not even far fetched it is a matter of confirming it, 100%. heh. The cloning is another thing to 100% confirm. If people think it is impossible to clone humans. Let me ask you this. They clones Dolly the sheep. What i stopping them from cloning human DNA? Furthermore ..answer me this...why after that ..which is some many many years ago now ...tyou do not hear A WORD about cloning anymore after the sheep died. It is as if they want to convince people cloning is not really viable at this time when in reality it may have been going on since some early time ago when black and white pictures were all the rage. lol 'Im serious. Stop thinking about our linear time nonsense time is irrelevant to technological development. Just because we are said to be in modern items and more advanced..that is 100% bullshit. Sorry. That is not how things work in our universe. If you ask me the ancients were more advanced. Many people shove an iphone or android on their ears and they have no idea how it works. We are more advanced...why is it we don't know more than the ancients in general as a society? ha. wE ARE DUMB. IMHO. Even our smartest people do not know some things the ancients did ..the pyramids are one example. So yeah they could of had cloning from who knows when? Other tech too. So yeah. When it comes to the multiple personality thing...that sounds to me lie Manchurian candidate shit which would seem to make sense that your personality splits into two or more ? so that would kind of fit in line with a lot of them if not all being mind controlled/MKULTRA'd. That is my thought on what goes on. If i am wrong well so be it. Bu there is a lot of weird shit out there that is kind of self evident...but yeah. heh
  11. neo1eht

    The Love Thread

    This one actually...well I won't say...I will just keep that close to my heart...knowing what it means to me...I was going to talk about numerology and star signs stuff too, but I won't and of course I won't talk about the other thing at all. I will actually link / embed 3 of only SOME of my favorites...so many...these are only a top 3 out an actual playlist I made...AND THEN theres way more I think a lot of them prob mostly 80s 90s and even earlier.
  12. You know what I don't even need to hear anymore. I asked TWO questions ...and all I wanted was two staight answers just like I asked them. Hm seems impossible here lol But ....you know the replies just the TWO above I just got tells me all I need to know about this dangerous idea called Flat Earth. Thank you very much. . <-- Hasta La Vista.
  13. OK so you say....but please answer both questions. Please. It's important.
  14. I have one more thing only to say to you folks....btw excuse my colorful language...before. Sorry about that. But sometimes the passion comes out ok. Sorry. OK Right now ...Forget NASA. Forget all the other evidence that we "Globe Round/ Earthers" can refer to if you want to call us that.... I have two questions just two....just answer them straight up no bull.... (1) What would you do.... if there was this universal irrefutable evidence that either happened(a major event) or was presented to the entire world...that proves and shows for itself that the earth is not flat. What would you flat earthers do? Just answer that please. and.. (2.) It kind of relates to question one but ...are you 100% sure the earth is flat. Then I must ask are we "globe earthers" just wasting our time ..because you people do not AT ALL, AT ALL, AT ALL think the Earth is round whatsoever and no matter what evidence we present are you sayin the EARTH is FLAT....and that cannot be refuted at all? Is that what you are saying? OK. sound off...or is it on..heh.
  15. This video actually shows the curve which is funny. The formula you need to calculate the curve ? Is...get sane. By the way do not try to make FLAT Earth look or sound sensible by talking about SCIENCE AND MATH. It is 100% horse shit. Everything you do is just to take it down a road to make it all FLAT again. Your video shows the curve it's right there. Open your f**king eyes. f**k sake. EDIT: Dealing in science and math sounds like reading from scriptures and saying magic man "in the sky" holds up earth -flat earth- by a clothes hanger. Sounds like sound science and math. But yeah I see the curve in your video. sorry. Also if you are looking for an equation that or formula that proves the curve....I don't know have it ....but if a formula to prove the curve is what you are looking for to prove globe earth. I think you should rather look at PLATONIC solids the flower of life TORUS' and such things and you will see that this is not a flat place. That is my point. I am not going to give you a formula to find the curve and I do not have one or need one to show it is not flat quite frankly. So your attempt at trying to trip me up with some kind of math game as if to say he doesn't have a formula to prove a CURVE thus it is flat...that is just silly. Look into PLATONIC solids. That is a start. One more thing: Even if I ha a formula or showed you some trigonometry math you would probably come up wit some ..rubbish to say it is not valid and back to your flat Earth. As usual with such BELIEFS. Everything just leads back to proving your BELIEF. Theres no way out lol Anyway I think I have posted enough on this nonsense before people say I am trolling this thread or something. I am done with this nonsense. Good Day.

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