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  1. This sign is in my local area. I hope I used imgur correctly, is my first time posting one. People are starting to notice what I have been saying for a while now because they are taunting us! This is sickening! Thoughts on the image? https://imgur.com/a/qRg2YJa
  2. Thunder

    Trump is trolling! Oh man..

    This is hysterical! I think we are probably not going to like the outcome either way it goes but I love it when he baits these people. If nothing will wake up the still sleeping people, having these people all over MSM lying about their stance will be comical once people start questioning things. More and more people are starting to make conversation about how something was not as it seems here lately but imagine there will be an increase. Like him or not, this is how he has to get things done. He is getting quite good at it.
  3. Thunder

    Breasts: The Real Reason Men Love Them

    My wife told me she was doing some research, she is still not 100% sold on my views or way of doing things but she is at least researching some topics. One that caught me by surprise, “so do we have any Vaseline?” Yea, I’ll have to look through some of my stuff, but yes we do. Why? She says that I was reading, that at night, if you massage your boobs with Vaseline, they will get larger. Naturally that is.” Haha! I don’t know about that but yes, we can try it!
  4. Thunder

    Weaponized Government

    I know, I can’t keep up.
  5. Thunder

    Weaponized Government

    The same BS, just different people! They protect each other. No one wants to get ”Arkancide’d” or “Seth Rich’d”.
  6. Thunder

    Weaponized Government

  7. That is why I am trying to get into reloading.
  8. That’s interesting.... maybe a July 4th FF to distract?
  9. Thunder

    Exclusive — Barr: The ‘Assault Weapon’ Mirage

    The trigger for “AR” when the anti gun crowd hears it. “AR” does not stand for Assault Rifle. It stands for Armalite Rifle. I am correcting people more often here lately. All I can do is inform people. Even offered to take some to shoot one, the answer is always no. Most are not even aware but the sad thing is they don’t even care.
  10. Thunder

    ZORT sighting

    From my experience with this generation, most are not going to know what to do once bullets start coming back at them. You are right, it could be worrisome if they get a good start before bullets start coming back though.
  11. Thunder

    ZORT sighting

    Some will be like and others will be like ! It is almost time!
  12. It’s all a bs narrative that the sheeple buy into. I don’t have a link to confirm but it’s just a gut feeling from what I know to be the truth. Murder and/or sacrifice. People get mad when I question the narrative and prove that it can’t be a suicide based on evidence. They just go about there day and take everything they are told to be the truth.
  13. You are welcome! This community knows but the sheeple just agree to get us to hush. It infuriates me. I don’t get it, where is the humanity in people? I don’t let my 8 year old out of my sight if we go somewhere for this reason. He understands that their are bad people out there but probably not to what extent.

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