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  1. Ango

    Fake opposition

    The alternative media was created as fake opposition to msm. The net has been controlled from the start. Conspiracy sites are bs. We are being had.
  2. So is it now time to ban me? Go ahead I don't care. You think I fly under the radar which I don't, but the one face thing sure flew under the radar. The whole herd has been fooled for many years. But best to kill the messanger right.
  3. That says more about the dumbasses giving it any attention like right here. You would think that a true conspiracy site would be past the left right divide and conquer bs. Notice how the conspiracy crowd puts down msm yet drags that crap to all the conspiracy sites where the members wring their hands and discuss those fake diversions.
  4. By this time at least a few readers should be coming back with some confirmation that one face playing multiple roles is real. Are you people not even bothering to train your eye? Is it that hard to see?
  5. The one face thing is correct. Strange how some want to keep this deception at debate when I keep telling everyone to start comparing facial features one at a time from the same angle. That will train your eye. Don't believe me or any disinfo agent. You must see for yourself.
  6. You accuse me of seeing what I want to see. I did not want to see this one face thing. I backed off early on and rechecked and rechecked. Couldn't believe what I was finding but you got to go where the truth takes you. You need to open your mind and shake the mind control. And never underestimate your enemy. The magicians are so far ahead of you that you find it impossible to believe the deception they are capable of.
  7. I can't speak for what happens at concerts and have wondered about that too. However, I damn well can speak about media presented faces. I began comparing media presented faces 35 years ago and I am really good at it. There are many things I see in the sky, etc that have no known explanation. I haven't got around to how they pull off concerts. Probably never will. But instead of trying to belittle me take some time and train your eye to compare facial features. In short time you will knowI speak true. You got a lot of nerve shooting your mouth off without even taking a look.
  8. Ango

    #CNN - Kellyanne Conway

    But who is she really. Wellaware1 has something to say about it. On one thread titled the election that didn't matter you can get some lessons on one face playing multiple roles in the comments along with info on her.
  9. Once you start seeing the one face thing it easily follows that the stories going along with the pictures are also fake. Both spiritually and with our world view we must get past the stories. The stories keep us buried in illusion. Don't believe anything presented by the media. Along with your trained eye become skilled spotting fake opposition and divide and conquer. Understand that the alternative media was created as fake opposition to msm. Most of the major issues such as moslems and pedophilia are way over blown and mostly fake opposition. The world stage and your media presented world view are bogus illusion. Open your mind.
  10. Linkin Park like nearly all bands is fake. The media uses one face playing multiple roles in nearly every picture presented, still and moving including tv, movies, videos and print. Google images Linkin Park or any band. Study the group pictures by comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle. An hour or two of comparing should be enough to convince you that this is really correct. Start with still pictures. Don't give up, you will get real good at seeing the one face thing. All pictures of Linkin Park are one face playing every band member. Once you know this you will know that nobody died and the father son pictures are both the same face.
  11. One face playing multiple roles is used in nearly every picture, still and moving, presented by the media. Train your eye by comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle. Start with still pictures. Then move on to tv, movies and videos. If you start with some of the easiest stuff it will only take an hour or two to see enough to know I talk true. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself and certainly don't let any disinfo agent talk you out of it. They will come out of the woodwork and you will recognize some of them. You can insult me all you want. I been nose to nose with many a psyop Disinfo agent. Want to discuss us this with something other than ridicule. You will be running yelping with your tail between legs as many before you. It sucks going up against truth and you know it don't you.
  12. And while you are at it call out the fake opposition to msm conspiracy sites which is probably all of them. Wake up, the world stage is illusion and so is your world view because the whole show is deception presented by a totally controlled media including alternative media.
  13. Alternative media was created as fake opposition to msm and now we have have conspiracy sites that are not only fake opposition to msm but also fake opposition to other fake opposition conspiracy sites. Makes your fking head spin. And even tho the herd falls for all that no talent weak psyop bs I would still fire damn near every one of you because your shit is weak and only works because those before you already have the herd in a coma.
  14. Ango

    What is different

    Can some people again explain what about COP that is different than all the other fake opposition bs conspiracy forums. You drag all the same msm bs here like all the conspiracy forums do. And you wring your hands and worry each other over tons of shit that didn't happen or didn't happen as presented. You don't have investigating reporters but like the rest you accept the crap presented by the media. It is clear to anyone half awake that the alternative media was created as fake opposition to msm. Explain how COP is not fake opposition and show how any of this conspiracy bs has made any difference for the better. I haven't seen anything to indicate that COP is anything but another psyop.
  15. Real cold hearted. You even want to deport the kids who were born here and legal. Your thinking here is psychopathic. Families are most important. Tptb want all this illegal immigration. Go after them. I suspect appealing to your sense of what is right is worthless because I also suspect you are promoting this divide and conquer bs for a pay check.

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