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  1. Everested

    Being a dad is amazing...

    It will come together i'm sure :-)
  2. Everested

    Being a dad is amazing...

    I have an 18 month old daughter and every day is a blessing, a trial at times but great all the same. At 50 i am a late starter but best time of my life for sure
  3. Well that's put a spanner in the works lol.
  4. Everested

    Is China About to Attack India?

    Makes me wonder if a NK conflict does kick off whether we will see a simultaneous attack by China and Pakistan and Israel on Iran? It just all seems to be lining up for something like this to be a possibility, gawd - can you imagine how hectic that will be newswise and forum wise!!
  5. Thats what i mean, really strange lol. I hate to think what goes in them here, well now i am in Kathmandu again, back in the village everything is free range although boney chicken with meat tough like pork takes some getting used too!
  6. Everested

    Is China About to Attack India?

    Hmmm funny timing with Trumps visit no? We will see in the next few weeks but if it kicks off big time between China and India i am in a shitty position here in Nepal.
  7. Everested

    Is China About to Attack India?

    The India Today news channel just played this video - India China war 2018. I cant embed it but its in english and a crazy "this is how it will go down" kind of future documentry , kicks in around 5 mins in. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/programme/second-india-china-war-doklam-standoff-imr-war-room-theory/1/1023467.html
  8. That conersation is one that would definatly cause a war, like the day after.... cannot have that becomming common knowledge and be forced to answer now.
  9. You would think the UK produces enough of it's own to fill the market no? Prob another case of we buy in cheap crap and export quality.
  10. More msm fear mongering prob totally made up to add to the rest of the bs to mask the FF that is coming imo.
  11. Interesting.... I knew this would happen though, they are the reason sanctions dont work because despite what they say they are supporting them fully imo.
  12. Yeah, never did buy it that scrapping the stars wars project bs. That was just for the masses. They have ground based directed energy weapons so prob have similar in space.
  13. I agree, China do NOT want the USA up on the border with them for sure, they want that buffer.
  14. Well i doubt that is going to happen so where to go from this statement?

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